American Popular Music 1900 to 1950
An overview of people and events through a study of different musical genres,
including blues, jazz,...

The Lion King WWW Archive
Large site includes music, lyrics, photographs, fan fiction, fan art, and story

  • Hundreds of high-quality screen images, clip art, and more! Dialogue clips, MIDI songs, and CD track information.

  • () The Lion King (1994) Hundreds of high-quality screen images, clip art, and more! Dialogue clips, MIDI songs, and CD track information.

    Richelle's Homepage
    All about Richelle, including links to her favorite sites and information on
    Rugrats, Looney Tunes,...

    Growing Up in the 80's
    Download your favorite 80s songs.


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    Cadenza MIDI Diary
    Original MIDI compositions and improvisations - includes classical or experimental
    styles - new tune...

  • (2 k, 68 sec.) RECENT MIDI MUSIC - by Jim Taylor.

  • I am attempting today, 11 July 2006, to make fifty MIDIs.

  • (8 k, 55 sec.) July 25th 1999 - - one of my "if Brian Wilson had had MIDI software in the 1960s pieces".

  • (5 k, 63 sec.) July 25th 1998 - from Three Jaunts ©Boglet Enterprises 1998 (16 k, 107 sec.) OTHER SOUND FILE SITES - - Original compositions by Andrew Dvorak - Music, haiku and poetica by Bob Kusiolek - Sounds files, mp3, MIDIfiles, free scores of the French composer - original MIDI files by Daniel Rowe - MIDI files and Band-In-A-Box improvement software - by David Rubenstein - Original MIDI compositions.

  • - The Internet MIDI Community's Comprehensive List of Sites with MIDI Files - Original MIDI.

  • - includes a MIDI contact list and information about MIDI on the MAC - C lassical, Original, Ragtime, Christmas and Hymn music, free to download in many formats.

  • - 35, 000 Plus Midi Sequencs! We Have What You Can't Find! - New and exclusive: Techno Trance Dance Rave Latin Euro DNB MIDIs! - David Grund Jr.'s excellent album of original, high-quality MIDI music.

  • - Fugue | 2000+ classical MIDI files and theory.

  • - Original MIDI files by Troy S.

  • - Huge collection of free classical music downloads, mostly live piano and chamber music - Classical music in mp3, viola music - Large collection of classical MIDI files.

  • - Apple Loops for Garage Band, Logic pro and Soundtrack MIDI MESSAGES - Just to say that Jim Taylor really did make fifty MIDI pieces in one day, and he emailed them through to me as he made them, during the day, and I sent back messages of encouragement! Several of us were worried that he would damage himself in some way, doing this, but he seems to have survived ok! You'll hear the pieces gradually, as we post them one a day, over the next couple of months or so ...

    Wikipedia: Louis Armstrong
    Article with sections on the musician's life, personality, music and legacy, plus
    quotations by and...

    Wikipedia - Shrek
    Production and sequel information, plot summary, cast, musical performers, and
    list of songs.

    Cason, Shirley
    Biography, music philosophy, sound samples and reviews from the keyboardist.

  • "Free music clips, midi, special offers, online ordering at site< Real Music Collections, Relax and Unwind, Lift Your Spirits, Experiencethe Sacgreen.

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    Why Apple is So Tempting
    Article from Wired describing the allure of the Macintosh.

    Jodi Benson: Ariel For Real!
    Fanpage with photos.

    BBC News: Disney's Aida Resurfaces
    Discusses Chicago pre-Broadway run of the musical, and changes made from the
    Atlanta production.

    Filmtracks: The Little Mermaid
    Soundtrack review, audio, and ratings.


    Jessica's Tribute to Disney
    Personal page featuring Disney pictures and sounds.

    Walter Crawford Kelly
    Biography and appreciation of Kelly's work, including the Pogo comic strip.

    Banned Films
    Video clips of "Song of the South," banned by Walt Disney in the 1960's.

    SplicedOnline.com: Mermaid Memoirs
    An interview with Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel, Disney's "Little Mermaid."

    The Classic Donald Duck of Tony Strobl
    Article by Anders Berglund about Tony Strobl, after Carl Barks maybe the most
    important Donald Duck artist.

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Elton John
    Inductee profile and timeline.

    Steve's Page of Fun Links
    Lots of links for many different TV, Cartoon, Movie and fun related web pages,
    including a page of...

    Walters, Michael - Webmikey
    DVD and music reviews, and photographs of friends and family.

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