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  • Includes interviews and filmmaking news." -- "Specializing in descriptive reviews of classic American/Hollywood films, Academy Awards and general film history, film genres, with hundreds of colorful, vintage film posters." -- "The Eyes, Ears and Voice of Hollywood." -- "The best online source for movies, movie times, movie trailers, entertainment news, celebrity photos, box office, celebrity interviews and movie reviews." -- "The Hollywood Reporter provides in-depth news coverage on all aspects of the entertainment industry, including film, television, music, and awards.

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  • June 30, 2006 Audio Edition - June 30th 2006 On this Friday installment of The Audio Edition, John and Doug discuss: 1) Spider Man Trailer (It's not a teaser trailer) 2) The Transformers Teaser trailer 3) Ebert and how you pick critics you like 4) Fantastic Four 2 details 5) What does "No, Go or Routh" mean? 6) Katie Holmes in the next Batman (beaten to death with a lead pipe) 7) Wolverine script review 8) Casino Royale talk 9) Rob Schneider health problems...

  • Posted by John Campea at | Transformers Teaser Trailer Here Hey kiddies.

  • Wanna see the Transformers Teaser Trailer? Look below.

  • **UPDATE** It's Back UPDATE #2 Screw it! Studio decided to not even try to fight it getting out on the internet and have put a HIGH QUALITY version of it up online at the official site! ! **UPDATE #3** - The Transformers site seems to have taken the trailer down.

  • Posted by John Campea at | Zoom Trailer A trailer for Tim Allen's new flick ZOOM has just hit the web.

  • Yes, it does sound a bit weak doesn't it? However, the trailer just came out...

  • Apparently it's the teaser trailer description for The Transformer which is coming out in just a few weeks.

  • Here's the description: Transformers Trailer #1 Running time: 1:36 The trailer begins with quick shots of a rocket preparing to launch.

  • Read the posted by John Campea at | Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online NOW! Sony has put out a press release letting us all know that at 2:30pm (EST) the Apple Trailers website will launch the first Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer online.

    Jurassic Punk - Movie trailers, teaser trailers, video clips.
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  • Opening date: 28 June 2006 New Superman Brandon Routh (pronounced "South") has some mighty big red boots to fill! (Photo galleries, Trailers) U.S.

  • (Photo gallery, Trailers) U.S.

  • (Photo gallery, Trailers) U.S.

  • (Trailers) U.S.

  • (Photo gallery, Trailers) U.S.

  • And after the disappointing Terminator 3 who really cares? | Archive (a rticle, plot summary, trailers & clips, reviews, trivia and more.) U.S.

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    About.com: Violent Comedy
    The director and some of the cast discuss the film's message.

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  • :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Visitors since August, 15th 2000 Categories : (1660) (1327) (1159) (995) (950) (859) (719) (668) (534) (481) Friend's sites Sort by : Items per page : Sub-Categories : Author : Downloads : 9 since the 01-Jul-2006 ( 9.00 downloads/day) Users note : No note yet Description : The first teaser trailer for upcoming Pixar's new feature animation.

  • Author : Downloads : 4252 since the 14-Jun-2006 ( 236.22 downloads/day) Users note : 7.5 (4 votes) Description : Superman is back in this trailer ! Author : Downloads : 4852 since the 06-Jun-2006 ( 186.62 downloads/day) Users note : 7.8 (15 votes) Description : The new Pixar's feature animation trailer : Cars.

  • Author : Downloads : 4491 since the 04-Jun-2006 ( 160.39 downloads/day) Users note : 8.79 (14 votes) Description : The 3rd XMen feature movie trailer.

  • Author : Downloads : 2740 since the 02-Jun-2006 ( 91.33 downloads/day) Users note : 7.2 (5 votes) Description : The Da Vinci Code movie trailer Author : Downloads : 45100 since the 01-Mar-2006 ( 366.67 downloads/day) Users note : 8.83 (110 votes) Description : The Ice Age 2 Trailer.

  • Author : Downloads : 43697 since the 17-Sep-2005 ( 151.73 downloads/day) Users note : 8.55 (121 votes) Description : The second trailer of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  • Author : Downloads : 75202 since the 29-Jun-2005 ( 204.35 downloads/day) Users note : 8.84 (159 votes) Description : The first Peter Jackson's King Kong movie teaser trailer.

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