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  • TCM Presents EDGE OF OUTSIDE, July 5 New Documentary features interviews with Martin Scorsese, Peter Falk, Spike Lee and others In a year that saw independent movies taking center stage at the Oscars, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) explores the uncompromising vision, creative spirit and maverick determination of independent filmmakers, both classic and current, in its first fully in-house produced original documentary, Edge Of Outside , premiering Wednesday, July 5, at 8 pm ET.

  • Edge Of Outside kicks off a month-long movie festival dedicated to filmmakers who have worked on the edges of Hollywood.

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    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
    DVD review and pictures.

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    Carrying old comics, magazines, and pulps that are hard to find.

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    Wikipedia - The Little Mermaid (film)
    Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.


    Photo by members.sparedollar.com

    Plot outline, cast, trivia, reviews, fan messageboard, and quotations from the movie.

    Disney Movie Classics
    Disney movie reviews, news and journals.

    Victor Salva - Child Molestor and Disney
    Three articles related to Disney's hiring of convicted child molestor, Victor Salva.

    INTERCOT's WebDisney - Guide To Disney On The Internet
    Annotated directory of Disney-related websites.

  • Posted By: Figment! @ 10:22 AM | July 13, 2006 Job Cuts Across Disney's Movie Studio Sector Despite last weekend's record debut of its "Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, " the Walt Disney Co.

  • Across-the-board layoffs are expected to hit every major domestic and international sector of the movie studio, people familiar with the plans said, including production, post-production, legal and business affairs, marketing, distribution and home video.

  • Benefits

    Photo by www.awn.com

    HARO Online Atlantis Review
    A mixed, but mostly positive, review of the film.

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire Some people think that the recent reemergence of the Disney animated movie may be nearing an end.

  • In order to remain at the forefront, Disney must continue to make good movies while pushing the limits of animation and storytelling.

  • This is a movie that small kids may not quite understand, and will probably play best to men, adolescent on upward.

  • There is one, but it really begins nearly halfway into the movie.

  • More than anything else, much of the first portion of the movie resembles a great vacation movie.

  • King Kashekim (Leonard Nimoy, Brave New World , Invasion America ) does not trust the outsiders, but his daughter Kida (Cree Summer, , An Extremely Goofy Movie ) thinks that Milo can help.

  • After the team arrives in Atlantis, the pace picks up considerably, and does not slow down until the movie is over.

    HARO Online - Fantasia 2000
    A review of the film by Haro.

  • With each re-release, popularity gained until Fantasia became one of the more beloved Disney movies.

  • Adding to the grandeur is the decision to release the movie in the IMAX format, with its unbelievably large screen, and performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

  • This is the most amusing segment of the movie; surprisingly satisfying given the seeming lackluster premise.

  • Here, the IMAX screen increases the level of awe in the movie.

    Greatest Films - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film.

    Go Fug Yourself
    Commentary on celebrities with unfortunate dress sense.

  • But you can totally see for yourself from this photo that was taken at the Monster House premiere -- I went in costume as a pirate! Isn't that wicked? Pirates of the Caribbean was so meaningful to my life that I just could NOT show up to this movie premiere without making it obvious to everyone what I would RATHER be watching.

  • And that way I can be EVEN CLOSER to modeling my career after my one and only idol! Or maybe, if you can't get the French paperwork in order or something, you could just arrange it so in one movie, Jack Sparrow finds this really scrappy young boy and decides to be his father-figure (oh, God, and George Michael has that song...


    ReelViews Review: Doug's 1st Movie
    1.0 star out of 4.0 stars. Reviewed by James Berardinelli.

  • Doug's 1st Movie A Film Review by James Berardinelli United States, 1999 U.S.

  • Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Doug's 1st Movie represents a new nadir in animated entertainment.

  • Nevertheless, even movies made for the most undiscriminating audience should offer something redeeming.

  • The only good things I could find about Doug's 1st Movie are that it's in focus and there's no sign of Pauly Shore.

  • There are times when reviewing movies seems like the best job in the world.

  • (This, by the way, explains the existence of the movie.

  • And, as bad as the former film is, it's a masterpiece when compared to Doug's 1st Movie .

  • The movie, like the TV program, takes place in the small, sleepy town of Bluffington.

  • For a 22-minute Saturday morning cartoon, the style and content of Doug's 1st Movie would be fine.

  • Perhaps the biggest shocker of all is how bad Doug's 1st Movie looks, especially considering that Disney is the backer.

  • If it takes years to craft something like or, one can assume that Doug's 1st Movie was dashed off in a few months at a fraction of the cost.

  • The film makers claim they "upgraded" the animation for the movie from "Disney's Doug." If that's the case, it doesn't show.

  • Doug's 1st Movie exemplifies all that's bad about today's brand of so-called "family features" - it's dumb, unsophisticated, and cheesy.

  • I can only hope that Doug's 1st Movie will also be his last.

    A GIANT Among Animators
    Rob Blackwelder interviews "Iron Giant" director, Brad Bird, for Spliced Online.

  • A fresh, funny and extraordinary movie called it is the first legitimate challenger ever for Disney's feature cartoon crown.

  • But it's also a deceptively simple story that manages to combine the obligatory social commentary of any kids movie with brilliant observations about the American lifestyle during the Cold War.

  • SPLICEDwire: This movie really breaks the mold of what people expect from full-length animation, and one of the reasons is it doesn't have the show tunes in it.

  • I saw the poster and I immediately thought, "I have to see this movie!" Bird: Oh, that's great! SPLICED: And besides, there are so many things about it that just nail the '50s.

  • The meat of the movie to me was this little boy and the Giant, so I felt that if you were going to tell that story, it was good to set it in a climate of fear.

  • And it also struck me that the only films that really dealt with the fear of the bomb and technology at the time were the horror movies -- and they dealt with it indirectly.

  • To me there's something that's simultaneously powerful and kind of goofy about those movies.

    SplicedOnline.com: Mermaid Memoirs
    An interview with Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel, Disney's "Little Mermaid."

  • In her mid-30s, she is undeniably adult, but there something about her that calls to mind the word "cute." It might be the way she smiles when I point out that, thanks to the movie she gets to be 16 forever.

  • It would never work as a live action movie in a million years, but under the deft direction of Disney, it's one of the best animated movies ever.

  • When "Mermaid" was in pre-production, Benson was working on Broadway with Howard Ashman, the movie's producer, which is how she began down the road that lead to being the voice of a Disney legend.

  • "He invited all the girls (in the show) to audition for the movie, " she explains.

  • Each person did the voice they thought she would have, and recorded the song that Howard had put down on tape for the audition." The song was "Part of Your World, " one of the most hummable tunes from the movie.

  • Does she ever get the songs from the movie stuck in her head like the rest of us do? "I do sing them all the time (professionally), but I don't hum them.

  • When asked if she has a favorite Disney movie, politely sites the merits of each of the films that followed her own.

  • It doesn't have to come just from Disney." For a few days at the end of this month, Benson's voice will be featured in two Disney movies at once.

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • N ATIVE O PINIONS ON Pocahontas is this page here? about the movie.

  • Here is a less gushy and shorter plot summary --from the InterNet movie database on the web, where you can also look up facts about the stars and statistics about the film.

  • Clicking on the blue quotes below will start an immediate download of the Qwiktime soundbyte interviews, prepared for Disney in the Press Kit for the movie.

  • Visually, graphically, the movie owes more to Sierra On-Line computer games than anything Indian.

  • Pocahontas Space turns out to be another menuless imagemap--big and slow-loading--where you can click on the oddly-named "Smokehouse Theatre" for more huge movie frames, from which you have to guess what's supposed to be a picture of a map to return.

  • There are a dozen click-to-download QuikTime movies (1-4 minutes)--you need a Mac or a PC playback software gadget--with short segments of the film, as well as short downloadable sound-byte interviews with all the big shots about what went into making the film, why it's historically accurate or good anyway , and so on.

  • I would be interested to learn what you can find out about Pocahontas -- th movie, the person, the historical period -- on Internet.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    Basketball Movies
    List of recommended titles on this theme, giving the stars, brief plot summary
    and release date for...

  • Basketball Movies * Recommended Titles Campus Confessions (1938)… William Henry, Betty Grable, Thurston Hall, Fritz Feld, John Arledge, Lane Chandler, Roy Gordon, Matty Kemp.

  • [The name of the opposing white team was omitted in the movie for fear of a box office flop if an all-black team defeated a “known” white team.

  • Without a doubt the best basketball movie ever made.

  • [The movie was based on real life coach Marvin Wood who guided the 1954 Milan High School basketball team to an upset miracle victory and the state championship.

  • TV-movie is based on a true story.

  • Made for TV-movie worth seeing once.

  • More crime and drugs than basketball, the movie is still worth a look for the remarkable performance of DiCaprio, the Catholic High School star Jim Carroll turned street junkie.

  • Adway does a good job in this TV-movie and can play ball too.

  • TNT made-for-TV movie is based on the true story of a black New Orleans high school team playing the white champions during the segregated mid-60s.

  • Bland made-for-cable movie is part fiction since Jordan did not want his life portrayed on film.

  • Remake of the 1982 movie of the same name.

  • A wholesome family movie.

  • TV-movie about controversial basketball coach Bobby Knight is based on the best-selling book by John Feinstein.

  • The movie chronicles Indiana's 1985-86 season, when Knight allowed Feinstein access to the team’s practices and meetings.

    The Straight Dope: Did Disney's The Lion King rip off an old ...
    Points of contention and commentary.

  • M.G., via AOL Cecil replies: Well, it wasn't a cheap rip-off--have you been to a first-run movie lately? You also missed a few other parallels: (7) name similarity: Kimba/Simba (duh); (8) evil Japanese lion, Claw, with one eye versus evil Disney lion, Scar, with scar over one eye; (9) little lion looks up to see the ghost of his father in the clouds; (10) heroic pose of lion on jutting rock.

    Disney's The Kid - Greg's Preview - Yahoo! Movies
    Preview of the film.

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