Linosa Island







La fauna ricca   di volatili di migrazione...

 Shearwater (calonectris diomedea)...

The main kind of water bird which nests on Linosa island is the shearwater. It is a night bird, so, one can mainly hear its singing during the night. The sound which the shearwater emits is just like a baby crying and the time in which it nests is between May and October. They lay down one egg a year and the place where they choose to build their nest is in a zone called  scasciatu (almost a kind of forest made of bushes and caves everywhere). Being a waterbird, it catches fishes and so it spends all the day in the open sea feeding itself.  

The shearwater is of a medium size The wide open wings measure around 100-130 cms and it has a plumage coloured  brown, in the upper part, and white in the inferior part, decorated with a fading  gray.  

The period of matching is from May to June. The deposition of the only egg takes place later on, after the coupling and the brooded of the egg  lasts for about 54 days. The hatchings are in July and August. They will take care of the offspring and it will be fed by an oily substance produced the female shearwater. At the end of August the offspring  is grown up and the adult shearwater will stop feeding their babies. That is the time when all the colonies of Shearwater will fly away to the Atlantic. 

An important characteristic of the Calonectrises Diomedea is that they form a lasting couple and annually they lay their eggs in  same nest in which they will produce an  egg a year only.