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  • "Fathoms Below, " "Part of Your World, " "Under the Sea, " and "Kiss the Girl" are all memorable songs.

  • Ariel's longing ballad "Part of Your World" was the equivalent of "Belle" in Beauty and the Beast , and has an undeniable charm.

  • The fireworks and jig sequence (which is the most visually beautiful section in the film) is remarkable, as is the "Tour of the Kingdom." The finale is a reprise of Part of Your World, and it builds up to the typical choral Menken ending.

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  • In 1993, Lea Salonga played the role of street waif Eponine in the Broadway production of , then flew to to perform the song "A Whole New World" (of 's ) at the 65th Annual, where the song won an Oscar.

  • (Salonga sang the song in the movie as the singing voice of Princess Jasmine.) In the same year she released her self-titled international debut album with Atlantic Records, which sold slowly in the USA but went Platinum in the Philippines and sold 3 million copies worldwide.

  • In 1997, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" was released to gold sales in the Philippines.

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  • It is Square Enix's most successful franchise, and the of all time, having sold over 63 million units worldwide to date.

  • This unusual approach to sequels has continued throughout the series, with each major Final Fantasy game introducing a new world, and a new system of gameplay.

  • In the games in which the player has full control over the airship and can fly throughout the world, the game map wraps both horizontally and vertically.

  • Plot elements — Many entries in the Final Fantasy series involve broadly similar plot points, such as rebellion against a major economic, political, or religious power, a struggle against an evil which threatens to overtake or destroy the world, or nature versus technology.

  • Final Fantasy began on the (also known as the "Famicom", and known internationally as the Nintendo Entertainment System ) as Final Fantasy in 1987, and was joined by two sequels, Final Fantasy II (later re-released on the and worldwide) and Final Fantasy III (later remade on the worldwide).

  • On the main world screen, small representations of the leading party member were displayed because of graphical limitations, while in battle screens, more detailed, full versions of all characters would appear in a side view perspective.

  • The characters and entire game world were now, with fully backgrounds.

  • The Xbox 360 version includes the third expansion which debuted worldwide on, .

  • Field screens — These are where the main interaction between the characters occurs, and most of the exploration of the world occurs on these screens.

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    Lea Salonga Live
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  • the version of "A Whole New World" released in the Philippines and "Animal Tales")? <LeaSalonga> No, there isn't.

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    A Night With Lea Salonga
    Internet chat session at the TalkCity Pavillion August 1, 1997.

  • Lea performed the song "A Whole New World" live at the 65th Annual Academy Awards, where the song won an Oscar.

  • Questions: pochontas says: is there somewhere I can find a recording of the making of Aladdin or when you sang A Whole New World when it won an award? LeaSalonga : I don't know where, I'm afraid.

  • Questions: Luis says: What enticed you to come chat on Talk City? LeaSalonga : I got invited! Questions: RJ1 says: Where's your favorite place in the world to perform? LeaSalonga : hmmm...

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  • John Mayhew: The Lost Drummer John Mayhew talks to World of Genesis in about his days in Genesis, his work on the Trespass album, and where exactly he's been for the past 36 years! Ray Wilson: The Next Best Thing Ray Wilson, in an, talks with World of Genesis about his new Ray Wilson Live album, his solo recent projects and guest appearances, the forthcoming Stiltskin album, and more.

  • Ronnie Caryl: One Step At A Time Ronnie Caryl, in an, talks with World of Genesis about touring with Phil Collins, his solo albums, growing up in the '60s music scene, Flaming Youth, and much more.

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  • Such rich imagery on record makes for the perfect cinematic companion, and so Waits naturally explored the worlds of composing music for film as well as acting.

  • Also in 1998, they contributed two songs to the Liberty Heights film by Barry Levinson, and in 2000, they composed "The World Keeps Turning" for the end credit of Ed Harris' Pollack .

  • By synthesizing his affinity for American song froms from blues to country with his love of naturalistic sound worlds, he succeeded in creating the most direct and intimate album of his career.

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  • “Like, whut is he so uptight about?” She lays her cards down on the table in her opening paragraph: Strident feminism can seem out of place — even tacky — in a world where women have come so demonstrably far.

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