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The Puzzle Fighter Shrine FAQ
by Giulio Piancastelli
[10th July 2001]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by John Jung
[17th April 1999]

Puzzle Fighter Secrets
by Richard Uyeyama
[18th November 1998]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by Hunter
[28th August 1996]

Akuma Chun-Li
Dan Devilot
Donovan Felicia
Hsien-Ko Ken
Morrigan Ryu
Date of birth

157 cm.

42 Kg.


Sakura has super athletic talent and a good sense of martial arts. Only a high school student, she hears that her idol, Ryu, has been building mind strength so she begins training as well. Sakura believes to be competitive and she must keep with Ryu.

Counter Gem
Sakura's Counter Gem pattern

Weak Colors
Red, Blue

Winning Quotes
Only my second game and I'm already the best!
Whew, you were good! I've got to train harder!
Yes... all part of the plan.
You're smart, fast, and cheap! No wait, that's me! Ha ha ha.

Sakura's Stage
Sakura's stage

My two Euro-cents
Ryu is her idol, but since she is a smart school girl she has certainly learned something from her idol's worst enemy Ken. In fact, her Counter Gem Pattern is just a mix of the two guys' ones: on the far left and right we have two coloured columns, while in the center of the field we find rows of different colours. But the conjunction of those two different styles doesn't seem to be more effective than the original ones: in fact, for example, the midfield pattern Sakura has is quite weaker than Ken's. While the tough guy has the rows coloured in all the four different colours, Sakura just has Red and Blue in her mid pattern. This fact let the opponent use what can be called Diamond Breaker Phenomenon: what the opponent needs is just a diamond breaker to use on a blue gem: all the blues would disappear and what the opponent gets is a huge red block in the midfield, ready to be broken for a dangerous attack.
Despite this drawback (well, diamond breaker are not so common) Sakura is a quite solid character, especially if used with a strategy similar to Ken's one, even if not as difficult as Ken to beat. All in all, an expert Sakura's user can put fear in everyone's pants.

Background tile
Sakura's tile

Taunt (1-11)
Fire Hadoken (12-17, 2 hit)
Shinku-Hadoken (30-up, 5 hit)

Final Move
Sakura's Final Move

1996 - Street Fighter Alpha 2
1996 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
1997 - Pocket Fighter
1997 - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
1997 - Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha