Animated Films
Extensive history of family-oriented animated movies from silents to present day.

  • Winsor McCay ("America's Greatest Cartoonist") New York Herald comic-strip animator and sketch artist Winsor McCay (1869-1934) produced a string of comic strips from 1904-1911, his three best being Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend , Little Sammy Sneeze , and Little Nemo in Slumberland (from October 15, 1905 to July 23, 1911).

  • Disney produced about two dozen of the silent, black and white Oswald cartoons from 1927-1928 until giving up the character to Walter Lantz and moving onto Mickey Mouse (looking like Oswald with his ears cut off) in 1928.] The Debut of Mickey Mouse: In 1928, Disney Studios' chief animator Ub Iwerks (1901-1971) developed a new character from a figure known as Mortimer Mouse, a crudely-drawn or sketched, rodent-like 'Mickey Mouse' - slightly similar to Felix the Cat.

    Animation Art Glossary
    Terms used in ink and paint animation.

    The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts
    A complete guide to Disney short subjects made from 1922 to the present.

    Stylized Depiction: Non-Photorealistic, Painterly and 'Toon Rendering
    Survey of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) for computer graphics and animation:
    painterly rendering,...

  • Often these styles are reminiscent of paintings ( painterly rendering ), or of various other styles of artistic illustration (sketch, pen and ink, etching, lithograph, ...) Of particular commercial interest are techniques that can render 3d scenes in styles which match the "look" of traditionally animated films.

  • The Teddy modeler (see below) uses a sketchy rendering style to suggest the approximate 3D shapes it has inferred from the user's 2d drawing.

  • See also: a one page SIGGRAPH 1999 sketch Deep canvas in Disney's Tarzan (1999) by Eric Daniels, this Interview with Eric Daniels, CG Artistic Supervisor, "Tarzan" (1999) by Audrey Doyle in, and a brief illustration of the technique at the official web site.

  • [new] © 1998 Cassidy Curtis © 1998 Jörg Hamel © 1999 Victor Ostromoukhov Sketching, Pen-and-Ink, Engraving (and related high-contrast rendering styles) Computer Sketching (1990) by Paul Bourke, transforms line drawings from a CAD system to look something like a hand-sketched pencil drawing.

  • Early, influential paper on sketch rendering and the perceptual effects of various rendering styles on the user.

  • And see the daLi! gallery of sketch rendering.

  • Algorithms for Sketching Terrain (2000) by Mahes Visvalingam in a presentation to the Royal Institute called Art in Scientific Visualization of Terrain Data .

  • See also Sketch-based Evaluation of Line Filtering Algorithms (2000, abstract ) regarding cognitive evaluation of sketches © 1998 , , & Stylized Depiction to Enhance Legibility Comprehensible Rendering of 3-D Shapes (1990) and Tokiichiro Takahashi, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 90, Computer Graphics, Annual Conference Series, 1990, pages 197-206.


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    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Arthur Davis
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos (Tashlin, 1937) as AndyBovine in a brief sketch with Jack Bunny.

    Sleepy Hollow (1999)
    Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

    Gilbert Gottfried
    Filmography, trivia, TV schedule, and other works.

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    On Animation
    Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand tutorials, resources and wallpapers.

    CNN.com - 'Dennis the Menace' creator dead at 81 - June 1, 2001

    May 8 Returns
    An archive featuring the grumpy owl fighting his battles with the universe.

    Urban Legends Reference Pages: Television (Pugwash!)
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    rec.arts.henson+muppets Frequently Asked Questions
    Muppet and Henson-related frequently asked questions.

  • Who should I send "comments" to? Muppets And Their Owners What is a Muppet, anyway? Why are Muppets left handed? Doesn't Disney own the Muppets? Who runs the Muppets nowadays? What's the address of The Jim Henson Company? "The Muppet Show" And Its Cast Who are the two old guys in the balcony? What is Gonzo? What about Scooter? Where has Scooter gone, anyway? And where has Skeeter gone? What's the best ever Muppet sketch? "Muppets Tonight!" And Its Cast Muppets what ? Who plays Kermit now? What is Clifford? What is Pepe? What is Eugene (Nigel's buddy)? Muppet Movies Does Beaker give Scrooge the bird in Muppet Christmas Carol ? "Sesame Street" Is XXX dying of any disease? Are Ernie and Bert gay? I heard PBS is going to cancel SS.

  • However, the producers have no intention of "killing" any character on "Sesame Street." Jim Henson's characters are kept alive on the show by rerunning sketches that were recorded in the first twenty years of the show, and new Ernie sketches are also being made with Steve Whitmire performing Ernie.

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