Linosa Island

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The last week of july feast of the "holy Mary of the Sea"


The music and dancing has always been something deep inside of each linosano’s heart. Even the first people who got to the island in order to live there, had any musical instruments which were also used to organize parties at night. They  would gather in places called “pizzulumi” which was the space all around the houses.   

However the most known party in which everybody has always been involved is the marriage. Preparations for the marriage start many months before. The party begins on Saturday when all the people from Linosa take part to the dancing. The meaning of this saturday night is probably a goodbye for both the bride and the future husband. On Sunday morning at 10:30 the newly married couple are accompanied by the local dance band and all the linosanos in procession to towards the church where the religious ceremony take place. At the end of the ceremony the newly married couple are accompanied to a place where they will thank all the invited giving them sweets, drink and soft drink. Members of the family and close friends will stay there to have a wedding party lunch together with the newly married couple. In the evening all linosanos start to have fun again dancing together all night long. At the end of the party, the bride and the future husband are taken to their new home where they will thank again the invited giving them sweets and drinks. 

Nowdays many  customs are gone lost and  people instead of gathering together and have fun telling stories as in the old days, they prefer to watch TV, being on internet to chat with friends or go to a pub or a café.

Fortunatelly in spite of loosing many local customs we still have the group folklorico "Folklore del Mare" of Linosa. It is a folk group who through their performances spread away something of religious, something of superstitious and of magic too.

Fantastico: ceremony of halloween.

Feast of Saint Martin across the country-side.