Linosa Island




The island of Linosa, during the centuries had been called with different names. Plinio the second called it " Aethusa " because of its volcanic origin; later on it was named  " Lenusa ", then " Larniusa " and finally " Algusa ".  

At last the Captain Sanvisente who got to the island with the first inhabitants gave it the name of  Linosa. It is proved that the old Romans, then the Arabs and the Saracens were also inhabitants of the island in the old days. 

Since then the island was uninhabited and served as I bring of fortune of the Mediterranean piracy. In 1839 the Borbonic government  had decided to colonize the island of Linosa. A first nucleus of people made up of some families from Ustica, Agrigento and Pantelleria  were sent to Linosa.La Russas, Cavallaros, Tuccios, Bonadonnas and Remirezs were some of the families who sailed on to Linosa island with Captain Sanvincente, in order to create a community 25/04/1845. At first they found shelters in caves in the mountains. They took advantage of the ancient cisterns of the old Romans and they easily started to collect the rain water for agriculture and for themselves.  

After the ' 60 with the unity of Italy the political situation changed. Linosanis had to face with hard times. The inhabitants thanks to marriages among the same members raised, reaching a population of about 480 inhabitants. 

  From the years 60s the situation in linosa got better. In 1963 was established the first telephone cable by SIP. In the years 67 thanks to SELIS built the first electricity station. In the years 68 a baby shelter devoted to Pietro Taviani was inaugurated as well and so the Elementary School. In the ' 73 the construction of  a dissalator assured a continuous producing of drinkable water. In the 76s the RAI antenna was installed in order to watch RAI international channels. Other kind of antennas just to receive more channels were put up in the later years: one of these were FININVEST. Then 3 major habors were also built in the island and so the ship could easily enter the port. The situation in Linosa is improving day by day despite we have to face and solve many other problems.



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