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  • Yearning For an episode guide with brief summaries and guest stars for most of the episodes, Also see the Hello, Larry Episode Guide at   Theme Song/Video Clips Listen to the theme song in WAV format! (648K) Listen to the season 1 theme song in MP3 format! (2238K) Listen to the season 2 theme song in MP3 format! (2312K) View the season 1 opening theme credits in MPG format! (5728K) View the season 2 opening theme credits in MPG format! (5854K) Here are the theme song lyrics: Well, Hello Larry (Hello Larry..) You talk to people all day for a living (Hello Larry..) But all those easy answers you are giving..

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  • For example: The Beauty and the Beast Web Ring is on the Beauty and the Beast Lyrics page and the Mulan Web Ring is on the Mulan Lyrics page...

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    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

    PBS American Masters: Women of Tin Pan Alley
    Brief profiles of Dorothy Fields, Kay Swift, Dana Suesse, and Ann Ronell.

  • Dorothy Fields was born and raised in New York, and began her career as a lyricist there.

  • Upbeat and witty, lyrics like those written with Cy Coleman for "Big Spender" and "If My Friends Could See Me Now" became instant classics.

  • She collaborated on a number of songs, writing the 1932 hit "My Silent Love, " with lyricist Ed Heyman, and "The Night Is Young and You’re So Beautiful" with Billy Rose.

  • Ronell wrote both the music and lyrics for a number of hit songs including "Willow Weep for Me." It could be argued, however, that her most famous was one that was written for a Disney cartoon: "Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" Among her best work were motion picture scores for ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1948), the Marx Brothers’ LOVE HAPPY (1949), and THE STORY OF G.I.

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  • 27 June 2003 Cleaning out my hard drive, I discovered a recording I was sent in 1996 of a Pinky & The Brain intro from Israel, along a text file I received in 1998 of the Hebrew lyrics from the first season of the Pinky & The Brain series (Romanized -- not in a Hebrew font).

  • If you can provide something better (the theme to the actual series would be terrific), please let me know! Likewise, if you have recordings or lyrics from other countries not yet represented, I'd love to hear and read them, and add them to the collection.

  • Select any of the Lyrics Files from the menu below, then click on the Other Languages link within.

  • Also, I've added some things to the foreign lyrics/recordings pages! One of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Poland; both Pinky & The Brain intros and the series theme from France plus an MP3 of the series theme; one of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Japan plus an MP3 of it; an MP3 of the Pinky & The Brain theme from Germany; and I've added an MP3 of the Season 3 Animaniacs theme from Brazil, though don't have the lyrics yet (or can't find them 'cause I've been sitting on some of this stuff for so long).

  • Anyway, enjoy! Choose any lyrics file link from the menu and you'll find a further link to the foreign-language dubs! Oh yes, and I finally made the correction to the lyrics for Bones in the Body in the AMLF.

  • OK, so this site has gotten some awards over the years, despite (or maybe because of) my ugly Unix-friendly web design: 9 May 1999 The Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File has been chosen as a "Key Resource" at links2go.com! 30 January 1999 This site has been chosen as a "cool site" in the Netscape Open Directory! Thanks, Mozilla! 16 January 1998 These pages have been included in some internet yellow pages books published recently! Faboo! The Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File has been chosen as an Entertainment "Cool Link" Surfers' Choice at Yahoo!.

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