Animation World Magazine: Hearing From the Hercules Celebrities
Photographs of voicec actors Kathie Lee Gifford, Jon Favreau, Diedrich Bader,
French Stewart, Linda...

  • Voiceovers allow you to play a lot of characters that you otherwise wouldn't get the chance to play in Hollywood.

  • "This form of creating a character is backwards from what I'm used to, in that they start with the script and your voice, and then create around that.

  • I don't mean that as an ego thing, but that it's wonderful the way they match a character to your voice.

  • "To be a Disney villain is to join a pantheon of characters, some of which have the most impact in American cinema.

  • -- these are great characters and I thought Hades was destined to be a really memorable one.

    Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
    Joe Bevilacqua investigates viewpoints on celebrities as voice actors. [Animation
    World Magazine]

  • Robin William's sheer exuberance as the Genie in Aladdin created a memorable and entertaining character.

  • One of the current trends in the American animation industry is to cast major movie stars to voice animated characters.

  • They properly recognized that you couldn't send an animated character out there to Entertainment Tonight to promote your movie." But voice actor Bob Bergen counters, "If you look at Disney's history, they've always used the celebrities of the day for their cartoons.

  • No [other] time in film has there been so much animation being produced." While in the past Disney used an occasional celebrity (Phil Harris in The Jungle Book , Bob Newhart in The Rescuers ), today all their major characters are portrayed by celebrities, leaving those who make a living at voice acting to fight over a handful of supporting roles and crowd scenes.

  • "[Studio execs] gravitate towards celebrities, " says voice actor Corey Burton, "so that they have actors who have already developed a persona they can draw from to fill out the character, whereas a multi-voiced person is waiting for their idea to produce the particular voice.

  • In fact, the reason, the whole reason that they're celebrities is because they're such wonderful thespians, and, of course, any director, animation or live-action, just wants the best available." The implication, Seibert suggests, is that "voice actors are not really actors, they're merely voices who can't hold onto a character." "I don't think anyone in this business seriously, deep down, believes that you necessarily get better performances from celebrities than from professional voice actors...but it may give the show a special status as something above an ordinary cartoon.

    Officially Unofficial Disney's Hercules site
    Fan base for the spin off of the movie Hercules. Here's the place to find stuff
    on Icarus Cassandra,...

    IMDb: Hercules (1997)
    Cast and crew information, plot synopsis, links to merchandise.


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    Greek Mythology Link, Home Page.
    Individual pages on the gods and goddesses, with myths, ancient sources, and
    lists of mates and offspring.

  • Each group gathers a number of characters sharing common features.

  • 100 groups, and a given character may appear in several among them.

  • A to Z records organized in two sections: Characters and GROUPS (6520 entries), and a Geographical Reference (1184 entries).

  • (narrated in the Acropolis) FRIEDRICH: - Friedrich describes the origin of the myths - Friedrich explains how the laws of the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron ages apply to life, history, and tango - dialogue ( A young student's lament ) - Brief One-Act Play in Three Scenes Bibliography Indices : One Index of mythical characters, and another of names of places and peoples.

    The Avalon Archive: The Cast of Gargoyles
    Photos and brief profiles of the primary voice cast and guest stars.

  • Originating the role of the grumpy boss with the heart of gold on the smash comedy "The Mary Tyler Moore Show, " Asner won Emmys in 1971, 1972 and 1975, again for the same character in 1978, and again in 1980 on the highly acclaimed dramatic series "Lou Grant." He has also won two Emmys for his work in the landmark mini-series, "Rich Man, Poor Man" and "Roots." Asner can be seen in the upcoming "Prep, " a feature release for Dennis Cooper.

  • Be afraid.) KEITH DAVID (Goliath, Thailog and Officer Morgan) Nominated for a 1995 Emmy award for his portrayal of the character Goliath, Keith David's extraordinary range of talent is evidenced by his recent body of work.

  • TERRANCE MANN (Lord Oberon) is well known on Broadway for originating the characters of Javert (Les Miserables), Rum Tum Tugger (Cats), and Beast (Beauty and the Beast).

    Gaming Age
    "The cast of Kingdom Hearts stars a selection of new Disney created characters (by
    Tetsuya Nomura),...

  • As soon as the main characters begin talking, the Disney influences become super obvious.

  • Not only do the voices sound like they were destined for a Disney flick, the character animations and especially the accentuated facial motions, are dead on perfect.

  • The cast of Kingdom Hearts stars a selection of new Disney created characters (by Tetsuya Nomura), along with classic Disney characters from over the years, and even cameos by some of the most famous Final Fantasy characters.

  • Four new DISNEY main characters make their debut in KINGDOM HEARTS: Sora, Riku, Kairi and the Heartless.

  • For the first time, multiple DISNEY characters and worlds coexist in an interactive product.

  • More than 100 DISNEY characters appear in the game, including Jafar from Disney's Aladdin, Clayton from Disney's Tarzan™, Hades from Hercules, and The Queen of Hearts from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, among others.

  • Classic DISNEY characters will appear in fresh new ways in KINGDOM HEARTS.

  • These include new costumes and the characters' ability to morph into different forms as they take on characteristics of the diverse worlds they visit.

  • Disney characters engage in action sequences using movements and behaviors true to their film personas - so Peter Pan flies, Tarzan climbs and Ariel swims, to name a few examples.

  • Characters are endowed with numerous motions such as climbing, flying, swimming and the ability to pick up items that can be utilized in battle or stacked so other areas can be accessed.

    Animated Films Webring
    Directory of sites dedicated to animated films, and/or characters from them.

  • Welcome, Guest - - The Animated Films Web Ring Ring Manager: > > > This ring is for everyone who loves animated films and animated characters.

  • Cool stuff devoted to the lead characters of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Fanclubs, personality test, fanart, fanfic, romance page, deleted stuff, and more! Constantly updated! Search for in Copyright © 2001-2006 WebRing, Inc.

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    Animated Heroines
    Lists sites dedicated to one or more of Disney's animated heroines.

  • If you have a Disney heroine site, you really should join this ring! Ring Information Ring Stats · Created 02/16/1998 · 23 active site(s) · 13 page views today · 73902 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 17 of 23 Search for in Sponsor Featured Site(s) Beauty and the Beast pictures, videos, characters, collector's items, and other Beauty and the Beast goods.

  • Character photography and pictures of the Walt Disney characters.

  • Character photography and pictures of the Walt Disney characters.

  • Fanfiction, images and more on the character Hera from Disney's Hercules Wonderful Heroines from Disney movies and more.

  • We have a wide selection of FREE clipart featuring some of your favorite animated characters like Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and many more! Our graphics are perfect for use on your personal webpage.

  • Every month a different character, new midis, themes, pics, clip art, fan art and much much more.

  • Beauty and the Beast pictures, videos, characters, collector's items, and other Beauty and the Beast goods.

  • Many characters and movies to chose from...

    HARO Online Atlantis Review
    A mixed, but mostly positive, review of the film.

  • Dubbed "Dis-nola, " the look of Atlantis and its characters is largely due to comic book artist Mike Mignolia.

  • The resulting characters and setting convincingly meld the two into one.

  • The only character that truly looks Mignolia-esque is Helga, who resembles an old-fashioned femme fatale.

  • There are a large number of principal characters, and each one has his/her own unique look.

  • Atlantis also uses computer animation to a huge degree, and manages to integrate the characters and backgrounds well.

  • Lyle Rourke (James Garner, , The Last Debate ) leads the mission, which includes a number of characters voiced by people like Claudia Christian ( , True Rights ), Don Novello aka Father Guido Sarducci ( Just One Night , ), and the late Jim Varney ( , Treehouse Hostage ).

  • With so many characters involved, nobody except Milo and Kida get to develop personalities with depth.

    Disney walking on air over Mulan debut

    Holiday gift guide: Nintendo 64 games


    EMuck - Invited Talk With Mary Kay Bergman
    Transcript of an online chat, with insight on getting into voiceover. [Also
    available in ASCII format,...

  • Current Topic: Giving Voices to Disney Animations Current Moderator: Mickey Current Guest Speaker: MaryKayBergman Mary Kay Bergman does the voices for many characters in "Hercules" and other Disney films & products.

  • On the few occasions that I do find out, it's usually been because of an adlib I did on the spur of the moment that fit the character and that the producer liked" >< MaryKayBergman says, "Once, I got a part (one line in a Gatorade commercial on TV) because I pronounced the word "being" with the "ing" very clear! Amazing, huh?" >< Mickey says, "I'll say!" >< Next question: >< (Alice) What are your recommendations for getting an agent to listen to and hopefully sign New, Non-Union-Affiliated Voice Talent? >< >< MaryKayBergman says, "At the moment you can literally walk into AFTRA and pay your fees and become a member; not true of SAG, however.

  • >< Mickey giggles >< MaryKayBergman says, "I use the phone book as an exercize in my class believe it or not..." >< Next question: >< (Alice) How did you know when you were 'ready' (marketably competitive) to make your very first demo tape? >< >< MaryKayBergman says, "I asked my voice coach (I had been working one-on-one with) what she thought and I made sure I felt that I had enough characters that I could do consistently." >< MaryKayBergman says, "This is a question only you can answer ultimately..." < Mickey says, "OK, next question now.

    Disney Beanies and Disney Pins
    Online catalog with pictures of Disney pins and mini bean bag plush.

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  • We ship internationally and PayPal is now available in 36 countries Don't Forget To Bookmark This Site Going 24 hours a day - 7 days a week Pins: , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ Movie Characters, , , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ , _ orders@going24-7.com .

    Cuddly Collectibles - Collectible Teddy Bears, Cartoon Characters ...
    Featuring a wide variety of cuddly items .

    Umfangreiches Verzeichnis von Cartoons, Spielfilmen und TV-Serien. Informationen zu
    deutschen Veröffentl...

    Max von Sydow Home Page
    Pictures, news, and biography.

  • Since then, his career includes very different kind of characters, like Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon (1980) or the artist Frederick in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986).

    uk.games.roleplay Frequently Asked Questions
    Hypertext version of the uk.games.roleplay newsgroup FAQ.

  • The group is for discussion of all types of roleplaying games (RPGs); games where the players assume the roles of imaginary characters in a fictional world, described and controlled by another player who is often known as the gamemaster.

  • (It's too much grief for them.) Incidentally, original characters are generally covered by copyright.

  • Legendary characters (such as, say, Hercules) are in the public domain, but something that borrows too much from a modern telling of the tale (such as Disney's "Hercules" movie or the TV version) may be considered breach of copyright.

    The Toon Obsession: Jim Cummings
    Fanpage with photo, trivia, voice credits, and commentary.

  • "Darkwing Duck and Don Karnage are the most fun to do, because they're both probably the closest to me -- I kinda improvise a lot of them, kinda ad lib." -Jim Cummings The characters, in my opinion, that he does (or did, depending on the case) the best job on are, , , Cat (the one attached to the retarded dog), Monterey Jack, and Taz.

  • An email from XxDoctorViperxX@aol.com on Fri, Oct 26 2001 reads: "Since you seem to like Jim Cummings' voice so much, here's some character she did the voices for on the cartoon show 'SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron', which were not listed on Voice Chasers.

  • He has the ability to do a spine-tinglingly evil character (If you have ever heard the clip where Negaduck says “You knobs, ” or if you heard Scar laugh at the end of “Be Prepared”, you know what I’m talking about.), then, in the same show, do a fatherly super-hero consoling his daughter, and a ridiculously ignorant next-door neighbor.

  • Most of Jim’s characters seem to have major egotistical problems.

  • Even so, they are some of the greatest cartoon characters of all time.

  • Here, you can get a complete list of all of his characters, including the ones I didn’t.

  • Hear Jim in action! I am, in no way, related to Jim Cummings or any of the characters or shows mentioned above.

    Armchair Empire
    "All in all, Kingdom Hearts is an excellent game that will appeal to younger
    gamers and the young...

  • Enter E-Mail Address Below: Subscribe | Unsubscribe Kingdom Hearts Score: 8.7 / 10 Pros : - Excellent 3-D engine - Strong backgrounds (worlds) - Excellent soundtrack to the game - Great game for pre-adolescents Cons : - Shouldn’t have given voices to some SquareSoft characters - Not a typical SquareSoft RPG game - Story a tad too thin for some gamers Related Links : "Kingdom Hearts is an excellent game that will appeal to younger gamers and the young at heart." When the master of the popular role-playing game works with the largest American animation company, Kingdom Hearts is the product.

  • As so cited on the packaging (and in the plethora of commercials), Kingdom Hearts features “walk-on” roles for a number of SquareSoft characters as well as a number of Disney worlds and characters.

  • People who want more realistic battles (as realistic as you can get playing a video game featuring animated characters) will be satisfied, but the strategists among us will be disappointed as strategy has a tendency to fall to the wayside.

  • Unlike other RPGs, you don’t control the additional characters.

  • For the balance of the game, you control Sora, and the only way to manipulate your allies is to adjust their characteristics and which techniques that they can use.

  • (Although at some times, you’re Advertisement going to yell… JUST SIT THERE! DON’T DO ANYTHING! AND FOR GOSH SAKES, IF YOU USE ANOTHER DAMN ETHER POTION I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!) In theory it should leave you to control Sora well and have someone to back you up, but you’re going to have more benefit out of the characters by having them draw attention and punishment while you strike.

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