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Events of Tigullio area

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Genoese calendar 2024

Genoese calendar 2024 Calendar in Genoese with the days, the months, the Ligurian saints and patrons, the lunar phases, ready to print. This year with Genoese recipes.
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Common expressions

Oêxžn = Term that was used and used to indicate the extreme bark of the bread or the edge of the focaccia; crust.
Chìfaro = Brioche, croissant.
PŤrsa = marjoram, an aromatic herb used in cooking. Read more

Liguria - unity of Italy

A bit of history. Not everyone knows that Liguria has made a great contribution to the unity of Italy having given birth to numerous characters who have made history (of Italy). Few, however, know that Liguria would have the right to independence.

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Genoese dictionary

Agricultural peasant:
plants, tools, animals and peasant proverbs.


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Curiosities and more from Liguria.


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