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Wikipedia - The Little Mermaid (film)
Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.

Jessica's Tribute to Disney
Personal page featuring Disney pictures and sounds.

Blogging Baby
Weblog offering parenting tips and information about baby products.

  • The park or the movies are out because they're just too boring.


    Brunching Shuttlecocks: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Review by the Self-Made Critic.

    A grown-up giggle

    Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 Review - PlayStation 2
    "Your satisfaction with the game is going to rely a great deal (if not entirely)
    on how much you enjoyed...

  • › › Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 Review Detail Sections - by GZ - from Web - by GZ - from Web Categories Platforms GZ Sites Newsletter Helpful Links More you can do Email by SCEA Reviewer: Review Date: 06/27/2002 An Unconventional Disney Game for an Unconventional Disney Movie 6.5 Gameplay 6.5 Graphics 7 Sound 6 Difficulty Hard Concept 6.5 Overall 6.5 more for Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 downloads news buy now Lilo & Stitch: Experiment 626 has done for Disney’s console line what the movie Lilo & Stitch has done for the entire line of Disney movies in general: It’s meant to shake things up! Stitch, if you haven’t had the chance to become acquainted with the blue ball of adrenaline, is a genetic experiment gone awry – or right on course - depending on whose point of view you take.

  • Engineered to be an instrument of mayhem and destruction, Experiment 626 for the PS2 takes Stitch on an entirely different adventure than the Earth-bound movie journey – giving him lots of things to destroy, and pitting him against a jealous “little brother” in the form of Experiment 623.

  • So how does one of Disney’s first solid ventures into the action/shooter realm fare? My answer to you is that your satisfaction with the game is going to rely a great deal (if not entirely) on how much you enjoyed the movie and/or any other reason you are motivated to buy the game.

  • However, as a fan of the movie, I found myself playing the game with relative enthusiasm despite the tweaks the game obviously could have used to make it a more thorough experience.

    Spencer Family's Disney Page
    Fort Wilderness frequently asked questions, trip reports, and Disney related

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    Metacritic.com: Toy Story 2
    Summarizes reviews from site users and media sources, and provides an average of
    all ratings.

    PopMatters - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Detailed review of the film.

    Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000): EG Daily, Christine Cavanaugh ...
    Review of the film.

    Hollywood.com :: Your entertainment source for movies, movie times ...
    News, reviews, interviews, events, and regular daily columns.

  • Get Movie Showtimes & Tickets Hot List Captain Jack Sparrow discovers he owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, Captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman.

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    ReelViews Review: Inspector Gadget (1999)
    Review of the film, by James Berardinelli.

    Bedtime Story Classics: Alice in Wonderland
    Information about the background of Alice in Wonderland.

    Internet Movie Database: Santa Clause 2, The
    Synopsis, cast and crew, reviews, user ratings and comments, quotations, trivia,
    production and distribut...

    SFcrowsnest.com Movie Reviews
    Library of science fiction film reviews. Updated monthly with new material.

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  • Writer-director James Gunn's slimy showcase Slither is indeed the epitome of hokey B-movie horror hedonism, says Frank.

  • Yeah, muses Franks, we know the deal in terms of the predictable reactions that most movie reviewers and moviegoers will respond differently regarding the stale comedic crassness of yet another Scary Movie entry.

  • See how the mean-spirited critics tear down the spoofing outrageousness of yet another tiring movie franchise that has all the durability of a stick of butter on a scorching Arizona concrete sidewalk.

  • Director Simon West dials up a wrong number in this flimsy remake of the 1979 B-movie thriller starring Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actress Carol Kane and a respectable supporting cast.

  • One must hand it to German filmmaker Uwe Boll, says Frank, in terms of being consistent when beginning this year's movie season with one of the genre's trademark vacuous video-game-to-film features.

  • But is the movie BloodRayne more to Frank's taste? Is it heck? 01/02/2006 .

  • After all, why would Paramount Pictures risk the uneasy notion of having sceptical movie reviewers bad-mouth their sci-fi jolting gibberish which could hurt the box office potential of seeing desirable Charlize Theron bend like a rubber pretzel in a tight-fitting black outfit? 01/01/2006 .

    Culture by Commotion Trilogy
    Online version of the series of books that include: Plenitude, Transformation,
    Commotion. The series...

    DVDlaunch: Clerks Uncensored Review
    Review of the Clerks ABC cartoon series.

  • It's all reruns, they're movies out, etc.

  • The second episode caused a lot of controversy due to a movie parody.

  • While the real reason Leonardo Leonardo becomes ill is obvious, there's a lot of funny sendups in this episode including a nice homage to the movie "Outbreak" (which is even mentioned directly).

  • Episode 5 - "Dante And Randal And Jay And Silent Bob And A Bunch Of New Characters And Lando Take Part In A Whole Bunch Of Movie Parodies Including, But Not Exclusive To, The Bad News Bears, The Last Star Fighter, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom , Plus A High School Reunion": In this installment Dante and Randal go to their tenth high school reunion, where we learn that Randal has some special power after he's done with a woman.

  • A ton of movie references here to enjoy, plus this delivers a good amount of laughs.

  • Those who haven't seen the movie will get it, but there's a lot of references and hidden jokes to those who have seen it.

  • so if you've never seen "Clerks" (the movie) before, you may want to watch it first before watching this episode.

  • They also mention toward the end of the last one that there will definitely be a "Clerks" animated movie in the "near future".

  • It discusses inspiration and how the original movie was used for developing the character designs plus has some interesting comparisons.

  • I haven't been anticipating a disc like this since (one of my favorite movies ever).

    "I'd definitely suggest action, mythology or martial arts fans check out Mark of
    Kri. You may just...

    "I fully enjoyed this game (When I lowered the volume) and would say this is a
    must by for any parent...

  • by November 7, 2001 - If you haven't seen the movie, go, go now! Pixar has done it again.

  • Responsible for great CG movies such as Toy Story, Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2, Pixar hits another grand slam with Monster's, Inc.

  • Why would I go out and buy another Disney movie game? Well I haven't told you the best part.

  • After completing each level you are rewarded with an animated clip of the movie! I couldn't believe it! As I completed each level, the ability to watch a piece of the movie, drove me to play the game more and more.

  • How much of the movie is in this game? Now I'm here to tell you that, no the entire movie is not in the game, but it's still fun to watch.

  • Now assuming you have enough Ooze (I love that word, and the fact that it's not in the movie makes it even more bizarre.), whenever you go up to a robotic child it takes you to a new mode.

  • Having those movie clips in the game aren't helping any.

  • In fact when you see the beautifully rendered fluffy hair on Sulley during Pixar's movie clips, then you witness the blocky polygon shape of Sulley in the game, you'll see what I'm talking about.

  • Billy Crystal and John Goodman are the voice actors in the movie, but are not the voices featured in this game.

  • What makes it worse is the fact when you unlock the movie clips it's totally obvious that they did not do these voices.

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