Filmtracks: The Little Mermaid
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  • Redford Songs/Lyrics by: Howard Ashman Label: Release Date: January 15th, 1991 Audio Clips: 1.

  • The music is presented in the pure animated musical form, coming in the days before the Disney films began using pop songs during the end credits or even including them on the albums.

  • The score itself isn't very full in sound -- most of the hype surrounding this score comes from the songs.

  • Four or five of the songs are really fun, even to someone who listens to scores at the opposite end of the film music spectrum (such as Crimson Tide ).

  • "Fathoms Below, " "Part of Your World, " "Under the Sea, " and "Kiss the Girl" are all memorable songs.

  • "Kiss the Girl" is along the same lines as "Under the Sea"...it's a lot of fun without much substance --its Caribbean flavor in many ways replaced the need for a pop song in the film.

  • The other songs lack.

  • I don't usually say this, but the songs are actually what save this album release.

  • Whereas the score has been done better by Alan Menken in the years following, the songs are arguably the best of those in Disney's 1990s animated features.

  • But even the songs are something that you can listen to only once a year or so --it's just a matter of over-exposure.

  • The Little Mermaid won Academy Awards for Best Song ("Under the Sea") and Best Original Score, and was additionally nominated for Best Song for "Kiss the Girl." It was the Golden Globe winner for the same score and song.

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  • - () goddess of the love, with a theme song that even she thinks is annoying.

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  • Imagine being called on to singing the same four or five songs over and over again for eight years.

  • Each person did the voice they thought she would have, and recorded the song that Howard had put down on tape for the audition." The song was "Part of Your World, " one of the most hummable tunes from the movie.

  • Does she ever get the songs from the movie stuck in her head like the rest of us do? "I do sing them all the time (professionally), but I don't hum them.

  • on them." Benson attributes the songs, among them "Part of Your World, " "Kiss the Girl" and "Under the Sea" as one of the biggest reasons "Mermaid" breathed new life into feature animation.

  • It was a first for this to be approached like a play, like a musical, as opposed to just a script." This approach was largely the brainchild of Ashman, who produced and co-wrote songs with the late Alan Menken.


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  • Her credits include; Smile (by the late Howard Ashman, who also wrote the lyrics for The Little Mermaid songs), Welcome to the Club (which also featured Sam Wright, the voice of Sebastian), Chess , Marilyn: an American Fable , Sophisticated Ladies , Once Upon a Mattress , Dangerous Music , and a Venice, Italy production of West Side Story , in which she played Anita.

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  • "Because the songs are structured almost as extensions of the dialogue, we felt it was really important to have the same person doing the singing and speaking voice.

  • I was thrilled to get the part of Ariel and grateful to be able to sing such a beautiful song as 'Part of Your World.' It's not just a song but more as if Ariel was just sitting there, secure in her own place, and speaking this out from the heart." "Mermaid" opened some professional doors for Mrs.

  • She lent her voice to other animated productions, including Hanna-Barbera's television series "The Pirates of Dark Water" and Don Bluth's much-delayed feature film "Thumbelina." In 1992, she was nominated for a Tony Award for her role in the Broadway musical "Crazy For You." That same year, she sang two songs as Ariel on the Walt Disney Records album "Sebastian." Her own Disney CD of new "Little Mermaid" songs, "Songs From the Sea, " followed the next year.

  • In the show's second year, a CD of songs from the series, including some sung by Mrs.

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  • Sailors who hear the mermaid song can become so bewitched that they think of nothing but getting closer to the beautiful music.

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  • Eliot, "The Love Song of J.


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  • We're not getting it.' And you're like, 'Man, what more can I do?'" Benson did receive a sketch and a tape recording of one of the songs to aid in her creating the character.

  • Ashman also made tapes of other characters' songs.

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  • In a change from their other animated musicals, the characters do not randomly burst out into song.

  • Phil Collins (of course, we think of Africa when we think of Phil Collins) serves as kind of a Greek chorus, with his occasional songs either revealing a little more about the story or moving the story along.

  • The songs are adequate and (of course) radio friendly, and all composed by Collins.

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