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The Robin Hood Picture Gallery
Extensive links list to images in art, television, theater, and film.

  • Images of that merry wolfshead and his surroundings.

  • Contents Images of Robin Hood Through the Ages Record of a real life Robin Hood from 1225-6.

  • Image appears courtesy of .

  • Image appears courtesy of The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester .

  • Image appears courtesy of .

  • Image appears courtesy of .

  • Image appears courtesy of The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester .

  • Image appears courtesy of The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester .

  • Image appears courtesy of The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester .

  • Image appears courtesy of The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester .

  • Proof of my latest Robin Hood pilgrimage.

    Enculturation: From Mouse to Mouse: Overcoming Information
    Essay by Patricia Pisters on the animated image and its changing relationship
    with the cinematic image.

    Cartoon Brew
    Weblog of animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi of Animation Blast.

  • There's also the matter of all the artwork, images, interviews, articles.

  • So, what I'm doing is pasting the really clear pan-and-scan image over the less clear widescreen image from the workprint.

  • It works great, because the pan-and-scan image contains the important part, like the witch herself, and that'll be really clear.


    Photo by www.partyfolio.com

    Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies: The Early Years
    Information database on the early cartoons of Warner Bros. Includes pictures,
    plot descriptions, bios,...

    DollieCrave.com, Home of Cartoon dolls, MySpace Codes, Glitter ...
    Cartoon dolls, dollmakers, blinkies, fonts, and other graphics.

    Hurter, Albert (1883-1942)
    An illustrated biography.

  • His job was to draw and sketch, to play with images and ideas.

  • (Image is from Before the Animation Begins and is © 1996 by Disney Enterprises, Inc.) So many films and characters of the time began life on Hurter's drawing board.

  • Below is a detail of the first image on this page showing the character of Snow White already fully developed from the very earliest sketches and giving you a better view of the facile beauty of Hurter's art.

    Walt Kelly
    An illustrated biography, including his early work as well as the comic strip Pogo.

  • The most amazing images I've found in his early work show a totally unexpected influence: ! As difficult as that is to believe, there is no denying the antecedents of the image at left.

  • This was inside front cover for Fairy Tale Parade #5 (Feb-Mar 1943) and there was a similar image inside the rear cover.

  • Benefits

    Photo by i1.ebayimg.com

    Bob Staake Stock Illustration
    Humorous illustrations, cartoons and digital art for purchase.

    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • Images Related Videos Take a look at the first direct feed footage of Mickey for the GameCube.

    Bibi's Box
    A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.

  • During the First World War, the imagery of Canada's posters was, both thematically and graphically, similar to that of British war posters.This visual affinity was partly due to the imperial and constitutional ties between Canada and Britain.In addition, Canada targeted posters at specific ethnic groups.

  • Whereas some countries' war posters portrayed violence in graphic detail, Canada's posters generally avoided such direct images.

  • Posted by Bibi at 7:34 PM in, | : This blog is intented to support the love and rediscovery of Classic Theatrical Cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation but with an eye on modern productions as well as on tv animation! Full of images, the blog is not fast to load, but it worth it.

  • More Pac-Man: , , and Posted by Bibi at 3:15 PM in, , | se met en quatre pour vous proposer une ribambelle d'images nouvelles.

  • - : it has only three images of different books, but the information about them is interesting.

  • Now I have a repository for the dodo stuff that I found and I've been collected in the last months: illustrations, pictures, books, news, links, animations and other interesting information or images with them.

    DVD Movie Guide: Pete's Dragon
    Review of the film and digitally remastered DVD version.

  • CL-INTERPOL comes with simple system definitions for MK:DEFSYSTEM and asdf so you can either adapt it to your needs or just unpack the archive and from within the CL-INTERPOL directory start your Lisp image and evaluate the form (mk:compile-system "cl-interpol") (or the equivalent one for asdf) which should compile and load the whole system.


    The Disney Afternoon Ring
    Webrings of sites related to Disney Afternoon shows.

    Les films d'animation français - Ça cartoon !
    Dans le sillage de "Kirikou", présentation de l'état actuel et du développement
    du cinéma d'animation...

    US acts over satellite images

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    Animated Films
    Extensive history of family-oriented animated movies from silents to present day.

  • The earliest cinema animation was composed of frame-by-frame, hand-drawn images.

  • When combined with movement, the illustrator's two-dimensional static art came alive and created pure and imaginative cinematic images - animals and other inanimate objects could become evil villains or heroes.

    Texas Lady Graphics, Backgrounds, Borders, Disney and Cartoons
    Original backgrounds and border backgrounds. Disney graphics and animated cartoons
    as well as original...

    Disney Channel - giochi online, playhouse disney, cartoni animati ...
    Informazioni e palinsesto della rete dedicata ai più piccoli.

    Cartoon Studio
    Offers artwork for editorial, advertising, books, PR cartoons, cartoon strips,
    greetings cards and...

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