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The Puzzle Fighter Shrine FAQ
by Giulio Piancastelli
[10th July 2001]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by John Jung
[17th April 1999]

Puzzle Fighter Secrets
by Richard Uyeyama
[18th November 1998]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by Hunter
[28th August 1996]

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13th April 2003 - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for GameBoy Advance has hit the shelves, so here are the reviews from the two sites I use to lurk. The vote on IGN is 8.0: Craig Harris (the reviewer) liked the game overall, but found the gameplay design of Puzzle Fighter too heavily based on luck to gain the game a spot amongst the best puzzle game released for the GBA. Anyway, he tries to play nicely and not to be too biased in favor of other games like the most quoted Puyo Pop, and at least make the bias recognizable by the readers, which is always a good thing.

The vote at GameSpot is a bit lower: 7.7, even if its Tilt and GamePlay marks are higher. The review is a bit more technical than IGN's: it does not question the game's design (which anyway has survived intact for years, and probably players have so long decided if it suits their puzzle game needs and satisfies their gamers' taste) but points out several technical issues that were not mentioned on IGN. First, graphics are not as good as the original version, and sounds are crippler, too. Then, the typical characters' animation is said to be badly managed by GBA, which seems not to be able to keep up with the movements, resulting in "some pretty heavy slow down".

I did not try it myself, but it seems to be a faithful translation of the original game. Street Puzzle mode is still alive, with prizes as new colors, new game mode and the such (nowhere is said if the prizes are the same as the original game, the "I want you to know" song included). It's surely a way to keep SPF2T played and known amongst the gamers audience, and a chance to play it for the first time in a quite good fashion if you have not tossed a Puzzle Fighter game yet.

15th February 2003 - You have probably already download the Puzzle Fighter icons hosted on this site in the Resources section. Now, you also know who is to be thanked for that wonderful job: Greg Gilleland wrote in to point out he is the author of those icons. Due credits appear here in the news, and in the Resources sections.

1st February 2003 - While waiting for the GBA version of Super Puzzle Fighter to hit the shelves in March, The Puzzle Fighter Shrine celebrates its third year anniversary with a new record by ta0paipai (do not forget to drop by the Record section for details on how to submit a record) and an update of Akuma's and Dan's profile, since Ad@m found their moves and kindly contributed them to The Puzzle Fighter Shrine.

18th January 2003 - Old but great news for you all Puzzle Fighter fans! Your favourite game is going to hit the shelves in another conversion: this time, it's for Nintendo GameBoy Advance. It seems the game will be very similar to the PlayStation version, with the orginial soundtrack untouched and the usual bunch of secret characters.
The press release is dated on October 2002, but I have seen coverings on the story only recently (for example, see IGN) thanks to the promptly notice by ta0paipai. As stated in the covering, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for GBA should be available on 18th March, 2003. I'll probably post something towards the end of March, covering for you the reviews on the Internet.

3rd September 2002 - The summer has summoned another record man! DarkWolf hit the scoreboard with an amazing score of 472859 points obtained in Hard Play. There is no need to say that he gains the top spot in that category and in the Best Ken Users category. To find out other details, have a look at the Record section.

22nd April 2002 - After a long time, here is a cumulative update of The Puzzle Fighter Shrine, featuring:
  • a very interesting discussion about Puzzle Fighter being or not The Best Puzzle Game Ever Made (TM). If you are interested, you can read my thoughts about the entire discussion thread. Many thanks to Isamu99 for sending the link and providing juicy contributes to the discussion.
  • another new record hit The Puzzle Fighter Shrine score board! It's Zep turn: he gains the last spot on the overall podium, scroring 276080 points using Sakura. As usual, see the Record section for details.
  • a recompiled Resource section, with many thanks to Obike Fixx for signaling a bunch of broken links.
Finally, many thanks to the ones who offered help with the site's updates, fearing the death of The Puzzle Fighter Shrine. Well, guys, don't panic: updates will be a little slower, but the site is still alive and running!

30th September 2001 - A new record hit the score board of The Puzzle Fighter Shrine, sent by The Fungus, a guy playing the PlayStation version of Puzzle Fighter. He provided an objective evidence of the record scored, clearly explaining how he managed to get the screenshot for his record, and I had no problems to put his score online. Consoles' users, don't be shy: if you could provide a standard objective evidence of your record, please send it in. Just remember to write a couple of lines explaining how you managed to get the screenshot... See the Record section for details.

16th July 2001 - Totally restyled The Puzzle Fighter Shrine! It's now more cute and friendly, and totally rewritten following W3C XHTML 1.0 specification. Take your time to browse around the site and get familiar to the new design!

15th April 2001 - It's Easter, and the surprise in the egg is another new record from Liu! Check it out here, and don't forget to browse the Record section for details on how to submit your records.

11st April 2001 - New Record! Whoa! Finally a new record! Liu has sent in his record, scoring 328.142 points using Ken, beating my previous record and promising to keep the first spot in the ranking for a looong long time! Check it out here! And see the Record section for details on how to submit your records.

1st February 2001 - On the first year anniversary of The Puzzle Fighter Shrine opening, here is the biggest update ever! I've completely renewed the look and the contents of the Street Puzzle section! Check it for details, and have a look at the two Street Fighters and Dark Stalkers subsections. All the special win icons revealed! One special color for each character revealed! Codes for hidden characters revealed! Special music from Sakura's stage revealed!

6th January 2001 - New year, new record! Try to beat me! (See the Record section for details on how to submit your records).

30th December 2000 - Just before the new year, here is another update! Go to the Stuff subsection in the Resource section and download some Puzzle Fighter desktop icons and a Puzzle Fighter desktop theme! Best wishes and happy new year to everyone!

10th November 2000 - Hit 1000 visitors! Thank you all very much! I'll try to keep up the good work!

25th October 2000 - You have no more to rely on inefficient and buggy browser cache implementations to browse The Puzzle Fighter Shrine in offline mode. In fact, at the bottom of this page a .zip file is provided, containing the whole current 'version' of this web site (.zip files excluded). You can download it and browse it offline at your needs, instead of caching in your browser all The Puzzle Fighter Shrine pages and discover after two days that your little 11-year-old sister has cleaned the cache to make room for the last Barbie-Painting-Whatsoever game.

26th August 2000 - Finally another update! Added a link to the PSX.IGN Puzzle Fighter review and a Secrets FAQ by Richard Uyeyama. More, I'm working on the html code to make it valid html 4.0, and planning to make a huge Street Puzzle Section update as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as I'll buy a new CD-ROM drive).

1st May 2000 - My birthday! The site is no more under construction: all the sections and the pictures are online! More, I sadly decided to cut the News section, because I have definetely no time to update it.

6th Feb 2000 - Uploaded a picture of Devilot's Stage and a Puzzle Fighter icon you'll see when adding The Puzzle Fighter Shrine in your Favorites (IE 5.x only).

1st Feb 2000 - Just opened the site! It still lacks some pictures (for example, the final moves of Dan and Devilot) and the Critics subsection is completely empty, but the 90% of the site is here and perfectly working. I hope you will enjoy it!

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