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  • 1 : a chronic condition characterized by an uncontrollable urge to find free printables on the Internet: sometimes known as PMS.

    Walt Kelly - Wikipedia
    Brief overview of the life of the American cartoonist.

  • Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr (, -, ), known as Walt Kelly , was a notable for his featuring characters that inhabited a portion of the in .

  • This period saw the creation of Kelly's most famous character, , who first saw print in 1943 in 's Animal Comics .

  • In 1948, while art director of the short-lived, Kelly began to produce a pen-and-ink strip of current-events commentary populated by characters from Okefenokee Swamp.

  • The principal characters were the ; Albert the ; Churchy LaFemme ( cf .

  • Another interesting facet of the comic strip were the unique speech balloons that several characters were drawn with.

  • One character, Deacon Mushrat, an educated, spoke in speech balloons with decorated style lettering.

  • The characters and creatures in the book have a distinctly Pogoian character.


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    Wikipedia: Michael Eisner
    Comprehensive biography of the Disney head, and his roles in Paramount and Disney.

  • On July 18, 2006, CNBC announced that Conversations with Michael Eisner would be cancelled and no repeats of previous episodes would be reaired.[] [] Portrayals in film and television Eisner's controversial stature has resulted in him being portrayed and/or parodied in several films and television shows: The character of in the film (produced by SKG Productions) is an open parody of Eisner.

  • Eisner is also shown as a recurring character in the adult cartoon series, .

    Celebrate Black History
    From the Family Education Network, information about Dr. King, quizzes, links,
    genealogy for kids,...

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day at
    Site helps families broaden their knowledge of King's life and legacy as they
    celebrate his birthday.

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

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    CBS News: Pluto: Planet Or Junk Snowball?
    Outlines the history of the debate.

  • Pluto, the Disney character, was named the following year, which leads Disney archivists to assume the dog took the name of the planet dominating the news at the time, said Disney archives director Dave Smith.

  • Tyson speculates that the name the same as the Disney character which also debuted in 1930 and its position as the littlest planet make it a favorite with schoolchildren.

    Friends of Pooh
    HTML instructions, site list, and membership information.

    Coloring Page
    Offers pictures of animals, cartoon characters, and bible depictions.

    Disney's Blast: Online Disney Games
    Educational Disney kids' games online featuring both new and classic Disney characters.


    The Kid's Domain Review
    Software reviewed by families and teachers. Listed by title, subject, and age group.

    From Hit to Miss
    How Disney shunned the documentary Farenheit 9/11 and lost out on its $100 million
    revenue because...

    Lesson Tutor: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Cross-curriculum thematic unit includes background, resources, and ideas of

    Fan wiki with entries on the show.

    Collected Memories
    Includes a wide selection of die cuts, supplies, tools, and accessories.

    Easter Games For The Family Or Classroom
    Printable puzzle games including word search, word scramble, and maze.

    DVD Authority: Color of Money
    Review by Matt Brighton.

  • It also provides various ways to insert arbitrary characters into literal strings even if your editor/IDE doesn't support them.

  • CL-INTERPOL installs ? (question mark) as a "sub-character" of the dispatching macro character # (sharpsign), i.e.

  • it relies on the fact that sharpsign is a dispatching macro character in the current readtable when ENABLE-INTERPOL-SYNTAX is invoked.

  • The next character is the which may be one of " (double quote), ' (apostrophe), | (vertical bar), # (sharpsign), / (slash), ( (left parenthesis), < (less than), [ (left square bracket), or { (left curly bracket).

  • (But see .) The following characters comprise the string which is read until the closing outer delimiter is seen.

  • The closing outer delimiter is the same character as the opening outer delimiter - unless the opening delimiter was one of the last four described below in which case the closing outer delimiter is the corresponding closing (right) bracketing character.

  • So these are all valid CL-INTERPOL string equivalent to "abc" : * #?"abc" "abc" * #?r"abc" "abc" * #?x"abc" "abc" * #?rx"abc" "abc" * #?'abc' "abc" * #?|abc| "abc" * #?#abc# "abc" * #?/abc/ "abc" * #?(abc) "abc" * #?[abc] "abc" * #?{abc} "abc" * #?<abc> "abc" A character which would otherwise be a closing outer delimiter can be escaped by a backslash immediately preceding it (unless this backslash is itself escaped by another backslash).

    16 Bit OS
    Utilities, graphics and other applications for MS-DOS-like operating systems.
    Includes links and personal...

  • Abbott & Costello's famous with streaming MP3, WMA, or RealAudio sound and text is available.  There is even a link to free printable coloring book pages of Disney and other characters.  This is a 'child safe' website I created for my children and my grandchildren to use.

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