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    Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies: The Early Years
    Information database on the early cartoons of Warner Bros. Includes pictures,
    plot descriptions, bios,...

    Goosing Mother Goose: The Fairy Tales of Tex Avery
    Article from Bright Lights Film Journal.

  • It was in the Hollywood cartoon short, and especially the work of at Warner Bros.

  • These cartoons represent an assault on the Bettelheim school that sees fairy tales as the source of moral instruction for youth, and, closer to home, on the Disney aesthetic.

  • He brings the "big bad wolves" and "red riding hoods" out of the sanctity of the linear narrative and into the service of the gag, creating in the process a unique world of self-conscious "cartoon actors" who know they're in a cartoon and freely comment on their status as fictional creations, undercutting the story at every turn.

  • In The Bear's Tale, the story itself is fractured, as Red Riding Hood inexplicably appears in what's supposed to be an account of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." (Red saves Goldie from the wolf by reaching over the split-screen line that separates them.) In Little Red Walking Hood, the action of the story is interrupted, to the loud disgust of the actor-wolf and actor-girl, by what appear to be real-life silhouettes of people clumsily entering the theatre and trying to find a seat to see the cartoon.

  • Cinderella Meets Fella has a happier version of this distancing device, as Cinderella disappears, only to turn up as a real-life shadow waving and yelling at "Fella" (who's still onscreen and in the narrative proper) from the audience watching the cartoon.

  • While Disney is correctly credited with singlehandedly rescuing the animated cartoon from the simple gag orientation of the silent era, many of his much-vaunted "characters" are quite dull, particularly the saccharine fairy tale heroines Cinderella and Snow White.

    Bright Lights Film Journal: Tex Avery
    A look at the life and career of Tex Avery.

  • | As if radically rethinking the Hollywood cartoon weren't enough, our boy Tex can also be thanked for inventing or perfecting Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and perhaps the greatest character in animation, Bugs Bunny BY GARY MORRIS Pity the poor cartoon director.

  • In spite of the many thousands of seven-minute theatrical cartoons that poured out of Hollywood during the heyday of the 1930s-'50s, few of their creators are household words, and most are unknown except among devotees.

  • A contemporary of Disney's, Avery created or developed some of the most timeless characters in cartoon history with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Droopy Dog, along with the inimitable catch-phrase "What's up, doc?" And like Disney, his name has come to symbolize a distinct, instantly recognizable, and widely merchandised style that has outlived the man himself and continues to be an important cultural presence.

  • The Wacky World of Tex Avery features new animation in the Avery mode, and The Tex Avery Show replays some of the 136-odd seven-minute cartoons he created during his heyday from 1935 to 1955 at, , and .

  • His attempts to sell a comic strip to the newspapers failed, but his sand sketches landed him a job with a minor cartoon studio doing inking and cel painting.

  • By mid-1935 he had moved from Lantz to Warner Bros., where he would be a full-time cartoon director.

  • Avery, at 27, was the grand old man of the group, but his ideas about how to transform the theatrical cartoon were more radical than those of his younger comrades.


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    Partch, Virgil (1916-1984)
    An illustrated biography of VIP, the darkly humorous creator of Big George and
    other cartoons for...

  • Virgil Franklin Partch, better known as VIP, has a unique slant to his cartoons and a style that's instantly recognizable.

  • Such academicians as Rico LeBrun smiled on me and patted my hair for my ability at putting the old muscles and bones together." His spaghetti-limbed cartoon characters don't seem to have benefited from that part of his schooling.

  • He participated in the 1941 Disney studio strike and soon found himself living on unemployment insurance and submitting sample cartoons to the magazines like The Saturday Evening Post , Collier's , and others.

  • I love the first paragraph of Kyle Crichton's introduction to the first collection of his Collier's cartoons.

  • With all his faults, Dore was not crazy." Not to imply that VIP is crazy, but he has a warped and wicked sense of humor that sometimes requires a second look at his cartoon to spot the sardonic twist to the gag.

  • World War II provided VIP with ammunition for scads of cartoons.

  • Mankind's other foibles provided fodder for a series of theme books: Bottle Fatigue (1950, man and alcohol), Here We Go Again (1951, man and the aforementioned Army), The Wild, Wild Women (1951, man and you know who), Man the Beast (1953, man and his dreams - see image at left), The Dead Game Sportsman (1954, man and the hunt), and Hanging Way Ove r (1955, man and the doghouse) - this last being a compilation of his Collier's cartoons.

  • In 1960 he developed a syndicated cartoon panel featuring and titled, Big George .

    Walt Kelly
    An illustrated biography, including his early work as well as the comic strip Pogo.

  • Other, more recognizable influences were, animated cartoons, and the often overlooked Dan Noonan.

  • The issues of these comics from the early 1940's are treasure troves of cartooning at its finest.

  • In 1947, he brought his talent to the book world with the Complete Nursery Song Book and in 1948 "Pogo" began to appear in the New York Star , for whom Kelly served as Art Director and Political Cartoonist.

  • (Note in the two panels at left that the Deacon's speech lettering echoes the early Disney cartoon above.) This was followed in 1966 by my favorite, The Pogo Poop Book , loaded with original material and even featuring a beautiful story, Mouse Into Elephant , done in pencil (featuring a mouse named Gnot-Even - if you had ever wondered where that came from).

  • Sometimes the "Pogo" strip would be more biting than the editorial cartoons, but somehow Kelly always managed to insert a joke or an insightful turn of a phrase at the end of each strip.

    CBUB Fights: Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
    Humor page with fan commentary.

  • #3: He is a veteran, he was like one of the first cartoons, So he knows his stuff.

  • Look at the level of violence in any given Bugs Bunny cartoon and compare it to the nastiest Disney bit.

  • monsterfink writes: Bugs would kick Mickey butt so bad the Mouse would never be the same again, and then he'd let Daffy work over that speech impaired sailor Donald Caine, the betrayer writes: The mouse and his little crew of cartoon comrades don't stand a chance! Disney cartoons are too lame and "pc" to use any type of violence.

  • schultztown USA writes: If you ever really watch the old cartoons, it's fairly obvious who would win.

  • All the disney cartoons consist of is the main character trying to perform some basic everyday activity (I.E.

  • The warner brother cartoons have the character in some life threatening situation (I.E.

  • I don't even recall a cartoon where Mickey Mouse needed to fight, whereas Bugs Bunny outwits Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and dozens of others.

  • the giant in that one cartoon, and couldn't even handle animated broomsticks.

    Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
    Joe Bevilacqua investigates viewpoints on celebrities as voice actors. [Animation
    World Magazine]

  • The trend has even moved to television where many new animated cartoon shows feature stars in the lead roles.

  • A Need for Publicity Animation producer Fred Seibert ( Oh Yeah! Cartoons! ) explains, "Disney started the recent fixation on celebrities with their re-launch of their feature animation division.

  • They properly recognized that you couldn't send an animated character out there to Entertainment Tonight to promote your movie." But voice actor Bob Bergen counters, "If you look at Disney's history, they've always used the celebrities of the day for their cartoons.

  • "A decade or two ago, many actors with on-camera livelihoods shunned cartoon voice work, " says animation writer and voice director, Mark Evanier.

  • For example, if a four-time Emmy winner like Don Knotts appeared in a Scooby Doo cartoon, it was often considered a last resort just to make a living.

  • In fact, the reason, the whole reason that they're celebrities is because they're such wonderful thespians, and, of course, any director, animation or live-action, just wants the best available." The implication, Seibert suggests, is that "voice actors are not really actors, they're merely voices who can't hold onto a character." "I don't think anyone in this business seriously, deep down, believes that you necessarily get better performances from celebrities than from professional voice actors...but it may give the show a special status as something above an ordinary cartoon.

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    Wall Of Fame.Net
    Featuring American & Japanese booster packs, decks, and singles. Includes other
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    Victor Salva - Child Molestor and Disney
    Three articles related to Disney's hiring of convicted child molestor, Victor Salva.

    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    The latest on cartoon and animation news, home video and DVD releases.

    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    Directory and searchable index of cartoon shorts and animation.


    Cartoon Brew
    Weblog of animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi of Animation Blast.

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was a summer replacement series, which debuted on Wednesday June 13, 1956 and lasted three months in primetime (it aired from 7:30 to 8pm).

  • CBS has purchased the Terrytoons studio and cartoon library in 1955 and was in the midst of revamping the operation.

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was offering new cartoon entertainment directly opposite Disneyland reruns.

  • And they could still run the 13 episodes of CBS CARTOON THEATRE on Nick-at-Nite or TV Land if they wanted to.

  • cartoons, including BELIEVE IT OR ELSE (as Ripley), SLAP HAPPY PAPPY (as Eddie Cantor) and PORKY'S PREVIEW (as Al Jolson).

  • In addition to the 26 Disney silent cartoons, they also got the merchandising rights.

  • This (above right) is based on Dick Lundy's 1946 cartoon, The Wacky Weed , though the design is styled after Freddy Moore's later model.

  • Cartoon Brew: What is it specifically about the THIEF AND THE COBBLER that inspired you to invest so much of your time and money to restore this film? Garrett Gilchrist: When I was seven years old, I read an article in COMICS SCENE magazine, and in it, Williams said he was trying to revolutionize animation, that he was trying to create the greatest animated motion picture ever made, and that he'd been working for twenty-three years on this one film called THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER.

  • Since this whole thing is obviously a non-profit fan-driven project, how will the average reader of Cartoon Brew be able to get their hands on this material? GG: The final "Recobbled Cut" is available for free via torrent at and . The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
    Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
    news, and a forum.

    CompuServe Kids Web Center
    Categories include entertainment, fun and games, school subjects, sports, and
    hot topics like Harry...

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    Point of View: Cartoon Voice History
    By Mark Evanier. [] Comprehensive three-part article chronicling
    the history of voice...

    Bonkers FanFic
    Original writings listed by title by Sushil K. Rudranath.

  • Bonkers gets the sack, and in a fit of depression gets sucked into a zany criminal plot to stop Disney's latest show, Gargoyles, from taking off and spelling the end for comedy cartoons.

  • Piquel and Fallapart Rabbit as they dodge shadowy government conspiracies, evil alien plots and the odd machinations of Flaps the Elephant as they hunt for the mystical pen of legendary cartoon director Tex Avery- the only thing that can save Fawn's life.

    Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Review - GameCube
    Reviewed by Carlos McElfish, [6.2/10]. "Does this version offer anything beyond
    what we've already...

  • Fans of the cartoon Duck Tales or even the NES game of the same name will certainly enjoy the aesthetic qualities that this game offers.

  • Graphics: 6.9 Animation is fluid and closely mimics the quality found with-in Disney cartoons.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

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