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    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Mill Creek Bengals: Famous Cats Honor Roll
    Includes the Cat in the Hat, the Cheshire Cat, Azrael, Hello Kitty, Garfield,
    Heathcliff, Felix, Snowball...

  • Custard is Strawberry Short Cake's pet from the cartoon series.

  • Luckily Henry's Cat day dreamed most of the gang's adventures so every episode had a happy ending, usually involving loads of cakes.

    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Review - PlayStation 2
    Review, by Louis Bedigian: "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is the perfect way
    to break into the...

  • Gameplay: 7.9 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure's ingredients are like those of a delicious cake.

  • No matter how full you are from the feast of extreme skateboard titles out there, you can always find room for seconds, right? Graphics: 8 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure's ingredients are like those of a delicious cake.


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    Walter Crawford Kelly
    Biography and appreciation of Kelly's work, including the Pogo comic strip.

  • Its story, called 'Albert Takes the Cake', was the basis for Pogo , and started "Once there was a big old alligator named Albert who loved chocolate cake..." The cartoon depicted the adventures of Bumbazine, the black little boy of the title, who lived in the Okefenokee swamp in the company of his pet alligator.

    Party Works
    Free party plans, cake decorating ideas, party supplies and online magazine.

  • ZOO-rific Birthday Party Plan for Madagascar, Zoo and Safari Parties Ideas to creating your own invitations, decorations, games, cakes and cupcakes ZOO-rific Animals...

  • in the Kitchen Pooh and his friends have each submitted one SNACKEREL except for Tigger, who just couldn't chose between his two favorite cakes...

  • To make the baby feet shown here, you can get the Oh Baby! We have wonderful items and ideas for too! We have Baby Shower cake decorating packages too! How about a ! All you need to have a fun day with the girls! How about a cool party with Celebration Time! Your Celebration Destination! Shop with us & save on shipping costs by purchasing everything from our low-priced ONE STOP SHOP! 8 Years Dependable Family Service from a mother & daughter team dedicated to integrity, loyalty & total customer satisfaction.

    A GIANT Among Animators
    Rob Blackwelder interviews "Iron Giant" director, Brad Bird, for Spliced Online.

  • (An capricious, kid-eating-birthday-cake grin crosses Bird's face.) The mock civil defense film is just too funny, and the bad science fiction film on TV.

    Absolute Playstation
    Review, [79%]. "Very pleasing to the eye, features quality sound effects and
    measures nicely up against...

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    Cake Decorations | Birthday Cake Kits | Candles | Wedding Tops ...
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    Calling Cards Unlimited
    Invitations for all kinds, including wedding and party, wedding accessories,
    calligraphy services.

    Brainshrub - Morning News Scan
    Posts headline summaries with brief commentary and counterpoint links.

  • And you thought it was all about funny hats and cake, didn't you? Title: Blog: Makes a good point that perhaps Americans should celebrate our countries birthday on March 4th rather than July 4th, since that is the day in 1789 that the US Constitution went into effect.

    Wikipedia - Toy Story
    Box office information, plot summary, cast, and characters.


    NIEHS Kids' Pages
    Jokes and riddle-jokes galore.

    Mouse Planet: Cinderella's Royal 50th Anniversary Celebration
    Sue Kruse provides event coverage. Includes photos and quotes from voice actors
    Lucille Bliss, Rhoda...

  • But when the cemetery caretaker came down through the crowd and the Grim Grinning Ghosts materialized in the um, flesh, well, Iím sure you can imagine that was icing on an already delicious cake.

  • We also had cake.

  • No, I did not eat my friendís cake.

  • One cannot have her sorbet and eat cake too.

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Friz Freleng
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • Freleng received story credit for the following cartoons that he directed: From Hare to Heir, 1960 Lighter Than Hare, 1960 Rebel Without Claws, 1961 The Jet Cage, 1962 Devils Feud Cake (with Warren Foster, 1963) The nickname Friz is said, in some accounts, to have derived from a fictional congressman Frizby used in a column in the Los Angeles Examiner newspaper.

    INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out - Walt Disney World ...
    Features travel information, pictures, audio clips, video clips, tips, and trivia.

    The Amazing World of Cuddly
    Tales of a teddy bear who is 8 years old and has traveled the world with his brothers.

    CNN: Mary Kay Bergman, Voice-Over Actress, Dead
    Report by Kristin Lemmerman.

    Yahoo Movies: Toy Story 2
    Cast and plot information, release dates, and preview commentary.

    Birthday Express
    Selections offered include favors, activities, pinatas, scrolls, costumes, toys,
    cake recipes, and...

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