A Christmas Witch List
Lists 2001 holiday television specials and websites.

A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

Animation Art – Disney Art Gallery Including Superhero Animated ...
Specializing in animation art and collectibles from Disney, Warner Brothers, King
Features, Marvel...

Cartoons Unlimited
Collection of images and animated gif from Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes,
Scooby-Doo, Pink Panther,...


Photo by images.amazon.com

Info franchising
L'associazione franchising italiana mette a disposizione database per ricerca
informazioni per marchio,...

Cartoon Fan Club
Offering children bedding, backpacks, toys and fashion accessories featuring
popular cartoon themes...

Internet Movie Database: Santa Clause 2, The
Synopsis, cast and crew, reviews, user ratings and comments, quotations, trivia,
production and distribut...

UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
news, and a forum.


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The Animation Ring
Ring of over 120 sites dealing with various aspects of animation.

Unofficial Disney Timeline
Events in the history of Walt Disney and his companies, including films and theme

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  • A list of to all source material is available.

  • Also check my list of .

    Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
    Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

  • Note: Source: ( | 1574 bytes more | Score: 0) : Pooh tops survey of favorite animal characters Posted by on Sunday, June 18 Winnie the Pooh has been voted the nation's favorite animal character in the United Kingdom in a new survey, heading a list dominated by iconic bears like Paddington and Rupert.

    The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts
    A complete guide to Disney short subjects made from 1922 to the present.


    Animation art cels gallery - Disney, Simpsons, Cartoon Network ...
    Original animation cels from Disney, Warner Bros, Peanuts, and Simpsons.
    Large selection of vintage...

    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Downloads GameSpot Review 4.6 poor Gameplay 5 Graphics 5 Sound 4 Value 5 Tilt 4 Difficulty: Easy Learning Curve: From 0 to 15 Minutes Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for the GameCube serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why adventure games are being ignored by the general public.

  • However, Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for the GameCube serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why adventure games are being ignored by the general public.

  • But while the game's simplistic puzzles will keep more mature gamers from enjoying it, the incredibly slow pacing and monotonous puzzles will override the Disney entertainment factor for the young as well.

  • By , Posted Aug 21, 2002 6:21 pm PT Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse | Downloads | Unlimited Rentals Vital Stats Disney's Magical Mirror Publisher: Developer: Release Date: Aug 13, 2002 ( ) 4.6 4.7 (79 votes) 4.7 (19 reviews) Rank: 4, 736 of 30, 573 417 Rank on GC: 251 of 690 Player Reviews: Wish Lists: 14 Collections: 168 Now Playing: 2 Tracking: 35 Your Score: This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.

    Who2: Actors Who Do Cartoon Voices
    Brief biographies of actors who have second careers as voice actors.

  • Who are they? Here's a beginner's list of those who have second careers as voice actors: has been a voice star of The Simpsons since 1989.

  • Asner doesn't appear in many television roles these days -- but he can be found there just the same, if you listen carefully to the cartoons.

    Rainbo Animation Art: Disney Cels and Disney Collectibles
    Offers collectible toys, art pieces, phone cards, and autographs.

    Russian Anime and Manga Association
    [Russia] Club history, details about anime in Russia, and list of programs.
    Site is in English and Russian.

  • An incomplete list of movies that were shown in theaters can be found in appendix 1.

    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

    Gifplaatjes startpagina
    Gratis gif-afbeeldingen in verschillende categorieën, ook animated GIFs.

    Bibi's Box
    A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.

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  • The bulk of the posters encouraged men to enlist and the public to buy Victory Bonds.

  • While war posters again encouraged enlistment and financial support of the war effort, advancements in communication made appeals for discretion and secrecy staple messages of many Second World War posters.

  • I want one! Maybe you have no idea of what is a dalek, so start reading and listen to .

  • The list of contains some great videos and almost all have links to watch the videos.

  • The list of is available too an still short, but all the videos are available to watch on-line.

  • From this last list my recommendation is by Sylvain Ollier, that joins animation and live action.

  • There are more great stuff there: the audio version of Edgar Allan Poe's by the superb Vincent Price I think ( I didn't listen it yet) and : radio lectures of horror and mystery (or suspense) stories read by Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price.

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