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This web site is created from Paolo R. artisan with own means, with a purely amateur purpose (not-for-profit), in the intent of make to know Liguria territory, traditions and the language of Genoa. It is updated manually and not periodically (It's not a news organization, nor can it be considered an editorial product under Law 62, 7.3.2001), on line from january 2001. It's optimized for Firefox 67.0, Google Chrome 97.0 and I.E. 11.0, video resolution 1024x768 and mobile device. The genoese spoken to the opening of the homepage "Bergamo Bològna" is of Giuseppe Marzari dialect singer. For a better navigation you can consult the Site Map.

A particular thanks goes to Fabio Longinotti for the technical contribution, to Marco Subriano for some photos and to Piero Fioravanti for culture and traditions.

For suggestions, critics, proposals (only women!) you can write on the email box. Regati

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