Why a new website about music? This is not only an online magazine, but a project born for fight a certain type of journalism who writes false reviews. The second reason is that Roberto Guarnieri ( Thunder, HM, Metal Shock, AudioReview...) and Stefano Succu (webmaster) want to promote only the undiscovered bands and artists. So, no reviews and interviews with artists under contract with major label, but a very great helping for those musicians who need to be promoted in Italy and in the world. Roberto Guarnieri is also a promoter of live events in Italy, he has worked with Tony Macalpine, Virgil Donati, Philip Bynoe, Neil Zaza, Brett Garsed, Jeff Kollman, Marty Friedman, Erik Norlander & Lana Lane, Paul Di Anno, japanese prog-band Ars Nova and many other great artists.
He can also provide for a italian distribution of your items. If you are interested you can send your material to: Roberto Guarnieri - Via Mario Rigamonti 100 box 246 00142 Roma Italy.

The section "Unknown from the past" is now online with reviews of productions (bands and guitarists) recorded before 2002!! Added new reviews!!
The section "Short Reviews" is now online with brief reviews of recent productions (bands and guitarists)!!