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  • Song Lyrics (Personal Homepage of Arne Heizmann a.k.a.

  • For those languages I understand, I marvel at how they get the same overall meaning into lyrics which still fit the melody and rhyme scheme perfectly.

  • This list isn’t yet complete; I actually have more lyrics than just these, I just have to format them properly.

  • If you happen to have any lyrics of any songs which exists in several languages, or you have translated a song yourself, please let me know and I’ll put it up.

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  • Redford Songs/Lyrics by: Howard Ashman Label: Release Date: January 15th, 1991 Audio Clips: 1.


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    Tim Rice
    Wikipedia article with brief biography and list of shows. Includes internal
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  • His lyrics have been widely recognised for their innovation and clarity of expression [] , varied in style from the pseudo-historical to the simple children's lyrics for .

  • He is often regarded as one of the few contemporary masters of lyric-writing, comparable to other lyrical geniuses such as [] .

    Gary Powell
    Composer, arranger, and producer offering digital audio and video recording services.
    Includes reviews,...

    Kathryn Beaumont
    Tribute page by Don Brockway. Offers a complete biography and photographs.
    Also includes a collection...

  • There's also a one-hour BBC radio dramatization based on the film; snippets from the animators' live-action reference film; and an audio recor ding of "Brahms' Lullaby" from August 26, 1947 which is labeled "Kathryn Beaumont Test." Also included are song demos, among them "Beyond The Laughing Sky, " which was written for Alice but which appeared - with new lyrics - as "The Second Star To The Right" in "Peter Pan." Disney's Masterpiece Edition DVD (Released Jan.

    TV Guide Online: Mary Poppins
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    Sesame Street Lyrics Archive
    Words to some of the show's more memorable songs and segments.

  • Within this site you'll find lyrics and sounds, pure and simple.

  • While I hold no copyright over the contents of this site, I *do* pride myself on the fact that this was the first Sesame Street Lyrics site to go online way back in April 1996.

  • Since then, I've noticed many other lyrics sites have basically copied all of my files and not bothered to mention this site nor the original transcribers at all.

    Brazil: Musical Cauldron
    An article on how different cultures have influenced Brazilian music.

  • You can find it in a complex rhythmic pattern beaten out by an old man with his fingers on a cafe table; in the thundering samba that echoes down from the hills around Rio in the months prior to Carnaval; and in the bars where a guitar passes from hand to hand and everyone knows all the lyrics to all the classic Brazilian songs played late into the night.

  • It has an intense lyricism tied to its Portuguese heritage that often makes for beautiful, highly expressive melodies, enhanced by the fact that Portuguese is one of the most musical tongues on the earth and no small gift to the ballad singer.

  • Second, a high level of poetry is present in the lyrics of much Brazilian popular music.

  • Their superb integration of rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyrics resulted in one of the richest bodies of popular music ever to come from one country.

  • In its sounds and lyrics, it reflects the Brazilian people—their uninhibited joy or despair, their remarkable capacity to celebrate, and the all-important concept of saudade (a deep longing or yearning).

  • The Portuguese had a fondness for lyric ballads, often melancholy and suffused with saudade , and for brisk, complex rhythms and used a lot of syncopation—two traits that would help their music mesh well with that of the Africans brought to Brazil.

  • Many Brazilian musicians praise or refer to Afro-Brazilian deities in their song lyrics, and some have included invocation songs for the orixás on their albums.

    Banned Films
    Video clips of "Song of the South," banned by Walt Disney in the 1960's.

    Pennsylvania Zoos and Animal Attractions
    Links to Zoos and Animal Attractions in Pennsylvania.

    OST Lyrics
    Lyrics to hundreds of movie Original SoundTracks.

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    The Disney Afternoon Ring
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