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  • Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water :, , » Kevin Smith's Clerks 2 :, , [See also, , and .] IBM, The Concretes, Showtime's Weeds, and Jet make today's music and tech news update.

  • | |, , , , His life shows that we do not have to be perfect to be great.

  • | |, A showcase for Joel's pop music genius and the memories attached to the songs.

  • Harper | |, , , , , , , , The thing that I always thought was strange about this show, is the thing that they are trying to become Made at.

  • » On by Franki: I was wondering when a girl is taking off the show they play a video to a song...what that song is c...

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  • I could have swallowed this, were it not for the lace shower cap that appears to have been lazily stapled to her top.

  • But you can totally see for yourself from this photo that was taken at the Monster House premiere -- I went in costume as a pirate! Isn't that wicked? Pirates of the Caribbean was so meaningful to my life that I just could NOT show up to this movie premiere without making it obvious to everyone what I would RATHER be watching.

  • I'm not even in Monster House ! I just showed up to make that statement! Anyway, I'm writing because...

  • See, you did 21 Jump Street , which was about youth crime, and I am on Zoey 101 , which is that show with Jamie-Lynn Spears where my all-boys prep school is starting to admit girls now and my character thinks that is a crime.


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  • September 24, 2004 · Unsolved Mysteries coming to DVD The long-running hit television show Unsolved Mysteries will be coming to DVD soon in four-disc box sets featuring the best of the series.

  • September 15, 2004 · Shaun of the Dead advance screenings Friday On Friday, September 17, 2004, theaters around the US will be showing advance screenings of UK horror comedy hit Shaun of the Dead .

  • Contact the theater for showtimes.

  • Zombies are in the streets, in the shops, on talk shows, you name it.

  • The clips will be shown Friday, July 30th, between 11:30am and 12:30pm, and footage from the film will be shown throughout the convention at the DreamWorks booth (#1223), which will also have free postcards and posters available.

  • · Horror cable deals From Baseline: Scary Movie 3 will begin showing on US cable station TBS for a one-year window beginning in March 2006.

  • Included in the tour will be demonstrations by Oscar-winning makeup designer Rick Baker, costumer Mona May, director of photography Remi Adefarasin, and more, including a visual effects show.

  • This weekend is the last time most of these attractions will be open this year, so it's your last chance to get scared silly! · iFilm Halloween showcase A regular (and appreciated) contributor to the site just told me about a special · I guess she's the crying on the inside kind .

    Michael Cerveris Interview
    Interview conducted by a fan.

  • [][][][][][] Michael Cerveris interview To : Subject : Michael Cerveris interview From : Alan McKendree <> Date : Tue, 5 Apr 1994 16:22-0500 Sender : Supersedes : <19940405212049.2.AMCK@MULESHOE.MCC.COM> Here's something I hope you enjoy; besides being an interview with a person involved with the current Broadway production (and thus with The Who's history), there are some very interesting notes concerning Pete and his work both on the Broadway show and in other areas.

  • Enjoy! --Alan McKendree Were you a Who fan before the show? I wasn't an avid, avid Who fan.

  • When I started working on the show, I started doing a lot of research and going back and finding every bootleg I could find and B-sides and rare stuff...

  • In California still? In California, in Seattle, in Dallas, in San Diego -- and _Tommy_, actually, I was in _Richard II_ at the Mark Taper forum in Los Angeles when I auditioned for it and for the first two weeks (for the production in La Jolla) it was a two hour drive south (well, with no traffic and before the earthquake it was a two-hour drive) -- the terms of the contract, of the Taper letting me out to do _Tommy_, because it was before my contract there was done, were that I had to rehearse _Tommy_ during the day from 10 to 3 and then drove to Los Angeles, which actually took about three hours during the day -- and did the show, got back in the car and went back to San Diego to do more _Tommy_ rehearsals, and I did that for two weeks.

    An Audience With Stan Freberg
    By Rusty Pipes. [Cosmic Debris]

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