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The Puzzle Fighter Shrine FAQ
by Giulio Piancastelli
[10th July 2001]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by John Jung
[17th April 1999]

Puzzle Fighter Secrets
by Richard Uyeyama
[18th November 1998]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by Hunter
[28th August 1996]

Akuma Chun-Li
Dan Devilot
Donovan Felicia
Hsien-Ko Ken
Morrigan Ryu
Date of birth

168 cm.

58 Kg.


Felicia is a friendly cat woman who wants to be a musical star. She knows that becoming a popular star takes talent and intelligence. Talent comes naturally to Felicia, but she enters the Puzzle War to build her mental abilities.

Counter Gem
Felicia's Counter Gem pattern

Weak Colors
Red, Blue

Winning Quotes
I won by a tail's length. Now go to my little box.
Meow! How'd you like them apples?
You're stoned! Get it? Ha ha ha...
You're about as sharp as a circle!

Felicia's Stage
Felicia's stage

My two Euro-cents
Felicia is a part cat and part woman fighter coming from Darkstalkers. As Chun-Li, while in the fighting game Felicia was quite a strong character, in Puzzle Fighter she is one of the weakiest challangers. Her counter gem pattern is really a bad one beacause it presents the disadvantages of both Ryu's and Chun-Li's ones: the green and yellow columns on both sides can provide long runs and the 2x2 power gems yielded at the center of the field provide a great advantage for the opponent to build a huge attack.
Maybe the only reason to play with her, apart from searching a real challenge, is the fact she's probably the cutest character in the game.

Background tile
Felicia's tile

Taunt (1-11)
Litterbox Kick (12-17, 2 hit)
Cat Scratch Fever (30-up, 8 hit)

Final Move
Felicia's Final Move

1994 - Darkstalkers
1995 - Darkstalkers 2
1996 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
1997 - Darkstalkers 3
1997 - Pocket Fighter