Linosa Island







Sea Lily 
The main plant on the island is the Mediterranean bush


The main attraction of the island especially for those who get to Linosa for the first time is the flora which is basically constituited by the Mediterranean bushes. Despite there has been a strong technological development, the natural environment of the island is almost entire.   

And they are Lentisco (pistacia lentiscus) an evergreen bush which grows  in height from one to two meters; its particularity is due to the pleasant smell of a substance called Mastice di Chio. This plant is wide spread all over the island. 

 A good plant nice as a decoration is the Euforbia Arborescente (Euphorbia Dendroides), a tall bush from 1 to 2 meters producing a poisonous substance that can be seen when branches are broken. And then we also have the Spina Santa (Lycium Europaeum) belonging to the solanacees, a thorn bush. 

The Comedrio Bianco (Prasium Majus), the Ruta Frangiata (Ruta Chalepensis), the Solano Spinoso (Solanum Sodomaeum), are all  kind of bushes on the island. 

From May to August they are in full flowering the Thyme (thimus Capitatus), medicinal and aromatic plant; the Cineraria Marittima (Senecio Cineraria) and the Horned Poppy (Glacium Flavum); they all  decorate with their colours the slopes of the mountains. 

The bluffs and the cliffs are covered by an endemic plant of the island, denominated Limonium Algusae; there are also the Wild Carrot (Daecus Carrot Rupester), from the Sea Fennel (Chritumun Maritimum) and from the Crystalline grass (Mesembryanthenum Cristallinum). This latter plant is also able to accumulate a great quantity of water.  

In the east part of the island, in which the sandy zones are revealed, the perfumed Sea Lily blooms (Pancratium Maritimum). 

Another plant wide spread on the island is the Caper (Capparis Spinosa), a plant of a great beauty. The gems of capper are picked up and put into salt for a few days, used to enrich the dishes in culinary. 

Wide spread on the island is also the Blue Tobacco (Nicotine Glauca), a bush erected by the cylindrical yellow flowers; the Ginestrino of the Bluffs (Lotus Cytisoides) and the Thorny Asparagus (Asparagus Acutifolius). In spring the countries are full of Matricale Giallo (Chrysantheum Coronaum) as well as of Real Mallow (Canatera Arborea).  

  Also present on the island the Acacia with long leaves (Acacia Longifolia), the Tamerice (Tamarix Africana) and the Mioporo (Myoporum Insulare). 

At last the presence of musks and lichens of the kinds Xantoria and Roccella are in a great quantity on the island. 

And donít forget the wonderful subtropical and clean sea. On the bottom you can see beautiful blooming of Astroydes Calycularis and sponges of different colors.


Vergin Mary Flower