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  • Disney is far too sanitized now to let one of their most noted characters break out the heavy hardware, adverse affect on impressionable children and all that.

  • feathers start flying, the main characters are going to come out of the woodworks to back these two up.

  • Daisy, Minne, and ALL the other background characters: TAZ.

  • who can this be, driving up to Donald's house in a stretch limo? It's that irritating but utterly ruthless corporate weasel Michael Eisner, with all of his lawyers!!! The Warner characters are dead meat before they can pull off a single gag.

  • - -Da Bull Geez, fellas, thanks for converting this cutesy cartoon character contest's commentary into a contentious clone of Crossfire .

  • Donald turns red, and often is shown with characteristics/tools of the devil literally (red-face, pitchfork, cape, horns, etc.).

  • Can we say "Evil Mouse Empire(TM)?" Christ, if Disney even knew that Donald was being threatened by a competitor's character, they'd whip out the lawyers and the henchmen faster than you can say "Tale Spin".

  • Please, between "Duck Tales" and the lesser "Quack Pack", Donald's the only major Disney character that's been able to find steady work in recent years.

  • Face it, with talent as poorly organized as that, Disney needs as many marketable characters as it can get its grubby hands on, especially after the dismal box office failure that was "Hercules".

  • those made by ACME do not have any permanent effect on cartoon characters.


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    Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald Nintendo Gameboy ...
    Review, by Dave Wynn: "I expect many gamers will overlook Disney's Magical Quest
    3 Starring Mickey...

  • The Disney characters return to Storybook Land to rescue Huey, Dewey and Louie who have been captured by the evil King Pete and sucked into the pages of the magical book.

  • Controlling your character is nice and simple at first, being a case of running left and right, jumping on top of boxes and platforms and bouncing off the heads of enemies to stun them.

  • However, for extra variety each costume does different things depending on which character you play and also looks a bit different.

  • First of all you have the bold and superbly animated main characters, Mickey and Donald, both instantly recognisable particularly when they pull the expressions we've come to know and love from the cartoons we've seen since childhood, regardless of their diminutive size on an already small screen.

  • The striking manner in which they all of these characters are presented means there's no danger of them getting lost among the other onscreen beauties.

  • I expect many gamers will overlook Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald when patrolling the shelves of their local game store, passing it off as perhaps a title aimed at children or another attempt on the part of Disney to cash in on well known names and characters.

  • The sheer scope and variety of the characters, puzzles, layouts, bosses and landscapes is of a standard that deserves to have the Disney seal of quality stamped on it.

    IGN: Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald
    Information, news, box art, and FAQs.

  • With a little help from the Fairy of Storybook Land and other familiar characters, Mickey and Donald must stop Evil Baron Pete and his henchmen so they can save Huey, Dewey and Louie! The game features magical costumes with different powers, beloved Disney characters, the ability to play as Mickey or Donald, multiple game modes, and Link Cable multiplayer.

    Review by Marc Saltzman, with screen shots. Score: 4/5.

  • | Currently: 84°F Partly Sunny | The Cincinnati Enquirer: Video Games - October 1, 2002 Cartoon fantasy awaits players in 'Kingdom Hearts' By Marc Saltzman Gannett News Service Kingdom Hearts out of 5 Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Role-playing game Price: $49.99 Rating: "E" for everyone S C R E E N S H O T S What do you get when you combine role-playing game (RPG) action with familiar cartoon characters? The answer is "Kingdom Hearts, " an oddly matched yet successful marriage between Disney Interactive and Squaresoft, the Japanese game maker best known for its "Final Fantasy" adventures.

  • In fact, this PlayStation 2 action/RPG title is the first product to bring together more than 100 Disney characters in one setting, including Tarzan, Peter Pan, Pluto, Captain Hook and Jafar from "Aladdin." Four new Disney characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura of "Final Fantasy" fame make their debut, too.

  • At the start of the game, a violent storm separates Sora the main character from his close friends.

  • In true RPG fashion, all characters in the group gain experience points by defeating enemies.

  • Also, characters must find and use better equipment, weapons and accessories.

  • Later in the game, there are a few shops where characters can buy or sell these items.

  • Visually, "Kingdom Hearts" is exceptionally attractive thanks to its detailed characters, lush environments and fantastic special effects.

    The Emperor's New Groove Characters: The Voice Talents that Bring ...
    Animation Artist feature with photos and interview quotes from cast members David
    Spade, John Goodman,...

  • The Story & Characters The Story....

  • The Main Characters and the Voice Talents that Bring Them to Life...

  • But my character has spunk and charisma and a little 'vivre de llama.' Providing the voice of Kuzco was a great experience.

  • "My character is definitely the straight man, " adds Goodman.

  • Playing Kronk was a lot of fun and it really gave me a chance to create a character using my vocal intonations and inflections.

  • You get a character in your head and you just know when it feels right and when it doesn't.

  • My kids are thrilled that I'm a character in a Disney film and so am I." Chicha the Wife of Pacha Wendie Malick provides the voice of Pacha's loving and devoted wife and the mother of their children.

  • Benefits

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  • Contents [] Characters () - the -in-training.

  • One of the few characters from the movie whose voice actor() didn't return.

  • [] Heroes see main characters.

  • Helen of Troy [] Guest characters One episode featured and the .


    A description of the tale with filmography.

  • The main character Adeline Yen Mah (who wrote the book) is targeted for abuse by all her family members and eventually wins over the oppression.

  • They believe that she has no personality or character of her own; she is simply pretty and good-natured and mindlessly obedient, and advances because of this.

  • There are also added characters such as (Baron Hardup's servant, and Cinderella's friend) and Dandini — the Prince's right-hand man, the character and even his name coming from opera (" ").

  • Mister Cinders , which was filmed in by (Cinderella is one of many well-known fairy tale characters who play a part in the plot).

  • This was a comedy version featuring Jim Henson's trademark muppets (including a small role by ) , 1960, notorious because the main character is a man, played by .

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    "I'd definitely suggest action, mythology or martial arts fans check out Mark of
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    The Halloween Zone
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    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Review - PlayStation 2
    Review, by Louis Bedigian: "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is the perfect way
    to break into the...

  • All three characters are great, and while their controls are the same, they each have their own unique animations that closely resemble the way the characters moved in the movie.

  • You've got high-quality eggs, flour and milk (the Tony Hawk engine); rich, irresistible chocolate (Tony Hawk-style gameplay); and a sugary-sweet frosting that's too good to miss (Disney characters).

  • You've got high-quality eggs, flour and milk (the Tony Hawk engine); rich, irresistible chocolate (Tony Hawk-style gameplay); and a sugary-sweet frosting that's too good to miss (Disney characters).

  • Difficulty: Medium Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure brings the characters of Tarzan, Toy Story and The Lion King to life in a whole new way.

    Internet Movie Database: Haunted Mansion, The
    Includes plot summary, news, trailer, image gallery, cast and crew.

    The Museum of Boradcast Communications' description and treatment of the history
    and development of...

  • Yet the characters were broadly drawn and often stereotypical.

  • The archetypal characters of Monastario, Garcia, and Zorro provided easy markers of good and evil for the children of Zorro's target audience.

    Tiscali.co.uk - Glenn Close
    Interview with the actress.

  • "You rarely get the chance to play characters this big in movies unless you're doing Shakespeare." In real life, the 53-year-old actress claims she's nowhere near as intimidating as her monstrous screen creations which have included the wicked widow, the Marquis de Mertheuil, in Dangerous Liaisons .

  • Close shrugs at the suggestion that for a generation of cinema-goers she has become the embodiment of female evil and says that in all her roles she has found something to like in the character, no matter how unsympathetic the subject.

  • "It's safe to say that unless I get another exceptional character in my career, people are going to remember me for Fatal Attraction and as Cruella, " she says, adding: "Unfortunately it's pretty hard to shake off images of boiled rabbits, society bitch and a dog-hater.

  • "I don't think my characters are all awful and horrible.

  • I believe you have to love the characters you play, even if no-one else does." Close concedes that Cruella De Vil is a truly frightening figure for children, mainly due to her vampish appearance.

  • Close enjoys playing the fairytale evil character and says children expect her to be just like Cruella in real life.

  • "She's an icon character.

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