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  • The film is sprinkled with wonderful, sing-along songs including "Heigh Ho, " "Whistle While You Work, " and "Someday My Prince Will Come" - none of them were considered in the Best Song nominating category.

  • He climbs the castle wall, is first sighted in the well water's reflection, and helps her finish her song, singing the echo to "Today." Startled and frightened, and shy and embarrassed by her appearance, she quickly runs into the castle to hide.

  • The Prince courts her with the song: "One Song": Now that I've found you, hear what I have to say.

  • One song, I have but one song One song, only for you.

  • One song, my heart keeps singing.

  • I'm so ashamed....What do you do when things go wrong?...Oh, you sing a song!" Snow White sings to them "With a Smile and a Song": With a smile and a song, Life is just like a bright sunny day Your cares fade away, and your heart is young...

  • The song has cheered her spirits: "I really feel quite happy now.

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  • After the wedding, the song "I'm a Believer" is played while all the magical creatures visit.

  • [] Karaoke party songs At the end of the Shrek VHS and DVD, many of the characters are seen dancing and singing in a karaoke party.

  • [] Minor cast - - / - / - - / - - - [] Songs and performers A list of songs which were performed during the film.

  • Songs which were included on the album are listed in boldface .

  • "" - (opening credits) "Meditation" - "" - "Welcome to Duloc" "Friends" - "Bad Reputation" - ; performed on the soundtrack by "Whipped Cream" - and the "I'm On My Way" - "" (PiƱa Colada Song) - "Merry Men" "My Beloved Monster" - "Stay Home" - "" - "Best Years of our Lives" - "" -; performed on the soundtrack by "Try a Little Tenderness" - "" - "Like Wow!" - (end credits) "" - (end credits) "It is You (I Have Loved)" - (end credits) [] Sequels - A 15-minute sequel elaborating on Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon.

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  • In 1967, what would become the first Elton John/Bernie Taupin song, "Scarecrow", was recorded: when the two first met, six months later, Reginald Dwight had changed his name to Elton John , by, in homage to Bluesology saxophonist and Long John Baldry.

  • The team of John and Taupin joined 's as staff songwriters in 1968, and over the next two years wrote material for various artists, like and .

  • On the advice of another music publisher, Steve Brown, John and Taupin started writing more complex songs for John to record for DJM.

  • It did demonstrate The Elton John Band's rocking ability with "The Bitch Is Back" and John's versatility in orchestral songs with "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me".

  • of asked John to play a character called the "Pinball Wizard" in the film of the rock opera , and to perform the song of the same name.

  • The song charted #7 in England.

  • In the 1975 autobiographical album Elton John revealed his previously ambiguous personality, with Taupin's lyrics describe their early days as struggling songwriters and musicians in .

  • John returned to the singles chart with "Mama Can't Buy You Love" (#9, 1979), a song from an EP recorded in 1977 with Philadelphia soul producer .

  • [] 1980s By, John and Taupin reunited to write songs for and .

  • #3, 1980), "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" (#5, 1984), "Nikita" (#7, 1986), an orchestral version of "" (#6, 1987), and "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" (#2, 1988).

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  • Fully restored under the supervision of the original producer, engineer, and songwriters, this album will have you singing along with America's Girl Next Door! 1.

  • I also had Disney's legendary songwriting duo Richard and Robert Sherman in the studio.

  • Not only did the Sherman's very first song for Disney give Annette her first hit, it began their partnership with Disney, giving us such memorable music from films like "Mary Poppins, " "The Jungle Book, " "Bedknobs and Broomsticks, " and theme park attraction songs like "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" and "It's a Small World." These brothers wrote so many songs for Disney that it literally takes over seven minutes just to read the list of titles.

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  • Sing all the songs and win our award.

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  • I'd like to sum it up in song, if I may.

  • Then all of a sudden, someone in the crowd starts playing the Star Spangled Banner on their boom box!!!! Xena, who has an allergic reaction to that song, pops a boob out of her top!!!!! That draws the attention of Pimpbot 2000(tm)! He offers his help: "You...ho's...need...help? Come...back...to...my...crib...and...I...will ...turn...you...out!" Meanwhile, Conan, already experienced in the ways of the city, will look up his old friend, lady cab driver(tm).

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  • I loved it when she surprised him before they left his hometown for Cannes -- I laughed so hard! And the song "Dream A Little Dream" in French made my heart melt.

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  • Extras: "DisneyPedia: My First Circus" learning game with matching cards, "Baby Mine" music video, "Dumbo's Big Discovery" DVD storybook, sing-along songs, "Celebrating Dumbo" featurette, Walt Disney's original TV introduction for the film, art gallery, animated shorts "Elmer Elephant" and "The Flying Mouse." (Disney).

  • Extras: Bonus song "He Was the King"; rehearsal diaries narrated by director Demme; featurettes: "Fellow Travelers, " "Cruising With Neil, " "Finishing Touches, " "These Old Guitars, " "Cruising With the Players"; "Blast from the Past: The 1971 Johnny Cash Show Performance"; "Warming Up With Neil and the Jubilee Singers." (Paramount).

  • Susann" featurette, "Hollywood Backstories "Valley of the Dolls" featurette, "Valley of the Dolls: A World Premiere Voyage" documentary with rare footage, "Jacqueline Susann and Valley of the Dolls" documentary with rare footage, "Pill Pop-Up Karaoke" follow-the-bouncing-ball sing-along on three songs, screen tests.

  • Extras: Commentary by the filmmakers, Disney song selection sing-alongs, "Junkyard Games, " "Hide & Seek Game, " "The Making of Lady & the Tramp II: From Tramp to Scamp, " three classic Disney bonus shorts.

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  • In 1967 the first Elton John/Bernie Taupin song, Scarecrow , was recorded.

  • Elton and Bernie, now partners, joined Dick James's DJM Records as staff songwriters in 1968, and over the next two years, wrote songs for pop singers like Roger Cook and Lulu, while also recording their own songs.

  • Taupin would write a batch of lyrics in under an hour, and give it to John who would write music for them in half an hour, tossing out a song if he couldn't come up with anything.

  • The first single from the album, Your Song, made the US Top Ten, and the album followed path.

  • It contains the number 1 hit Bennie and the Jets, along with the popular title song, Candle in the Wind (which went on to become the best selling song of all time), and the FM radio favourite Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting).

  • Elton got Lennon to perform these songs at Madison Square Garden in what would be his last public performance.

  • Caribou was widely considered a lesser quality album but demonstrated John's rocking ability with The Bitch Is Back and his versatility in orchestral songs with Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

  • Also in 1974, Elton John was asked to play a character called the Pinball Wizard and perform a song of the same name by the British band the Who for their rock opera Tommy.

  • The song charted #7 in England.

  • In the album, Taupin and John describe their early days as struggling songwriters and musicians in London and its environs.

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