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  • Links Ziyi Forums - English - Chinese Ziyi Pictures - 6000+ - 4000+ Ziyi News - Chinese - Chinese - Japanese Chinese Cinema China News and blogs - General news - Current events - Media and culture Forum tidbits Banquet international trailer and costumes exhibit A new international trailer for has been released which you can download .

  • An exhibit of costumes from the film was held in Shanghai, a Chinese fan took the closeup pictures below.

  • On the top row are costumes worn by Empress Wan (Ziyi) and the Emperor (Ge You), the bottom row shows costumes for Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu (pictured), and the Black Knights.

  • The most accurate and detailed summary of the situation so far is from the Hollywood Reporter BEIJING/LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Actress Zhang Ziyi ("Memoirs of a Geisha") is in negotiations to star in three pictures for the Weinstein Co., including a remake of Akira Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai, " the firm said Monday.

  • The same myth was the basis of Walt Disney Pictures' 1998 animated feature, "Mulan." has tracked down the rumors and gotten the story straight from the source: However, Zhang Ziyi's manager Ling Lucas has personally informed me that Zhang Ziyi "has not fixed her next project as of yet" and "she's not in a hurry." It would be very uncharacteristic for Ziyi to sign up for a film with no director or writer attached, let alone of series of such projects, and this is what made the initial reports implausible.


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  • One of the latest to really grab everyone's attention is Kingdom Hearts, an Action Role Playing Game in which both Disney, of motion-picture animation fame, and Squaresoft, of RPG videogame fame, are still hard at work on.

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  • There are some pictures too.

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  • While it seems unfair to give voice work to already working sitcom actors and motion picture stars, it is an understandable philosophy in view of today's fierce competition and need to draw a wide audience.

  • If it can be done correctly -- weirdly enough, Isaac Hayes in South Park comes to my mind -- it gets you ink, and it works for the picture." The bottom line is: "Producers are looking for really good acting -- as well as a name for the marquee, " states Bergen.

  • But for a motion picture, even an animated one, they'd go with a celebrity to play Fred, because they need to sell the picture.

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