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1st Screensavers
Categorised listings of links to free screensavers.

  • - A Community-Indexed Photo Archive.

  • The photo archive at Gimp-Savvy.com has more than 27, 000 free photos and images, consisting of over 2.5 Gbytes of data.

  • - NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Collection.

  • This collection contains digitized photos of many of the unique research aircraft flown at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, California.

  • No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs.

  • You can choose any bitmap (.bmp) images, including graphics you have made in packages like Xara3D and Xara X, or photographs you have downloaded to your PC..

  • - Great selection of free photo-quality travel and place screensavers on this page.

    DollieCrave.com, Home of Cartoon dolls, MySpace Codes, Glitter ...
    Cartoon dolls, dollmakers, blinkies, fonts, and other graphics.


    Photo by www.thelinkaccessories.com

    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

    Dedicated to all things Sonic The Hedgehog.

    ABC Toon Center Interactive Games, Cartoons and Free Activities ...
    Interactive games, stories, cartoons, music and fun for children age 3 and up.

    Bibi's Box
    A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.

  • The video was created using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator and Combustion and Première.

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    Photo by www.duckfilm.de

    Anonima Fumetti
    Italian Cartoonists Society's and the Italian Comic Art Centre. In Italian and English.

  • Sindacato Fumettisti Animatori Illustratori Cartoonists union Tintin, Hergé & c Blake & Mortimer E.P.Jacobs & c Inducks database Jeff Hawke by Sidney Jordan Fondazione Franco Fossati CBBD Belgian Comics Centre Esercizi di Stile Exercises of Style Links! GAF Gruppo Amici del Fumetto Perogatt - Carlo Peroni's Bristow by Frank Dickens Fumetto Amatoriale Amateur Publishing Foto fumettistiche Comics related photos Collezionismo Collectors' page u Giancu the Restaurant of Comics Stefano Goria Gabriele Goria Nataka-do BABs Maija Rissanen Alice Goria Fumetti Blob Comics Blob FAQ Domande frequenti afNEWS international internet award Notizie gratis via email Free news via e-mail FumettoQuiz Try it! Comics Quiz.

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    Keith's Colouring Book
    A website containing hundreds of black and white images to download, print out,
    and color.

    Walt Kelly
    An illustrated biography, including his early work as well as the comic strip Pogo.

    Seven Interviews with Woody Allen
    Philm Freax presents illustrated interviews.


    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
    DVD review and pictures.

    The Orlando Bloom Files
    Biography, filmography, pictures, multimedia, news, articles, merchandise, games
    and a Legolas paper doll.

  • He says, "I'd be a photographer or maybe a sculptor.

  • I'd photograph wildlife or be a documentary photographer.

  • "I think it's really brave and courageous but also a really hard thing to do because you see those photos of somebody dying on the street and you think, 'Why is that person taking a photo and not jumping in to help.' "But those photos move the imagination." Wednesday, July 12 cnn.com Interview CNN.com has an with Orlando.

  • Teenpeople.com Gallery Teenpeople.com have an Orlando and Johnny photo .

  • POTC 2 Photos has some new (I think) press photos from POTC 2.

    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    The latest on cartoon and animation news, home video and DVD releases.

    Bakersfield High School Class of 1956
    Pictures and information relating to this class.

    The Robin Hood Picture Gallery
    Extensive links list to images in art, television, theater, and film.

  • Unless otherwise noted, photos taken in the various Robin Hood Country sections - © copyright Allen W.

  • David Hepworth took this photo with her permission.

  • Photo taken by Dave Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • Photo by David Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • A Merry Man prepares to shoot A photo taken before PLS's production of Robin Hood and the Friar , held at the 3rd Robin Hood conference.

  • Robin and the Merry Men in Robin Hood and the Friar Yet another photo from the PLS production held on June 1, 2001 at the third international Robin Hood conference in London, Ontario, Canada.

  • That's me in the photo.

  • David Hepworth took this photo with her permission.

  • You must ask permission to use any photos relating to the Kirklees estate.

  • Photo taken by Dave Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • Photo by David Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • Photo by David Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • Photo taken with the permission of Lady Armytage and David Hepworth.

  • Photo taken with the permission of Lady Armytage and David Hepworth.

  • Photo by David Hepworth, courtesy of Lady Armytage.

  • Photo taken with the permission of Lady Armytage and David Hepworth.

  • Here's a photo of the Barnsdale area, the greenwood setting of many Robin Hood ballads.

  • Pat "CatAnna" Canivan helped me with the scanning of some Robin Hood photos.

    Judith's Mickey Mouse Page
    Includes pictures, desktop themes, information, and games.

    Theme Park Review
    Offers photo gallery, links, and videos of theme parks and roller coasters.

    Collection of Famous Cartoon Cats by Bagheera Bengal Cats, Bill ...
    Includes the Cat in the Hat, the Cheshire Cat, Azrael, Hello Kitty, Garfield,
    Heathcliff, Felix, Snowball...

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