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  • It'll go in my little time capsule.

  • But my character has spunk and charisma and a little 'vivre de llama.' Providing the voice of Kuzco was a great experience.

  • I was working my little tootsies off in front of the microphone.


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    Cookie Jar Collecting provides information concerning cookie jar collecting, to include hot
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  • The controls do get a little more complicated as you progress through the levels though, as you are given different costumes that perform different actions.

  • The meaty thwacks do help the impression made when another guard is tossed violently through the air by Mickey's boxing glove but once you've heard it over and over the novelty palls a little.

    Library of science fiction film reviews. Updated monthly with new material.

  • The visuals may be temporarily very impressive, but the film really offers very little in story value.

  • Writer-director siblings Corey and Todd Edwards have a giddy blast retelling the Little Red Riding Hood story in Rashomon-style treatment in the sassy and entertaining Hoodwinked! 01/02/2006 .

  • There is a new style with fewer sports, less frivolous humour, and a little more darkness.

  • There is even a little romance as Harry, his friends, and the series matures.

  • Frank discovers that in the innocuous Disney digitally animated feature Chicken Little, director Mark Dindal (The Emperor's New Groove) serves up a cute and cosy tale about a tiny bespectacled bird saddled with all kinds of paranoia and self-doubt.

  • While the film may be a little terse and telegraphic for people who were not fans of the series, those familiar with the series will be quite please that there were some interesting ideas behind the fun adventures.

  • It gets points for its lavish production design, but very little for originality or real horror.

    Ethical Eating: Vegetarian Kids
    Provides tips to help non-vegetarian parents whose children refuse to eat meat.

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Arthur Davis
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • Not only does he have seniority over Bugs (his first cartoonbeing Porky's Duck Hunt (Avery, 1937), coming a few yearsbefore A Wild Hare ), but the little black duck hasdemonstrated an amazing range, thanks to the fact that he was directedby a wide variety of WB directors.

  • Devine had a distinctive off-key, raspy, off-kilter voicewhich was used to advantage is a number of WB cartoons, including: My Little Buckaroo (Freleng, 1938) has as its star a pigversion of Devine as a sheriff, singing in an off-key voice.

  • Bugs parodies thiswhen, after causing a little accident to Sir Pantsalot of DropseatManor in Knights Must Fall (Freleng, 1949), he refers to himas "Accordian Head." The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (Clampett, 1946) is the mostprominent WB spoof, with Daffy Duck starring as "Duck Twacy"opposite a whole series of goony criminals with names (and physiques)like "Pickle Puss, " "Neon Noodle, " "JukeboxJaw, " "88 Teeth" [probably based on 88 Keyes, amurderous pianist in the comic strip], "Double Header, ""Hammerhead, " "Pussycat Puss, ""Wolfman, " "Rubberhead" [the one who threatens torub Daffy out, and does], "Pumpkinhead, " "The HumanFly, " and "Mouseman" (one that apparently got cut fromthe final script was "The Nostril, " who was going to say, "You mugs stay here, I gotta blow!").

  • Doolittle, Gen.

    Comic Art & Graffix Gallery - Walt Kelly
    Short biography with images of some of the artist's works.

  • These little treasures are sometimes seen for sale in collectors circles.

    Treu, Blair
    Biography and filmography, with synopsis of films, of the award-winning director
    of the Power Rangers...

  • The lead characters are Alexia and Hayley, two sisters who seem to have little in common and rarely get along.

  • Other cast members include Kevin Kilner, Alexandra Paul, Rich Little, Dom DeLuise, and Florence Stanley.

  • Renamed Little Secrets , this movie was subsequently released theatrically nationwide by Samuel Goldwyn Pictures/Columbia TriStar in August 2002.

  • Little Secrets also marks yet another collaboration between Treu and cinematographer Brian Sullivan.

  • Little Secrets was produced by Leucadia's Don Schain.

  • Although the squeaky clean family-oriented subject matter in "Little Secrets" is often dismissed by critics, "Little Secrets" was a critical success when it opened in limited nationwide release on 23 August 2002.

  • But many cited "Little Secrets" as a breath of fresh air.

  • A number of critics found that "Little Secrets" was "escapist", rather than simply "unrealistic." The Dallas Morning News called it "more of a suburban fantasy than real-world slice-of-life." Many pointed out that child-centered subject material such as this is difficult to make into a good film, but critics almost universally pointed to the excellent performances and Treu's skillful direction as reasons why the movie was surprisingly enjoyable.

  • Interestingly enough, "Little Secrets" star Evan Rachel Wood also had a supporting role in "Simone, " a movie starring Academy Award-winner Al Pacino, which opened the same day as "Little Secrets." "Simone" is an accomplished, interesting movie. Disney's The Kid
    Preview of the film.

    Carl Barks: The "Good" Duck Artist
    Lengthy article focusing on artist's oil paintings; also, links to other resources.
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