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  • Studio technicians fixed up an ingenious collection of to spin and whirl and drop her down imaginary rabbit holes, so that the artists could put in the requisite life and sparkle to make ' Alice' a happy film." Link to After "Alice In Wonderland" was finished, Kathryn embarked on an extensive for the 1951 release.

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  • This wholesome adventure breathes new life into the story of Peter Pan and will make both adults and children believe again.

  • The first hour goes by so quickly that you barely have time to ponder the gaping plot holes or lament the lack of significant character development.

  • These images also have a mesmerizing effect that engulfs the viewer in this artifical landscape and makes you either ignore or forgive the numerous plot holes.

  • The movie does deviate, from its successful formula, in the rush to the dramatic conclusion and there are a few plot holes a long the way as well.

  • This, combined with the monumental task of recreating a political convention, convincingly, and a few plot holes leads to large portions of The Manchurian Candidate coming off as unbelievable.

  • DIRECTOR - Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Minority Report & Catch Me If You Can) Though not without its flaws (a few plot holes and the underwritten Zeta-Jones character) The Terminal is worth seeing for the nearly perfect virtuoso performance of Tom Hanks.

  • The acting is only so-so (Gyllenhaal's performance, in particular, is just plain awful), the script is weak, plot holes abound and the special effects aren't that realistic.

  • What Shrek 2 lacks in originality it makes up for with a mix wholesome charm and satirical wit that can be enjoyed by all.

  • Most of these films are so rife with plot holes that its become almost pointless to continually point this fact out.


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    The director and some of the cast discuss the film's message.

    Greatest Films: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
    Review with a plot synopsis and descriptions of key events in the film.

    PBS Kids: It's My Life Interview
    The actor is interviewed about his recent movies; Walking Tall and Going to the Mat.

    Timeshare Resales USA
    Listings, prices and details of resale units in the United States, Caribbean,
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    GameSpot - Review (GameCube)
    [6.2/10] By Tim Tracy. "Finding Nemo is a game that looks good and stays true to
    the material it's...

  • For those who care to dig a little deeper, you can replay each level as many times as you like in an effort to complete a variety of optional objectives, such as collecting every floating ring scattered throughout the levels, disposing of every enemy, or placing colored pearls in corresponding holes in the sea floor.

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    The 80's Movies Rewind
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    Supplier of tanned leather skins, leather tools and brass findings.

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  • Human beings are stupid, and we often become a**holes when we get old.

    Kid Stuff? Don't Bet On It
    A review of both Watership Down and the Plague Dogs.

  • In recent years, according to reports, the rabbits in the real-life Watership Down have multiplied and dug too many holes in what is essentially an agricultural area.

    Review: Disney's Tarzan Untamed for PS2 on Gamepro.com.
    Reviewed by: Star Dingo, score 2/5. "Really good movie. Really bad game."

  • The Bungee Bonus Levels, in which Tarzan must avoid rocks and trees as he plummets into a pool of water, are arguably the game?s most fun levels?though even these just amount to memorizing a pattern of holes.

    Theory: Black hole winds allow some matter to escape

    Ashanti Daily
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    Matrix Reloaded (2003) - A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review
    Synopsis and pictures.

    Krazy Kevin's Kino Korner - A Thousand Arabs
    Review by Kevin McElwee (negative).

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