Linosa Island





Linosa, an Italian Island, closer to Africa continent than Sicily

 The Pelagien archipelago is  made up of  three islands: Linosa, Lampedusa and Lampione. Pelaghia is a Greek word meaning, high sea islands. Linosa is situated in the Sicilian channel  and the sea around the island is 500 meters deep.   

It is 30km apart from Lampedusa, and 165km from the African continent (Mahadia). It is 167km far away from Sicily (Licata), it is 121km from Pantelleria and at last 118km from Malta. 

  It is round shaped and it is big 5,4 kmq. Linosa has a volcanic origin while the two other islands are formed from calcareous blocks. They are probably two blocks pulled ahead of  the African continent in the old days.  

  According to geologic studies carried on by experts, Linosas emerged during the quaternary period. It seems it came out from the deep bottom of the Mediterranean sea  because of a break occurred on the sea-bed between the African continent and Sicilian coast.

Linosa has three volcanos in the country side which are thought of being linked to the ones at Pantelleria island. These three volcano mountains are called Monte Nero, Monte Rosso, and Monte Vulcano.


Linosa, wiew from the airplane