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The Puzzle Fighter Shrine FAQ
by Giulio Piancastelli
[10th July 2001]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by John Jung
[17th April 1999]

Puzzle Fighter Secrets
by Richard Uyeyama
[18th November 1998]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by Hunter
[28th August 1996]

Akuma Chun-Li
Dan Devilot
Donovan Felicia
Hsien-Ko Ken
Morrigan Ryu
Date of birth
21st July 1964


150 lbs.


Ryu lives only for martial arts and searches for opponents stronger than he is. He travels the world to become a true warrior. Ryu respects strength and power, and does not care who his opponent is.

Counter Gem
Ryu's Counter Gem pattern

Weak Colors
Green, Red

Winning Quotes
All too easy... You just don't know the bliss of the bombs.
Don't tell me, you only know how to play fighting games?
You need more training to stand a chance.

Ryu's Stage
Ryu's stage

My two Euro-cents
Ryu is one of the most famous CAPCOM character, as famous as Ken and the rivalry between the two of them. As Chun-Li (and Dan, of course) he seems not to have a very effective Counter Gem pattern. While the young chinese girl provides the opponent with Power Gems, Ryu exposes himself to very long chains and towers which can certainly be a big danger.
After all, the weaknesses of his pattern are just the other face of his strenghts. In fact, his pattern composed by coloured columns is just his most powerful weapon, because he is able to quickly block the left and right sections of the field leaving free space in the middle only, making the opponent's life quite difficult. Definetely, he is not the best one, neither the worst one, but the one and only reason for using him for a long time is that you are the 'if it is a CAPCOM game, then I have to play Ryu' kind of person.

Background tile
Ryu's tile

Taunt (1-11)
Fire Hadoken (18-23, 2 hit)
Shinku-Hadoken (30-up, 5 hit)

Final Move
Ryu's Final Move

1987 - Street Fighter
1991 - Street Fighter 2
1992 - Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition
1992 - Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting
1993 - Super Street Fighter 2
1994 - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
1995 - Street Fighter Alpha
1996 - Street Fighter Alpha 2
1996 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
1996 - X-Men vs. Street Fighter
1996 - Street Fighter EX
199? - Street Fighter 3
1997 - Street Fighter EX Plus
1997 - Pocket Fighter
1997 - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
1998 - Marvel vs. Capcom