Linosa Island


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Attention: From the first June till September  the 30th tourists are not allowed to get to the island with their cars.

If you want to get to Linosa what you have to do is just go to Portoempedocle (Agrigento) and then taking the ship at 12:00 o’clock in the night. You’ll get to Linosa at 5:45 in the early morning. Two more hours on board and you’ll get to Lampedusa island which is bigger and south of Linosa island. From Lampedusa it is possible to arrive us with the ferry that has operated since 10:00 at 12:00 o'clock, having so a run of 2 hours. During the summer time the two islands are well connected by an overcraft which gives many tourists the opportunity in less time to reach the islands.

On the island you can  rent cars, scooters , bicycles and so on. And as the island is only 5,3 Km square you can have a walk around it on your  on your feet. The inaccessible  zones along the coast are easily reachable by boat and in good company of some fishermen.  

Attention: From the first June till September  the 30th tourists are not allowed to get to the island with their cars.  

There is not a bank, there is not a gas pump, and one beach only ... 

How to get to Linosa: The best  periods of the year to come to Linosa are June, July, September and October. We have sunny days every day in these periods of the year. The  sea is calm and there are a few of tourists on the island. August  is a very hot month and There are a lot of tourists on the island. For those who are  interested in the nature and the in being quiet  it is advised to come in the months of April, May, October and November.

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From  October 1st till May 31st the ferry doesn't sail on from Porto Empedocle on to Linosa and Lampedusa on Fridays.

ship destination



Porto Empedocle - Linosa



Linosa - Porto Empedocle



Lampedusa - Linosa



Linosa - Lampedusa



Aliscafo (overcraft)

departures arrivals

Lampedusa - Linosa

9:30 - 17:30 10:30 - 18:30

Linosa - Lampedusa

10:45 - 18:45 11:45 - 19:45
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