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  • 18 songs from the 2006 2-disc release.

  • Save 20% Songbook for voice and piano.

  • Save 20% This mini fake book is perfect for carrying to gigs! Features 1200+ songs.

    Disney Attraction Scripts
    An index of unofficial Disney attraction scripts.

    Jodi Benson: Ariel For Real!
    Fanpage with photos.

    The Lion King WWW Archive
    Large site includes music, lyrics, photographs, fan fiction, fan art, and story

  • Hundreds of high-quality screen images, clip art, and more! Dialogue clips, MIDI songs, and CD track information.

  • () The Lion King (1994) Hundreds of high-quality screen images, clip art, and more! Dialogue clips, MIDI songs, and CD track information.

  • The Lion King characters are voiced as follows: Cheech Marin as Banzai Jim Cummings as Scar (possibly Ed too) Cam Clarke as Simba James Earl Jones as Mufasa Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Young Simba Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa So they couldn't get Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, or Whoopi Goldberg, and I'm unsure how Jonathan Taylor Thomas fits into the picture (surely he's too old to voice Simba convincingly anymore—after all, they got someone else for the "Morning Report" song).


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    American Popular Music 1900 to 1950
    An overview of people and events through a study of different musical genres,
    including blues, jazz,...

    Fun Trivia Quizzes - World's Largest Trivia and Quiz Site!
    A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community
    forums, an archive...

    La Costa Music
    Offers form contracts with how to do it services and seminars regarding several
    topics. Includes prices...

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    Intercot West - Disneyland Inside and Out
    News and information about the attractions, restaurants, shops and entertainment,
    plus discussion forum.

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    Wikipedia - The Little Mermaid (film)
    Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.

    IMDb: Julie Andrews
    Biography, pictures, filmography, and links.

    Internet Movie Database
    Filmography, trivia and other details.

    Tribute band that has performed with the artist at Margaritaville. Includes photos,
    schedule, and...

  • The Landsharks play a wide variety of musical styles and have a very Large Song list.

  • Although they can play any event due to their large song list, they do a few special events including a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show and a Beach Boys Tribute Show.

  • An event that was attended By The President of the United States and many other celebrities! WEDDING BAND INFO! Wedding Band The Landsharks Band The Gary Roland and The Landsharks wedding band can play all styles of wedding music and will surely make your wedding a success! The Wedding Band has a huge wedding song list for you to choose from and can suit your wedding entertainment needs.

  • Florida Wedding Bands The Band Florida Wedding bands should be fun and The Landsharks Florida wedding band is great fun! Many Florida wedding Bands play a limited song list, but The Landsharks Florida wedding band has played Florida weddings for years and they know many, many songs.

  • To find out about their New Jersey location, then go the www.newjerseyshorebands.com where you can see the band's song list which includes Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, and more.


    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
    Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
    news, and a forum.

    Disney's Mouse
    Brief character history.

    Karaoke Song List Creator
    Makers of Karaoke Song List Creator software.

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    MTV Music | Vanessa Carlton - Artist Area
    Pictures, biography, album information and video.

    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

    Akemi's Anime World: Kiki's Delivery Service
    Plot outline and review.

  • The background themes complement the story and setting perfectly, but there are also two vocal pieces--one each during the opening and closing credits--which are old Japanese pop songs and are quite pretty.

  • In the dub, these were replaced by decent but somewhat more generic English songs written specifically for the movie, although the words have more to do with the story.

  • Though Disney replaced the opening credit song in the dub, the orignal was "Ruuju no Dengon" ("Message in Rouge"), a popular song in Japan from several years agao by Arai Yumi (now Matsutouya Yumi, thanks to a marriage).

  • There are also original words to the instrumental theme song, though the song version never appears in the movie (it is, however, quite beautiful).

  • My only complaints are relatively minor nitpicks: As I said, you can't swtich languages while playing, and the Japanese version does not include a translation of the cast anywhere or most of the credits anywhere, nor does it have subtitles for the songs.

    Frank's Disney Page
    A list of Disney animated features, song lyrics and scripts.

  • Disney film's song, and some of the original used by Disney.

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