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  • Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule • • • • • • | UltimateDisney.com Top Stories : # Title Year -Link- Notes 2006 June 27: Film conclusion to "Lilo & Stitch: The Series"; 1.78:1 16:9, DD 5.1, never-before-seen episode, Big Red Battleship Flight Simulator game; $26.99 SRP; ; 2006 June 27: 1.33:1, DD 5.1, extended cut of Disney Channel Original Movie; Aly & A.J.

  • 2 1989 Volume 2 rumored for release in early November; contents, date to be announced; 1.33:1, DD Mono; 25 AirBuddies 2006 Late 2006: direct-to-video live action movie; $29.99 SRP; 6th in Air Bud film series; 1.78:1 16:9, DD 5.1 26 Secrets, Stories & Magic of the Happiest Place on Earth 2005 Late 2006: feature-length, behind-the-scenes Disneyland documentary, "The Disneyland That Never Was" alternate park ideas and designs, Wonderful World of Disneyland trivia game, extended interviews with Dianne Miller Disney and Rolly Crump, Disneyland U.S.A.

  • 2004) 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.99 SRP the Disney Channel's first TV movie; stars Roy Scheider & Justin Henry 52 Dr.

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  • Opening date: December 2006 Disney's next solo computer animated movie actually looks kinda fun.

  • At least it doesn't feature any cute furry animals like all the other CG movies this year! (Photo gallery) Opening Date: 29 September 2006 Just might be the hard SF movie of the year .

  • It has Keanu Reeves in a movie based on a book by the "author" of Blade Runner , Minority Report and Total Recall ! Whoa .

  • Opening Date: 31 May 2007 They had better get cracking on those Harry Potter movies before those kids become the "oldest" teenagers we’ve ever seen in the movies since Grease .

  • Opening Date: 2007 Remake of the 1970s movie by the director of Superman Returns .

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  • View the photos ! Posted by on Saturday, June 24 @ 17:39:10 EDT (136 reads) ( | Score: 0) Cars is released this Friday! The newest Disney-Pixar film Cars is released this Friday! Be sure to check it out! Posted by on Tuesday, June 06 @ 14:57:52 EDT (107 reads) ( | Score: 0) New CARS Production Shots!!! Check out the new Production Shots from the upcoming Disney/PIXAR movie CARS found Posted by on Monday, May 29 @ 19:12:28 EDT (107 reads) ( | Score: 0) Disney Corner Sign Translations: May 2006 The newest batch of translated signs are ready for your viewing Click to discuss! Posted by on Sunday, May 14 @ 20:09:49 EDT (107 reads) ( | Score: 0) Disney Corner Photo Update: Mothers Day 2006 See the photos from Dave's Mothers Day weekend trip to Walt Disney World .

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  • - - - - - - - Latest News Depp: I'd do more "Pirates" Could Disney chalk out some more movies to this franchise? Tuesday June 27, 2006 10:41 AM || || Two join vampire thriller "Priest" Based on the comic book...


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  • Movie Score: 6 / 10 Movie Score: 6 / 10 Movie Score: 9 / 10 Movie Score: 7 / 10 Movie Score: 6 / 10 Movie Score: 10 / 10 DVD Score: 8 / 10 DVD Score: 8 / 10 DVD Score: 4 / 10 DVD Score: 9 / 10 DVD Score: 8 / 10 DVD Score: 8 / 10 WOW, this movie is going to really push the limits!! June 29th 11:41pm Can the man of steel steal frist place from Sandler's 'Click'? June 29th 08:28pm Big Tues/Wed indicate a $100 million 5-day take! June 29th 05:43pm First look at Michael Bay's robot madness!! June 29th 02:11pm Doesnt stick to the formula for the classic TV comedy June 28th 11:34pm Joins cast of 'Ice at the Bottom of the World'...

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  • This is a fan page dedicated to the 1982 Disney movie written and directed by starring, , , , and .

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  • The same can be said about, the new action game based on the movie.

  • Backgrounds are a blend of sprites and polygons, and to the developer's credit, the game does look like the movie.

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  • So why should Movie companies in Canada be any different? It's not...

  • Pretty soon the damn movie companies are going to want a tax on every time you even TALK about a movie with your friends...

  • According to the news: Rob Schneider was taken to a Northern California hospital after collapsing from food poisoning and heat exhaustion during the filming of an upcoming movie.

  • and the fact that HE HIMSELF IS DIRECTING IT: Schneider, who recently starred in "The Benchwarmers" and "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, " is directing the new movie in which he plays Big Stan, a con man locked up on fraud charges who learns kung fu to defend himself against other inmates.

  • Posted by John Campea at | June 29, 2006 Audio Edition - June 29th 2006 Only 2 topics on today's Audio Edition kiddies! Today Doung and I discuss and review 2 movies: 1) Superman Returns 2) Pirates of the Caribbean 2 We're saving a TON of good stuff for tomorrows show.

  • Once word gets out how bad our movie is, it'll tank at the box office and many of us will lose our jobs.

  • Dies? The guys over at have put up a VERY interesting comment about the upcoming Batman movie revolving around the poster girl for "Waste of potential" .

  • why else have her in there for a short time unless THEY'RE GOING TO KILL HER OFF!!! Oh man! Can you imagine the cheers in the movie theaters across North America if that happens! People want to see a "dark" batman? Imagine how "dark" they can make him if his girl gets beaten to death by someone (probably the joker...

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