Jasmine's Oasis
Fansite dedicated to Disney's movie Aladdin, designed through the eyes of Princess
Jasmine. Includes...

Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

Mouse Info
Information about all things Disney, with an emphasis on the theme parks.
Includes visitor information,...

Animated Heroines
Lists sites dedicated to one or more of Disney's animated heroines.

  • Including Princess 'Scouge of the Desert' Jasmine in "Forget Me Lots" Welcome to Eight Paws Clip Art.


    Photo by disney.go.com

    The Halloween Zone
    A seasonal retail enterprise that offers Halloween costumes, wigs, hats, makeup,
    decorations, props...

    Rental Bootique
    Renting creative and original costumes for any occasion; Halloween costumes available.

    The Toon Obsession: Jim Cummings
    Fanpage with photo, trivia, voice credits, and commentary.

  • the pottery seller in Hercules and the guy who tried to chop Jasmine's hand off), and numerous other parts.

    Disney Stuff
    Includes discussion boards, polls, character information, trivia, and news articles.

  • Benefits

    Photo by www.theprincessstore.com

    Ellis House
    Victorian home with four air conditioned guest suites, each with ensuite jacuzzi
    bathroom. Breakfast...

    Disney Bubble Blowers
    Guide to the many different bubble blowers produced by Disney.

    Acme Animation Art Gallery
    Art and cel animation galleries featuring 100's of cartoon cels, drawings and
    figurines from Walt...

  • Smee, The Lion King, Simba, Nala, Raffiki, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora, Briar Rose, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Maleficent, Diablo, Fairies, King Stefan, King Hubert, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, The Fab Five, Aladdin, Jasmine, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Pongo, Cruella DeVil, Perdita, The Sword in the Stone, Wart, Merlin, Mary Poppins, The Pearly Band, The Jungle Book, Baloo, Kaa, Sher Kahn, Mowgli, Bageera, King Louie, Flunky Monkey, The Aristocats, Oliver and Company, Robin Hood, The Rescuers, The Fox and the Hound, Michigan J.

    Jodi Benson as The Little Mermaid
    Fan art by Bob Ito.

  • Bob has cast a few Disney characters as mermaids in the past, including Belle (Ito Galleries #2) and Jasmine (Ito Galleries #52).


    Thomas The Tank Engine, Dora The Explorer, Disney Princess ...
    Specializing in Thomas The Tank Engine and Bob The Builder, toys, bedding, wooden
    railway sets, and...

  • The Disney Princesses Castle Piñata includes images of Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty.

    L'officina del sogno: Mulan
    Scheda tecnica, riassunto e commento critico al film, a cura di Luca Fava.

  • Questi sono gli aspetti, ahimè fondamentali, che invece mancano drammaticamente all’animazione Mulan , animata da Mark Henn ( Belle , Jasmine , ad esempio); il difetto risiede nella fase di concepimento del personaggio che alla fine dei conti risulta sinceramente molto "piattino" e privo di quella "fiamma ardente e vitale" che invece attraversa Belle , e perché no, anche .

    L'officina del sogno: The Lion King - Il Re Leone
    Trama, foto, commenti sul film campione di incassi e sulla colonna sonora ad esso

    Princess and Pirate Theme Parties
    Specializes in children's dress-up theme birthday parties with costumes, crafts,
    games and/or food...

    Hello Ziyi
    Pictures, videos, and news.

  • The Banquet: <- nice, thanks to Kakamier Jasmine Women now playing in China : <- nice Awards and magazine covers Articles and pictures 04/28/06 Ziyi in Los Angeles Ziyi has been flying around the world this past week, from Beijing to Washington D.C.

    1st Testament
    Features plot summary, cast info, and pictures.

    IMDb: Lea Salonga
    Filmography for Lea Salonga.

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