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Happy new Year!

WIP: Lucifer Knight "XSI-ed" added
Links: a few Links added, among them, MundoMazinger, a fansubber group: I've given them some of my pict's for their menu's


New Menu: I have 2 new sections:

WIP: I Add this one, because I'm going very slow lately: I'm still learning XSI but I don't have much time to study
Tutorial: I've written down some notes about my experience in switching from LW to XSI; hope it could be useful

see Ya!


Autumn Update
In this moment I'm turning to XSI
-Cymurai Update: a few images and a new Title Image
-Links Update


Late Summer Update
-Getter Two: Finally we have a decent Getter Two
-LuciferKnight: A little update


Summer update: sorry for the lacks of news, but I've been busy because University Exams
-Trider Renewal: I've rebuild TG7 and tried to improve my texturing
-LuciferKnight: brand new section, a Evil Knight created by my mind


Now online MazingerZ but it's not finished yet.
I hadn't time to update the site, but I hope to do a better work in these summer months.

By the Way, I'm working on a couple of non-robot model, a life ago, and I've started to use Softimage XSI, but I can't do anytingh by now.


Here's a new Robot Getter Riger; It's not completed yet, but it has been a month since list update, and I Wanted to put a new Robot up.

new images in Human section (italian only): now my human model has a brand new armour in Knightmare stile.

I'll put up my biggest new model next time (I think), because it's not finished yet, and I don't want show you at this stage. Can you imagine the robot?


Here to you a multi-update:

-two images added for Getter One
-A few pics of the evolution of my WIP Cymurai
-added some Pages at Links

I'm working on two Robots at the same time, so I'm very slow: one of them will make happy a lot of people.


a month has passed since opening and I've already reached 360 units!
my new robot, Getter Dragon modern version is ready, hope you like it:


Today is Cat's Pride day in Italy, and I'm very happy becouse I love cats!

First "real" update: Getter One section completely replaced, I modified the model (texturing in particular) and improved renderings.

Image added in Guests sec: a very excellent Josuke made by my great friend Testuo: Hurry go to see it!

Can you guess who my next robot will be?


Peace and Love :-)

Third structural update, a little bug-fix.
Modified "Intro-images" of Getter One and Getter Two section, One image in G1 Gallery added.

English version added, but not completed
Sorry for my english, I'm Italian: if you find errors, please let me know.


First Update ^_^

after a few day of Beta-Testing I've improved the code and modified a little the interface

Guests section added and Links section expanded


Welcome everybody! This is my tribute-page to the big Robot we dreamt about when we were kids. If you have reached this place I don't need to explain you what those colossus of metal represent for the 70's generation; my aim is to model these Robot (some of them, of course ^_^) using Lightwave 3D, the wonderful CAD born on the Commodore Amiga System, and then arrived to PC.

I must admit that I have still much to learn about modeling, but I think
that what I have realized up to now is however appreciable.

By the Way all I Want to do here, it's a homage to the SUPAROBOTTO, and to their father, the Master Go Nagai above all (I'm not worthy!) All you can see here is permanent Work In Progress, since I haven't still learned everything I have to know about LW modeling.

A big "thank you" to Paolo Zago (GundamWeapons): he taught me a lot of things and gave me a lot suggestions about my work: Hurry go to see his page!!

Site Map

Home The page where you are now: here you can find all the news about the site
work in progress
Museum It's the Hypothetical Museum where all the Robots are exposed at the and of their adventures
Gallery All my images not related to the Robot-World: you can find also 2D works
Tutorial a few notes from my "short" experience
Guests Here you can find work made by friends or relative: my sister is so draw-skilled that would be a pity if didn't put anything by her ^_^
Links various sites, Robot-related and not

I counsel you to use Full-Screen mode (F11 for i.e.) and to make use of the mini browser sphere-shaped I've created: vertical arrows will switch to different section while horizontal arrows works like back & forward of your browser: central point will bring you back to "father-section".
Won't you say that I've waste my time doing this object, Will you?? O_o;;;

Il sito e' puramente amatoriale, non si intende infrangere nessun copyright; tutti le opere qui richiamate appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari. Per qualsiasi chiarimento mandatemi una mail