Biospeleology of the Piemonte
(North-western Italy)

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The caves

Tana di Morbello
(Lair of Morbello)
4 Pi/AL



The photos of hypogean environments published in this site have been performed by Gianfranco Vanzetti of the S.C.V.D.A.
(Speleo C.a.i. Aosta Valley)


The cards of the caves in this site can't certainly to exaust the argument of the description of every single cavity (this is limited to a technical schedule with a short comment), but rather give general informations about the biological population of the cavities mentioned in the pages of the faunal entities.



Grotta di Rio Martino
(Rio Martino Cave)
1001 Pi/CN

Grotta delle Vene
(Veins Cave)
103 Pi/CN

Grotte del Bandito
(Bandit Caves)
1002¸1003 Pi/CN

Grotte delle Camoscere
(Camoscere Caves)
105 and 250 Pi/CN

Grotte di Rossana
(Rossana Caves)
1010-1024 Pi/CN

Grotta di Bossea
(Bossea Cave)
108 Pi/CN

Buco del Maestro
(Hole of the Master)
1148 Pi/CN

Grotta dell'Orso
(Cave of the Bear)
118 Pi/CN

Borna maggiore del Pugnetto
(Pugnetto greater Cave)
1501 Pi/TO

Arma inferiore dei Grai
(Grai lower Cave)
120 Pi/CN

Grotta "La Custreta"
("La Custreta" Cave)
1593 Pi/TO

Grotte del Caudano
(Caudano Caves)
121-122 Pi/CN

Grotte del Maletto
(Maletto Caves)
1595 and n.c. Pi/TO

Tana della Dronera
(Lair of the Dronera)
151 Pi/CN

Grotta "Boo' d'la Faia"
("Fairy hole" Cave)
1596 Pi/TO

Garb della Donna Selvaggia
(Wild Woman Cave)
181 Pi/CN

Grotta delle Streghe
(Witches Cave)
2501 Pi/NO

Abisso Bacardi
(Bacardi Abyss)
873 Pi/CN

Grotta del Massucco
(Massucco Cave)
2504 Pi/VC

Grotta di Rio dei Corvi
(Crows River Cave)
884 Pi/CN

Grotta di Candoglia
(Candoglia Cave)
2633 Pi/NO


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