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IMDb: Lea Salonga
Filmography for Lea Salonga.

Tim Rice
Filmography with lyricist, writer, and related credits, biography, and awards
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  • aka The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa (1994) (V) (lyricist: "The World is Stone") (1992) (song consultant) (1991) (TV) (lyricist: "It's the Only Way to Go") (1991) (TV) (lyricist) (1985) (V) (lyricist) ...

    Disney Song Lyrics
    Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book,
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  • Disney Song Lyrics Here are lyrics from a number of Disney movies.


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    Filmtracks: The Little Mermaid
    Soundtrack review, audio, and ratings.

  • Redford Songs/Lyrics by: Howard Ashman Label: Release Date: January 15th, 1991 Audio Clips: 1.

  • The music is presented in the pure animated musical form, coming in the days before the Disney films began using pop songs during the end credits or even including them on the albums.

  • The score itself isn't very full in sound -- most of the hype surrounding this score comes from the songs.

  • Four or five of the songs are really fun, even to someone who listens to scores at the opposite end of the film music spectrum (such as Crimson Tide ).

  • "Fathoms Below, " "Part of Your World, " "Under the Sea, " and "Kiss the Girl" are all memorable songs.

  • "Kiss the Girl" is along the same lines as "Under the Sea"...it's a lot of fun without much substance --its Caribbean flavor in many ways replaced the need for a pop song in the film.

  • The other songs lack.

  • I don't usually say this, but the songs are actually what save this album release.

  • Whereas the score has been done better by Alan Menken in the years following, the songs are arguably the best of those in Disney's 1990s animated features.

  • But even the songs are something that you can listen to only once a year or so --it's just a matter of over-exposure.

  • The Little Mermaid won Academy Awards for Best Song ("Under the Sea") and Best Original Score, and was additionally nominated for Best Song for "Kiss the Girl." It was the Golden Globe winner for the same score and song.

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  • - () goddess of the love, with a theme song that even she thinks is annoying.

    Wikipedia: Lea Salonga
    A biography of Lea.

  • The members of the panel were "bowled over" by Lea's rendition of the song.

  • In 1993, Lea Salonga played the role of street waif Eponine in the Broadway production of , then flew to to perform the song "A Whole New World" (of 's ) at the 65th Annual, where the song won an Oscar.

  • (Salonga sang the song in the movie as the singing voice of Princess Jasmine.) In the same year she released her self-titled international debut album with Atlantic Records, which sold slowly in the USA but went Platinum in the Philippines and sold 3 million copies worldwide.

    Author Biography: Music Theatre International - MTI - Musical ...
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  • Frank Loesser Photo Credit: © Paul Seligman One of America's great composer/lyricists, Frank Loesser began his songwriting career during the Depression as a lyricist, contributing songs to Broadway revues and nightclub acts.

  • His work with composer Irving Actman in the 1936 revue The Illustrator's Show led to a songwriting contract in Hollywood, where he spent the next eleven years working with such composers as Burton Lane, Jule Styne, Arthur Schwartz and Hoagy Carmichael.

  • Some of his film songs from that period include Two Sleepy People, " "Jingle Jangle Jingle" and "I Don't Want To Walk Without You." The first song for which Loesser wrote both words and music was "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition, " written during his World War II service.

  • His Hollywood work after the war included the hit songs "Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year, " "A Slow Boat To China, " and the 1949 Oscar-winning song "Baby, It's Cold Outside." In 1948 Loesser was approached by fledgling Broadway producers Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin to write music and lyrics to George Abbott's libretto for an adaptation of the classic Brandon Thomas play Charley's Aunt.

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    AZ Music Lyrics
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    The Emperor's New Groove
    In a mythical mountain kingdom, the arrogant young Emperor Kuzco is transformed
    into a llama. Contains...

    UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
    Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
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    Gaming Age
    "The cast of Kingdom Hearts stars a selection of new Disney created characters (by
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  • Right from the getgo, Kingdom Hearts shows off what you would expect from a Squaresoft developed game; a gorgeous title screen and opening CG sequence, along with a beautifully voiced theme song and orchestrated music.


    The Disney Freak
    Includes lyrics and scripts, quotes, and a disney freak test.

    The Toon Obsession: Jim Cummings
    Fanpage with photo, trivia, voice credits, and commentary.

  • To listen to some of his songs, check out his parts as the singing voices of the following: Powhatan and Kekata in “Savages (Part I and II)”, or his solo in “Steady as the Beating Drum (Reprise)” in Pocahontas , Rasputin in “In the Dark of the Night” from Anastasia , or fast-forward to the part in “Be Prepared” on The Lion King when Scar says “...You won’t get a sniff without me!”.

  • Jim finishes the song from there (Do not ask me why, though).

  • And if you have a copy of the now dead Disney Afternoon tape, you can hear his duet with Ed Gilbert in “Friends for Life” as Louie and Baloo, or the Gummi Bears “Rough, Though, Burly Sailor Song”.

    HARO Online
    Movie review.

  • The Emperor's New Groove Ever since the phenomenal success of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin , animated Disney movies seem to stick to the same formula of taking an old story and updating it, 'Disney' style, adding songs and cartoon sidekicks in the process.

  • It is surprisingly funny and only contains one song.

    Provides information, FAQs, guides, secrets, downloads, reviews, and a message board.

    Review by Marc Saltzman, with screen shots. Score: 4/5.

  • Japanese theme song The music is quite good, too.

  • Popular Japanese singer Utada Hikaru provides the theme song, "Simple and Clean, " which was written specifically for the game.

    Wholesale catalog for karaoke retailers, includes a downloadable database of song
    titles for merchant use.

    Product of the Philippines
    Fan site of Lea Salonga.

    Thomaston Opera House
    Show schedule, casting calls and information on sponsors.

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