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Walt Disney Records: Bio of Goofy
Disney's very own biography of Goofy.

  • Walt Disney Records: Biography of Goofy For more than 60 years, Goofy -- the awkward, toothy, curious, and good-spirited Everyman of the Disney cartoon characters -- has been a top performer in every medium, beginning with a bit part in a Disney short, and eventually becoming a major media star in print, television, theme parks, and a variety of merchandise.

  • Walt often described the type of physical humor used in the Walt Disney Studio's cartoons as being "goofy, " and with Orphan's Benefit (1934), that name officially stuck to this affable character.

  • But Goofy's personality really began to take shape in the 1935 cartoon Moving Day , in which animator Art Babbitt built up Goofy's role and gave his character definition.

  • The second half of the 1930s was the golden age of Disney cartoon shorts, as the Studio reached unprecedented achievements in personality animation.

  • Cartoon shorts such as Lonesome Ghosts , Clock Cleaners, Boat Builders , Mickey's Service Station , and Mickey's Trailer looked at how each character reacted to similar circumstances.

  • It is perhaps for this series of nearly two dozen cartoons that Goofy's film career is most fondly remembered.

  • As the Walt Disney Studios ceased regular production of short cartoons in 1956, the classic cartoon characters were getting a new lease on life from the very medium that led to the end of theatrical shorts -- television.

  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy could be seen regularly through the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s on several Disney television shows, including "The Mickey Mouse Club, " as well as "Disneyland" and its successors, "Walt Disney Presents, " "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, " and "The Wonderful World of Disney." Some of the episodes featured Goofy's classic cartoon appearances in newly created story frameworks, including "The Goofy Success Story" and "Holiday for Henpecked Husbands." Along with the rest of "the gang, " Goofy has been an integral part of The Disney Channel since its inception in 1983.

    Mr. Heitman's Wonderful World of Disney
    Biography of Walt Disney.

  • His ambulance was covered from stem to stem, not with stock camouflage, but with drawings and cartoons.

  • After the war, Walt returned to Kansas City, where he began his career as an advertising cartoonist.

  • Here, in 1920, he created and marketed his first original animated cartoons, and later perfected a new method for combining live-action and animation.

  • Mickey Mouse was created in 1928, and his talents were first used in a silent cartoon entitled "Plane Crazy." However, before the cartoon could be released, sound burst upon the motion picture screen.

  • Thus Mickey made his screen debut in "Steamboat Willie, " the world's first fully-synchronized sound cartoon, which premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18, 1928.


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    Walt Disney: When You Wish Upon A Star
    Biography of the visionary Founder of the Walt Disney empire of companies.

  • In his spare time he made his own cartoons called “Laugh-O-grams.” He soon saved enough money to start his own company by eating only once a day while sleeping in his office at night.

  • Five years later they developed the soon to be famous Mickey Mouse who was featured in Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with synchronized sound.

  • The mid-1930’s ushered in color in the cartoons with such hits as Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.

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  • ) [23] [34.16] (1920 [228.260]) 1920 (month unknown) Milton Feld contracts Walt Disney to produce twelve cartoons, which he calls Newman's Laugh-O-grams.

  • [34.22] [63.52] (month unknown) Laugh-O-gram Films completes work on Alice's Wonderland featuring a live-action girl in a cartoon world.

  • [34.26] [40.76] [48.72] [63.53] [267.46] October 16 Walt and Roy Disney, as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, sign a contract with M.J.

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  • It is a propaganda cartoon sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute, where a Martian explorer discovers the secrets behind the USA's prosperity: oil and free enterprise.

  • Posted by Bibi at 7:34 PM in, | : This blog is intented to support the love and rediscovery of Classic Theatrical Cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation but with an eye on modern productions as well as on tv animation! Full of images, the blog is not fast to load, but it worth it.

  • Among the last post, I have some suggestions, from cartoons and animators that I like, of course:, , , Fleischer's and Betty Boop's .

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  • Perché tra i coloni c'era John Smith che si sarebbe innamorato della fulgida adolescente Pocahontas, proprio la principessa immortalata dieci anni fa nel cartoon della Disney.

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