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The Puzzle Fighter Shrine FAQ
by Giulio Piancastelli
[10th July 2001]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by John Jung
[17th April 1999]

Puzzle Fighter Secrets
by Richard Uyeyama
[18th November 1998]

Puzzle Fighter FAQ
by Hunter
[28th August 1996]

Akuma Chun-Li
Dan Devilot
Donovan Felicia
Hsien-Ko Ken
Morrigan Ryu
Date of birth

194 cm.

98 Kg.


Donovan is the lonely Dark Hunter who lives for Anita, a young orphan who can detect the whereabouts of the Darkstalkers. Donovan trails the Darkstalkers seeking revenge for Anita's parents who perished at the hands of the Darkstalkers. Donovan believes this emotionless child holds the key to his destiny.

Counter Gem
Donovan's Counter Gem pattern

Weak Colors
Red, Yellow

Winning Quotes
I'm the one who lives in darkness and shatters it.
No one can interfere with my plans.
I'll do anything to make this little girl happy again!
I'll put an end to the evil curse in my blood at all cost.

Donovan's Stage
Donovan's stage

My two Euro-cents
Probably the best of the bunch of characters coming from the Darkstalkers series, Donovan has a very interesting counter gem pattern which, if properly mastered, can be really dangerous for the opponent and lead Donovan to victory against every fighter including Akuma and Devilot. In fact, a mid-large attack quickly followed by a small one usually makes the opponent's life very hard and sets up Donovan for an easy victory. Another interesting characteristic of Donovan's pattern is the great ability to mess up the opponent's setup with small attacks, covering the field with just one or two lines composed by red and yellow little columns: they're not big enough to be dangerous for Donovan himself, but they have the right size to put the opponent into troubles trying to dig his previous setup out of these columns.
As for Ryu, Donovan's strenghts are just the other side of his weaknesses: his pattern's real problem is not the presence of two huge power gems on its top, because once you've dropped 24 counter gems on your opponent's field you should be able to cover them with a new, quick and small attack, but the little red and yellow columns which can leave many dangerous runs and towers, in this resembling the weaknesses of Ryu's pattern.
To avoid this kind of Ryu-like problems, and not to fear the appearance of green and blue power gems in the opponent's field, you have to work hard to master techniques of timing and speed: like Hsien-Ko, choosing Donovan means often to win, but means more often to work hard to gain the victory.

Background tile
Donovan's tile

Taunt (1-11)
Sword Grapple (12-17, 2 hit)
Spirit Crusher (30-up, 7 hit)

Final Move
Donovan's Final Move

1994 - Darkstalkers
1995 - Darkstalkers 2
1996 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
1997 - Darkstalkers 3
1997 - Pocket Fighter