Animation Art Glossary
Terms used in ink and paint animation.

Animation Artist Magazine
Full cast and crew list.

Previews, news articles, screenshots, and video clips.

Freeze Dried Movies
Movie news, reviews, features, interviews, and message board.


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IMDb.com - Al Lewis
Actor's filmography, mini biography, television roles and appearances.

IMDb: Cinderella
Cast and crew list, trivia, reviews, production information, and other details.

Lesson Tutor: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cross-curriculum thematic unit includes background, resources, and ideas of

Coloring Pages.net
Online coloring book and kid games includes favorite characters, holidays, and
nature scenes.


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Carl Barks: The "Good" Duck Artist
Lengthy article focusing on artist's oil paintings; also, links to other resources.
Part of Jim Lowe's...

Retailer organizing products by series name, including Afro Ken, Digimon, Final
Fantasy, Sanrio, and...

Boing Boing
A directory of wonderful things.

ChildFun Family Website
Parenting advice, free kids crafts, product and book reviews, family articles,
community message boards,...


The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Robert Clampett
Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • The original model sheet for the character bears a label referring to the character as Don Coyote , an obvious reference to the Ceverantes character.

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Friz Freleng
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • (A model sheet from Little Red Walking Hood reprinted in Schneider at pg.

    Kinoeye: Suspiria
    Academic analysis by Linda Schulte-Sasse.

  • Marcos no sooner asks "Who is it? Who's there?" than she answers her own question: "You're expected, I knew you'd come!" Whenever Marcos "appears" in the film, it is always in metonymic relation to Suzy; earlier when we see her outline behind a sheet, her head forms a right angle with Suzy's, who is in bed in front of the sheet.

    Swedish Baby Quilts
    Offering flannel crib and toddler sets.

    Brainshrub - Morning News Scan
    Posts headline summaries with brief commentary and counterpoint links.

  • To illustrate what that "something" is, let's do a quick experiment: 1) Please take out a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

    Martin, Ann M. | Baby-sitters Club
    A brief biography of Ann Martin and links to interviews and books.

    My Special Someone Gifts
    Offering personalized books and music for children.

    Van Eaton Galleries UPA cel art
    Look at original production cels and drawings from UPA cartoons.

  • This original production cel has been slightly trimmed, the image size is 3"X 2" ...$25 (UPA10magoo6) ...A rare original Photostat Model Sheet from "Magoo Opera Story, " is untrimmed.

  • The drawing is on a sheet of animation paper measuring 10.5" X 12.5" and the image size is 7" X 9" ...$40 (UPAtale05) ...This excellent nine panel story board is on animation paper measuring 12.5" X 10" with each panel being approx.

  • We have several more UPA drawings, cels, and model sheets in stock!! Give us a call at 818-788-2357, and let us know what you are looking for.

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