Review: Disney's Tarzan Untamed for PS2 on Gamepro.com.
Reviewed by: Star Dingo, score 2/5. "Really good movie. Really bad game."

  • a huge HDTV a small HDTV a huge regular TV a small regular TV THE GAMEPROS FREE NEWSLETTERS Sign up now to receive weekly or daily updates on your favorite games, stories, and more! GamePro Weekly ProNews (daily) Cheats (weekly) Xbox 360 (weekly) PS3 (weekly) Wii (weekly) GameCube (weekly) PC/Online (weekly) Xbox (weekly) PS2 (weekly) PSP (weekly) DS (weekly) Sports (weekly) | News Previews Cheats Strategies Features Downloads Buy Now Publisher : Developer : Release Date : Genre : Number of Players : 1 ESRB Rating : 15 screen shots GRAPHICS: 2.5 SOUND: 2.0 CONTROL: 2.5 FUN FACTOR AVG USER SCORE AVG CRITIC SCORE Review: Disney?s Tarzan Untamed Review by STARDINGO | 12/18/2001 | 16:58:35 PM PST | In keeping with the proud tradition of good movies that become bad games, Ubi Soft presents Disney?s Tarzan?Untamed.

  • Really bad game.

  • So what else is new with the world? This sickly 3D adventure is plagued by endless repetition, frustrating controls, bland graphics, and just plain boring level design; it?s a specific type of rot that a few pretty-looking levels late in the game and a half-baked Tony Hawk gimmick can do nothing to cure.

  • SUBHEAD: Jack of All Apes?Master of None With three main level types and two breeds of "mini-game" sprinkled throughout, Tarzan Untamed tries to set itself up as a 3D platform variety pack of sorts.

  • Here, ranked in order from least to most frustrating, are the flavors you?ll find inside: (1) jungle exploration levels?traditional go-forward 3D-platform fare featuring gameplay more linear than Crash Bandicoot?s and sluggish controls quite unbecoming of the usually agile King of the Jungle (2) rapids-surfing stages, which look good and move fast, in which Tarzan must (once again) go forward, leaping over waterfalls and rocks despite his poorly timed jumping abilities and doing his best to ignore a Rosie O?Donnell impersonator?s repetitive, cloying screeches for help (3) water-skiing levels in which you repeatedly start from scratch when you die, trying to figure out why you lost health when you touched seaweed and why the game seems to think you didn?t land on the tree branch when, quite clearly, you did.

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    Reviewed by: Matt Casamassina, score 6.2/10. "The ape man returns with glitz and
    glamor, but lacks...

  • | Search IGN Weekly packs NHL 2K7, Comic-Con and the CGI, and there's of course plenty SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · » » » (PS2) Guide FAQs Features Disney's Tarzan Untamed The ape man returns with glitz and glamor, but lacks a certain depth.

  • by November 26, 2001 - Gamers have always wanted to go half-naked into the jungles and mingle happily with apes and monkeys.

  • The game follows an all-new storyline, features a variety of different play modes and proudly boasts a superbly produced cartoon style similar to the movie.

  • Gameplay The story of Tarzan Untamed picks up shortly after the film left off.

  • It's a very simplistic setup that gamers will have no problems adapting to with little practice.

  • It's not a flaw that can't be played past, but it's annoying and given that Ubi Soft has attempted to mimic the fast-action cartoon this certainly breaks from the feel of the movie, and for that matter the rest of the game.

  • It's a nice touch, but it follows a very popularized find-and-collect videogame formula that may wear thin on seasoned players.

  • Certainly we've got our complaints with Tarzan Untamed's various gameplay mechanics and modes.

  • With a quickly learned control setup and a repeating stream of the same levels and different textures, it's just, quite frankly, an experience that is more suited to younger players than it is to hardcore gamers.

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  • See all the games here! Category: Players: 2 players simultaneous Release Date: Sep 15, 2003 Publisher: Article source: This game will use the terrific game engine from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, but will be based on the worlds of "Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2, " "Disney's Tarzan" and "Disney's The Lion King." The GBA version of this game will feature six playable characters to choose from and three gameplay modes: Story, to unlock new levels by completing goals; Single Session, to achieve high scores; and Multiplayer, to engage in head-to-head competition.


    Photo by www.vgmuseum.com

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  • See all the games here! Category: Players: 2 players simultaneous Release Date: Sep 08, 2003 Memory Blocks: 9 Publisher: Article source: Popular Disney characters bust crazy tricks while exploring silver screen locales in this skating game from the folks who brought you Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

  • More Spinning than the Tea Cups The game engine is based on that in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

  • The animation for these comical moves is what you'd expect from a Disney game: great! For example, while Pumbaa rides the board, partner Timon will fly through the air, balance on Pumbaa's snout or perform other over-the-top moves.

  • Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure delivers lively Disney action backed by the renowned Tony Hawk game engine.

    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure for Game Boy Advance Review ...
    Review, by Frank Provo: "Fans of the Tony Hawk series will probably find it too
    watered-down to hold...

  • | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Videos Downloads Hints & Cheats Player Reviews GameSpot Review 6.3 fair Gameplay 7 Graphics 7 Sound 6 Value 5 Tilt 6 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is "Tony Hawk Light"--a good game for young players or Disney fans who also enjoy skateboarding games.

  • It's widely accepted that Activision's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series is the way to go if you're interested in playing a skateboarding game on the Game Boy Advance.

  • It makes perfect sense, then, that Activision would employ Vicarious Visions, the development house responsible for the handheld versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, to develop its Disney-themed skateboarding game: Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure.

  • The look and feel of the game suggest that it's just Tony Hawk's Pro Skater with Disney characters and locations.

  • Upon closer inspection, however, the simplifications that have been made to the formula ultimately make the game best suited for novice players.

  • In the Tony Hawk games, there are separate buttons for flips, grabs, and transitions, like manuals and reverts.

  • Likewise, the objectives in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure aren't as difficult as those you'd find in traditional extreme sports games.

  • The game is pretty short as well.

  • After you finish the adventure mode, you have the option to participate in a series of time challenges for each stage, or you can play a game of "alien" against a friend.

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    Reviewed by Craig Wessel, score 70%. "A good game for kids."

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    Photo by www.vgmuseum.com

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    Review, by Lee Cieniawa: "Level design displays a lot of creativity." [Score:
    8.2 out of 10]

  • Platform: Xbox Genre : Sports Publisher : Activision Developer : Toys for Bob ESRB : E (Everyone) Released : Q4 2003 Support AE! Buy Games Here: Be notified of site updates.

  • I point out kid-friendly, because unlike the more mature demographic of Kingdom Hearts players, DESA is really a game that’s targeted to the under-10 crowd who still listens to Radio Disney and watches the Disney Channel, where all of the characters in DESA practically make daily appearances.

  • Also, despite the usage of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 engine, which helped create the toughest and most challenging THPS game yet, DESA is extremely easy to play.

  • This is obviously done purposely so that young game players will be able to enjoy playing without much frustration, but it limits the audience that could possibly be interested in a solid skateboarding game, Disney characters or not.

  • Even though DESA is too easy for anybody older than 10, Toys For Bob does an amazing job nonetheless creating a very fun skating game for its intended audience with the unexpected element of animated Disney characters shredding and skating all over familiar locales from Toy Story 2, Tarzan, and The Lion King animated films.

  • Yes, that’s Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan and Jane (in their much-younger form, to appeal to the young game players), Simba, Rafiki, Pumbaa & Timon, and a host of other characters from the above-mentioned three Disney movies doing like Tony Hawk.

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    Gaming Age
    "The cast of Kingdom Hearts stars a selection of new Disney created characters (by
    Tetsuya Nomura),...

  • · · · · · · · · · Kingdom Hearts Developer Squaresoft Publisher Square EA Players 1 Release September 17th, 2002 Previewer Date 9/18/2002 Advertisement Updated: 9/18/2002 - First Impressions Squaresoft has finally released their latest title, Kingdom Hearts, and we've spent a fair bit of time playing through the game.

  • Best described as Final Fantasy meets Disney, this joint Square/Disney venture is quite an interesting game so far.

  • Having passed on the Japanese version, the game was fresh and new to me.

  • Right from the getgo, Kingdom Hearts shows off what you would expect from a Squaresoft developed game; a gorgeous title screen and opening CG sequence, along with a beautifully voiced theme song and orchestrated music.

  • The bright colorful environments and menus also fit the game well.

  • The various cameos by all the Disney cast and past Final Fantasy games have already, personally made playing the game worthwhile.

  • Final judgement coming soon! The videogame world is chock full of rather odd, but very interesting partnerships.

  • One of the latest to really grab everyone's attention is Kingdom Hearts, an Action Role Playing Game in which both Disney, of motion-picture animation fame, and Squaresoft, of RPG videogame fame, are still hard at work on.

  • Will such a combo be a hit with gamers all over the world? How could it not.

  • More than 100 DISNEY characters appear in the game, including Jafar from Disney's Aladdin, Clayton from Disney's Tarzan™, Hades from Hercules, and The Queen of Hearts from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, among others.

    Tarzan Untamed Review for GameCube - Gaming Age
    Reviewed by: Rachel Lewis, score C-. "The game ranks as average to mediocre in
    every category, including...

  • · · · · · · · · · Tarzan Untamed You’re a Gamecube owner who bought the system at launch along with a couple games.

  • But with the Gamecube in its infancy, the library lacks selection.

  • Tarzan Untamed, possibly one of the games you haven’t tried, unfortunately deserves to remain on the shelf.

  • Players of average skill level will find the game fairly simple.

  • Overall the game looks dull and old.

  • The game models’ low poly counts makes them seem like smoother PlayStation 1 characters.

  • Basically, no aspect of the graphics suggests the game needs the Cube’s features.

  • The game ranks as average to mediocre in every category, including the most important one of enjoyment.

  • Instead, be patient and wait for the releases of far better games.

  • -- Review By Rachel Lewis Grade C- Average System: GameCube Developer: Ubi Soft Publisher: Ubi Soft Medium: DVD-ROM Players: 1 Online: (n/a) ESRB Rating: Media Copyright © Gaming Age Online.

    3D Avenue (Xbox)
    Review, by Simon Hutchinson: "Disney Extreme Skate Adventure is a great game that
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  • Game: Publisher: Activision Genre: Platform: Date: 13-Sep-2003 08:57 AM Author: SCREENSHOTS: “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 for kids (and adults too!).” Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 is one of the best games on the Xbox to date, however with mature themes involved with the game, the demographic is fifteen years and over for that franchise.

  • Activision together with Toys for Bob have concocted together a new skating game aimed at the lower age demographic, but that doesn’t mean Tony Hawk fans won’t enjoy this game because they will, if they give it a chance.

  • Disney Extreme Skate Adventure is very much like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 and this is of no coincidence considering the game uses a modified version of the THPS4 engine.

  • Two main modes exist in the game, adventure and free skate.

  • You start off with access to six Disney characters and before completing the game another six more will be unlocked.

  • Many may query why Activision didn’t go with more traditional characters such as Minnie and Mickey mouse but truth be told I doubt I would have enjoyed this game had I been forced to use these characters.

  • The films by Pixar can be enjoyed by both adults and children and this is a definite factor when considering that adults may also like the game.

  • The crux of the game comes from the adventure mode.

  • As well as the Disney characters, players can create a skater or choose from the extreme skate team who are real life kids casted by Activision to be in the game.

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