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Chicken Little (2005)
Cast, crew, and viewer reviews.

Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Reviews, plot summary, trailers for the Disney classic.

  • I think it is because of the Jungle Book that this is not as popular as some of the Disney Classics but you can't help but smile when you watch the Queen of hearts and the Mad Hatter being their own creative self's in the wonder of this amazingly clever gem Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on Recent Posts (updated daily) User If you like this title, we also recommend...

    CNN.com - Mickey Mouse hits a milestone - Nov. 18, 2003


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    Judith's Disneyfriends.net - Everything about the Disney movies ...
    Disney pictures, wallpapers, coloring pages and desktop themes.

    Includes streaming radio, message boards, Sing-A-Long, and photographs.

    Kingdom Hearts for PS2 - Kingdom Hearts Playstation 2 - Kingdom ...
    Previews, news articles, screenshots, and video clips.

    Meteos First Look - DS News at GameSpot
    Preview, by Chris Kohler: "If Meteos can combine the visual flair of Mizuguchi
    with the simple, intuitive...

  • If Meteos can combine the visual flair of Mizuguchi with the simple, intuitive gameplay of Sakurai, it will be a title to watch.

  • Benefits

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    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    Review of the video release.

  • When the show aired, I watched it withanticipation, and you know what? I was not disappointed.

  • Whenever I watchthis movie, I am struck (at the end) by the feeling I get from it.

  • I donít feel (asI did after watching, say Aladdin, or The Lion King) that I have just watched ananimated movie.

  • Instead, I feel that I have just watched a feature length film ofstyle and class.

  • When you watch this film, sometimes it is hard to realize that the ExecutiveProducer, Tom Ruegger, and the Voice Director, Andrea Romano, work not only on Batman, but Tiny Toons and Animaniacs as well.

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    A mixed, but mostly positive, review of the film.

  • So while Atlantis may not have the greatest story, it is a treat to watch.

    Treasure Island
    A review of the movie.

  • The reason to watch this film is to watch everything pass across the screen.

    Tokyo DisneySea Main Page - Joe's Tokyo Disney Resort Photo Site
    Provides photos and a countdown clock to the grand opening of the new park.


    Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Oscar Watch
    Monitors the Oscar contention. News, articles, contender list, and information.

    Photos Magiques - Disneyland Resort Paris pictures
    Large collection of Disneyland Resort Paris photos of characters, parades and
    attractions. Includes...

    Information about the background of Alice in Wonderland.

    animated films
    Synopsis and review of several Disney animated films.

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    Cartoon and Sports licensed merchandise store
    Offering children bedding, backpacks, toys and fashion accessories featuring
    popular cartoon themes...

    Kingdom Hearts Review PS2
    "Like the cartoons, this game can be recommended to anybody. 8/10" also includes

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