Disney Song Lyrics
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  • Disney Song Lyrics Here are lyrics from a number of Disney movies.

  • Note that I do not have access to official Disney lyrics, so I cannot just pull up any lyrics from any movie.

  • Lyrics from older movies are taken from ancient collection.

  • For the movies since The Little Mermaid, I have bought the soundtrack and typed in the lyrics from the inlay.

  • You can guess how ruinous that would be if I did it for all Disney movies, or even for all animated movies.

  • So I don't have lyrics from Disney's live-action movies, nor do I have lyrics from Disney's TV animation department movies (Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, A Goofy Movie), from their D2V animated movies (Return of Jafar, Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea, Simba's Pride).

  • I also don't have lyrics from non-Disney animated movies, such as Land Before Time, Quest for Camelot, Anastasia or El Dorado.

  • There are also lots of lyrics from Disney movies in Tim Montgomery's .

  • For lyrics from other movies, check the , and check the fan pages.

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  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire Some people think that the recent reemergence of the Disney animated movie may be nearing an end.

  • In order to remain at the forefront, Disney must continue to make good movies while pushing the limits of animation and storytelling.

  • This is a movie that small kids may not quite understand, and will probably play best to men, adolescent on upward.

  • There is one, but it really begins nearly halfway into the movie.

  • More than anything else, much of the first portion of the movie resembles a great vacation movie.

  • King Kashekim (Leonard Nimoy, Brave New World , Invasion America ) does not trust the outsiders, but his daughter Kida (Cree Summer, , An Extremely Goofy Movie ) thinks that Milo can help.

  • After the team arrives in Atlantis, the pace picks up considerably, and does not slow down until the movie is over.

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  • American cinema is in a vicious circle where studious continually release inferior animated movies that condescend towards children.

  • Parents believe that since they are harmless (yet incredibly stupid) that their kids can safely watch them, thus prompting studios to make more dumb movies.

  • Disney is not really taking a risk with this movie, since Spirited Away arrives with a tremendous amount of acclaim.

  • There is so much going on here, so much more than in most other movies, animated or otherwise.

  • A young boy named Haku (voiced by Jason Marsden, An Extremely Goofy Movie , The Lion King II: Simba's Pride ) tells her to get a job from a man in a boiler room; it is the only way she can stay and rescue her parents.

  • Hewitt meticulously translated the movie, making sure that Japanese cultural references made sense, and matching words to lip movements in the idiotic way that Americans dub movies.

  • Unfortunately, a dubbed Spirited Away is the only way to get people to see this excellent movie, but just imagine if one could see it in its original form.

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  • A fresh, funny and extraordinary movie called it is the first legitimate challenger ever for Disney's feature cartoon crown.

  • But it's also a deceptively simple story that manages to combine the obligatory social commentary of any kids movie with brilliant observations about the American lifestyle during the Cold War.

  • SPLICEDwire: This movie really breaks the mold of what people expect from full-length animation, and one of the reasons is it doesn't have the show tunes in it.

  • I saw the poster and I immediately thought, "I have to see this movie!" Bird: Oh, that's great! SPLICED: And besides, there are so many things about it that just nail the '50s.

  • The meat of the movie to me was this little boy and the Giant, so I felt that if you were going to tell that story, it was good to set it in a climate of fear.

  • And it also struck me that the only films that really dealt with the fear of the bomb and technology at the time were the horror movies -- and they dealt with it indirectly.

  • To me there's something that's simultaneously powerful and kind of goofy about those movies. Pete's Dragon
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