Linosa Island





La fauna č ricca   di volatili di migrazione...


The wild animals we have in  Linosa are the lizard Firfolense (Podarcis Algusae) and  a  variety of gongilo very similar to the lizard but less used to go out side and to expose itself to the sun light. Then ,we also have the Calcides Diomedea. On the island, there is also, the presence of rare coleopters and interesting kind of dipteral.  

The most wide spread sea bird in the island is the Berta Maggiore (Calonectris Diomedea) or in English shearwater. Then we also have the Real Gull, the Kestrel, and the Sardinian Warbler. Mattugia, the Linnet and the horn howl are also birds which fly from the north to the south and viceversa.

The presence of wild diurnal birds as the Honey Buzzard, and of the Eleonora's Falcon, as well as Harrier's, Kites, Storks, Flamingos, Herons, Sea crows, Cormorant's, Gazelles, doves Limicoli and Anatidi are on the island both in spring and in autumn. 

The rich fauna and the wonderful sea-bed(bottom) of Linosa  allows a vast reproduction of animal submarines. Serranidis , Cernie, Ricciole, Dentici, Salpe, Damsels Pavonine, Pisceses Parrot, Saraghi, Pitch Sword, Squids and a great deal of Mediterranean fishes and subtropical fishes can be found in the sea around Linosa.  

Much more important  is the presence of the common lady Turtle (Caretta Caretta) which  chooses the beach of Linosa for laying its eggs. So, every year, in the summer time, you can be lucky to assist to a hatcking of the turtle’ eggs. In case you are not there assisting the hatching of the turtle’s eggs you can always visit the  " Hydrosphera " center where they cure and protect the marine turtles thanks to the European Community plus the collaboration of the CTS.




Tipic Lizard