Urban Legends Reference Pages: Horrors (Blue Star Acid)
Describes the urban legend about LSD-laced transfer tattoos being distributed to
elementary school children. Tattoo Flash Art and Tattoo Designs by Top Artists ...
Artwork and designs by Edward Lee and a variety of other artists. Sample galleries,
free flash section,...

Brainshrub - Morning News Scan
Posts headline summaries with brief commentary and counterpoint links.

IMDb - Inspector Gadget (1999)
List of cast and crew, filming locations, trailers, and user comments.


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Cast and credits.

The Animation Ring
Ring of over 120 sites dealing with various aspects of animation.

  • Welcome, Guest - - Art/Animation Ring Ring Manager: - > > Join "The Art/Animation Ring" if you have a page containing your own original artwork, characters, comics, and animations, or even fan pages for a well-known cartoon, comic book or animated series or movie, OR if you have a collection of animated GIFS on your page.

  • coming soon, Meara, Tempest, Black Manta, and more ! Online portfolio of aspiring artist Timothy Gula (a.k.a Zingula) join our tOOn petitions to get your favorite cartOOn series back on TV! Come share your own animated creations or aniís you have found and collected.

    The Cartoon Site
    Searchable cartoon database providing single panel cartoons and professional
    comic clip art for business...

  • Licensing Cartoon Characters, Funny Character Cartoons, Cartoon Pictures, Cartoon People The Cartoon Directory I sell Posters!! Welcome Toonheads! Welcome to the Cartoon Site - "Laughter Inkorporated™" I am a professional cartoonist specializing in cartoon characters, funny cartoons and cartoon clipart.

  • This web site will soon be filled with smokin cartoon characters, cartoon clip art, funny cartoons and much, much more! All cartoon characters, pictures and clip art will be available for immediate purchase or license.

  • Some of the cartoon characters we have created: cute cartoon girl, cartoon people, cartoon dogs, funny monkey, gorilla, silly skunk, crazy cats, friendly fish, awesome aliens, dashing ducks, and many other funny cartoon characters.

  • Why shouldn't you own your very own cartoon people or cartoon character? With your personal cartoon character you can print it on a variety of products and make loads of money with the right promotion and marketing.

  • Let me help you create a fantastic cartoon selling machine, buy one already created or license one for a limited period of time! Use your very own custom cartoon character for items like these: Company logo or Web Site T-shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts Newsletters, magazines, postcards, brochures Team Mascots , school mascots Tattoo Designs, flash Greeting Cards , ecards Anything you can think of!! - stop by for a quote and hundreds of samples today! Also visit our new cartoon logo site - (even more samples).

    Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery
    Background information on owner/artist, David Herman. Image galleries and slide
    presentations, as...

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    Temp Tatts 4U
    Featuring Harley Davidson and glitter tattoos.

    Saudi Links
    A comprehensive collection of links. The site also contains a KSA facts page and
    an Arab facts section.

    Next Level Airbrush, Inc.
    Automotive artwork, wall murals, special effects,computer cases, golf clubs,
    canvas art, t-shirts,and...

    Brain Damage
    An archive of links to humorous, bizarre, and alternative Web pages.


    This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow
    Official site, with artist information, links to online strips, and weblog of
    political commentary.

  • (I’ve got a box of books sitting in my hallway waiting to be signed, and I’d really like to get them out of there.) –Atrios is exactly right about this morning’s cartoon — reality has outpaced satire.

  • Believe it or not, when I finished the cartoon last Thursday, I was worried that the Rightwing Nutcase’s violent rhetoric would seem way too over the top.

    Cartoonists Webring
    A ring of cartoon artists, resources, professional cartoonists, aspiring cartoonists
    and people who...

    Annie's Costume & Magic
    Holiday, magic and general costumes for adults, children, and pets. Masks,
    accessories and props.

  • Our child costumes include: · Newborn bunting costumes (animals, clowns, Christmas, etc.) · Baby walker costumes (animals, cartoon characters and more!) · Star Wars Movie Costumes, Masks and Light Sabers · Cheerleader, Princess, Fairy, Snow White & Barbie Costumes - Great for dress Up! · Peter Pan & Never Never Land Character Costumes · Scooby Doo and the Gang Costumes · Superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, etc.

    Jame's (Probably Illegal) Animaniacs Page
    Show summary, pictures and quotes.

  • Animaniacs Animaniacs is a children's television cartoon created by Steven Spielberg and some of the writers from Spielberg's other cartoon, Tiny Toons.

  • Then again, maybe it's just a funny cartoon show.

    Bleszinski, Cliff - CliffyB
    Contains a blog, rants, interviews, links and photos.

  • How great would it be to have Sam barking orders at you "TURN LEFT MOTHERFUCKER! ENGLISH BITCH DO YOU SPEAK IT?!" I love the fact that no one can actually seem to remember what the hell an anvil is actually for besides landing on a cartoon character and causing a huge bump to spring out of their noggins.

    ADIT - Internet & ICT Services & Shop - Intro
    Advies, verkoop van hardware, internetdiensten en support.

    Animation Art Collection
    Webring of sites containing private collections.

  • This art form includes Original Production Art, actually used to make a cartoon, as well as Limited Editions.

  • Your Guide for the best collection of cartoons online.

    Creative Type Dads
    Small bits of fatherhood life mixed with design, tech, business, entertainment,
    culture...and all...

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