'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' a gripping, poetic tale

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  • There is a great deal of story and playtime to keep you interested the first time through the game; and, enough hidden secrets to want to play it a second time through.

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    IMDb: Mako
    Profile and filmography.


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    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
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    Diane Kelley's Trip Planner
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    SFcrowsnest.com Movie Reviews
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  • It is no big secret whatsoever that the British claymation shorts featuring the terrific tandem of Wallace and Gromit are convincingly entertaining, notes our Frank.

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    Greatest Films: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
    Review with a plot synopsis and descriptions of key events in the film.

    Reel Movie Critic - War Films
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    Reel Movie Critic: Ethnic Categories
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    Kinoeye: Suspiria
    Academic analysis by Linda Schulte-Sasse.

  • It prepares for a gothic world where employees don't understand the language and speak in incomprehensible tongues, where clues disappear and telephones don't work, where authorities speak plainly enough but harbour dirty secrets.


    IGN: Disney's Tarzan Untamed Review
    Reviewed by: Matt Casamassina, score 6.2/10. "The ape man returns with glitz and
    glamor, but lacks...

  • Most lead to secret film reels, which must be collected along the adventure to unlock new levels and eventually reveal a hidden movie for all to enjoy.

    Previews, screenshots, and news articles. IGN Insider subscription provides access
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    Prophecy or Presumption?
    Time is running out on the oracles of Benny Hinn.

    Online resource and community for independent filmmakers. Features articles,
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  • Additionally, this year's line up featured 15 archival films, four "secret" screenings (not listed prior) and 141 shorts.

  • [ in ] 06/21/06 - by Sarah Jo Marks (June 21, 2006) It's no secret that documentarians are some of the most independent and hardworking filmmakers in the biz.

    Haunted Attraction Magazine Online
    E-zine for the terror and horror attraction industry.

  • Roaming about the highly detailed "set, " complete with secret doors and levitating mummies, participants engage in group role play.

    CCG: Kingdom Hearts Cheats
    Contains a list of unlockables and hints.

  • Use the walkthrough here to blast through to the end of the quest, all the way to the secret fortresses of the Heartless, but don't forget to check the secrets section to find some more things to do on the way.

  • Check back soon for more updates on secrets and other topics.

  • Kingdom Hearts Unlockable: Secret Ending To get a secret ending movie, beat the game with 99 Dalmatians, all Keyholes locked including the Hundred Aker Wood, and the Hades Cup completed.

  • Kingdom Hearts Unlockable: Secret Bosses The game includes a few secret battles that may be worth the trouble, especially a couple of new ones that have been added to the American version.

  • Red: First District, alleyway; Second District, by the grate to the Secret Waterway; Second District, atop the Gizmo Shop.

  • White: In the Secret Waterway, by Leon.

  • Also after locking the Keyhole, climb to the top of the Gizmo Shop, follow the path from roof to roof, and take the secret entrance to District 3.

  • Oathkeeper: Talk to Kairi in the Secret Waterway after the first trip to Hollow Bastion.

  • 10, 11, 12: Hidden in the Secret Waterway, again blocked by a Red Trinity.

    WWWF Ground Zero: Q vs. Inspector Gadget
    Speculation as to whether Inspector Gadget and Q fought. Contains a conspiracy
    theory based on Q and...

  • Yeah, he has a bunch of neat thingamajigs he made, but by the time he limps his 85 year old keister over to the Porsche 911 with the heat-seeking missiles, Gadget will have already rocket-skated over there and rammed one of the Chief's self-destructing secret messages down his throat.

  • If 007 was a REAL secret agent like Arnold Schwarzengger in True Lies , Q would have been outdated years ago like an Apple IIE.

  • Amidst this golden era, a secret war was raging between good and evil.

  • In fact, every time Gadget even drops by our friendly HQ for a donut, our secretaries and custodians have to work double-shift for a week to straighten everything out again.

    Metacritic.com: Drowning Mona
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